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Recruit Nuts by Bucknuts

Today’s launch of could drive even more hype in college football recruiting. The game challenges players to predict where the top recruits will go to college. Developed by, the game will first target Ohio State before rolling out across the country.

Fantasy Football Recruiting:

Our partners at have spent six months developing a fantasy football recruiting game for college football. The game launched today at Initially, it will be available for Ohio State and will soon be rolled out to other universities across the country.

“The smallest scrap of recruiting news can change whether or not you think a recruit’s going to Ohio State,” says Dan Rubin, Recruitnuts co-founder and publisher of Ohio State recruiting news site, which developed the game. “To win, you’re going to have to stay on top of the news and see through all the rumors.”

Game players must predict which recruits will actually ink scholarship agreements with Ohio State on Signing Day, typically the first Wednesday in February. Provisional points are awarded throughout the recruiting season for verbal commitments, but the points become official only after a player faxes in his signed Letter of Intent.


“We’ve borrowed a lot of concepts from regular fantasy recruiting, so fans should be able to pick up the game quickly,” Rubin says.

The earlier a player adds a recruit to his or her Recruitnuts roster, the more points that recruit will be worth on Signing Day. Bonus points are awarded for correctly predicting the number of scholarships a university awards, and penalty points are assessed if a recruit on a player’s roster goes elsewhere.

“Fantasy recruiting is a natural step for recruiting news sites,” Rubin says. “We live and breathe recruiting, and now we have a chance to put together a realistic roster that actually tracks our results. It’s like stepping into Urban Meyers’ shoes and running your own recruiting board.”

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