Ohio players hold their own at 2013 Fab Frosh Camp


(L to R): #20 Kelvin Calhoun, #49 Jayvon Graves, #85 Keegan Saben, #10 Tommy Schmock, #88 Naz Bohannon, and #83 Jaylen Harris.

The 2013 Fab Frosh Camp wrapped up this weekend, which featured some of the top 2017 prospects in the country. Like it always does, the Buckeye state held its own and then some against the nation’s top talent.



Lexington, KY – The 2013 Fab Frosh Camp wrapped up this weekend, which featured some of the top 2017 prospects in the country. Like it always does, the Buckeye state held its own and then some against the nation’s top talent.

Ohio was well represented with 14 kids drawing an invite to the three-day event. Over the course of the weekend, six kids from the state performed well enough to earn their way into all-star game honors.

Jaylen Harris (6’5/WF), who will attend Cleveland VASJ, was the lone Ohio kid that made the top all-star contest, which featured the 20 best performers throughout the weekend. Harris also finished runner-up in the dunk contest.

Keegan Saben (6’3/Combo Guard) of Kettering Alter HS, Jayvon Graves (6’1/Combo Guard) of Akron SVSM, Kelvin Calhoun (6’6/C) of Lakewood St. Edward, Tommy Schmock (5’9/PG) of Lakewood St. Edward, and Naz Bohannon (6’3/WF) of Lorain HS all played their way into the Top 40 game.

The following are evaluations of the Ohio kids in attendance.

Kelvin Calhoun (6’6)- Lakewood St. Edward
*Calhoun has good hands and size, but needs to get in better shape and work on his footwork in the paint. As of right now, he has decided not to play football, but down the road this could be a big time gridiron prospect. His father played football at the University of Florida in the late 1980s.

Keegan Saben (6’3)- Kettering Alter
*Saben is a crafty guard with a mature patience on the offensive end. He can play multiple guard positions and is a threat to score anywhere on the floor. Keegan has an innate ability to put him self in position to score. We liked his ability to defend on-the-ball as well.

Tommy Schmock (5’9)- Lakewood St. Edward
*Tommy plays hard and is a very cerebral player. He is classic old school point guard that makes the right play more often than not and has all the qualities to lead a team. Once he settled in for the weekend, he started knocking down spot-up perimeter shots. Schmock distributes the ball in positions for his teammates to make plays. He has above averaged quickness and a good, tight handle on his signature crossover.

Chase Munroe (6’7/C)- Lexington
*Chase is big-bodied post player with a soft touch. He runs the floor pretty well and finishes over his left shoulder with consistency. Munroe isn’t a great athlete, but uses his body well to create space. He also showed very well on the defensive end holding his own against some elite big men in the class. Chas holds his ground very well bodying up the offensive player and using his size and intelligence.

Trey Pugh (6’4/PF)- Jonathan Alder
*Trey is a high motor performer. He knows how to score around the basket. Pugh does his damage in the paint by outworking his opponent. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. Pugh needs some work on his shot, which will allow him to transition to a guard spot. He is already capable of guarding multiple positions with his size, strength, and will to compete.  Has a chance to be an elite football prospect.

Antwoine Smith (6’4/WF)- Dublin Coffman
*Smith showed a good stroke behind the arc. He is a sleeper and still has plenty of growth left in him. Antwoine needs to improve his motor and engagement. He has a 6-foot-8 wing span with nice versatility on the offensive end.

Turner Horn (6’1)- Berlin Hiland
*Turner is a very good spot up shooter especially in the corners. Likes to work the baseline on offense and he rebounds well for a guard. Horn has improved immensely over the past year for a kid that hasn’t been playing basketball very long.  He needs to work on his ball skills and confidence, but with a good work ethic, that should come.

Dylan Dupler (6’3/Shooting Guard)- Thornville Sheridan
*Dupler is good spot-up shooter. He has a nice frame and looks to continue to grow.  Shooters with size are always in high command. The lefty is a quarterback at high school known for its football tradition, so it will be interesting to follow this youngster.

Braden Van Cleave (6’3)- Convoy Crestview
*Van Cleave is a tough, strong kid. The lefty thrives off spot-up triples. Van Cleave has more of a football body, but he will fool you with things he can do on the basketball court. He should be an outstanding high school player at Crestview, a small Division IV school in Northwest Ohio.

Naz Bohannon (6’3/WF)- Lorain
Naz is strong, athletic, and long with a great frame. He has a great motor, always moving and setting him self up for easy buckets. Bohannon is a good energy player right now, but needs to develop more of a skill set. He is very active on defense as well showing the ability to block shots and create steals.

Jaylen Harris (6’5)- Cleveland VASJ
*Jaylen is athletic and strong with a developing handle and skill set. He is long with a 6-foot-10 wing span and has a great frame. Harris is perhaps the most talented prospect in Ohio. He needs to play with passion every time out and work on his body language on the floor. His perimeter shot is coming along nicely and should get more consistent over time. Heading to VASJ, Harris will be coached up by Coach Kwasniak and his staff, which should show immediate results.

Jayvon Graves (6’1)- Akron SVSM
*Graves has one of the better offensive arsenals in Ohio. He has good bounce with the ability to dunk in traffic. Jayvon needs to pick up his intensity on the defensive end adding more effort. Graves played his middle school ball at Malvern, but will be moving to Akron with his father to play for storied Akron SVSM. Graves showed the ability to get buckets against some of the nation’s best.

Matt King (6’2/WF)- Mason
*King is a sneaky athlete with good length. He has the ability to knock down perimeter shots, though; it can be flat at times. King’s length and athleticism make him a valuable asset on the defensive end as well. This is a kid that can be easily overlooked at a camp like this, but after watching closely, this kid gets things done.

Harrison Riggs (5’8/PG)- Toledo St. John’s
Don’t be fooled by the size, Riggs can play. He is a flashy point with some sauce to his game.  Harrison showed the ability to knock down shots from the perimeter following a quick crossover dribble. At times, he can get a bit careless with the ball attempting wow-factor passes. Regardless, there is a lot to like about this undersized guard.


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