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OHSAA: Competitive Balance

When asked how their school’s principal will vote on the new proposed CBP, here’s what some of Ohio’s ADs said…


JJH Competitive Balance Coverage

Question #2: Additional Comments

*Note: If you are an Ohio AD who has note voted on the poll and wants to, please email me at efrantz@jjhuddle.com. I will send you a link for the survey).


2. Which way do you anticipate your principal (school) will vote on the upcoming competitive balance proposal?
*For: 42.8%
*Against: 55.3%
*No Response: 1.7%


AD answers…Thoughts from Ohio’s athletic admins:

*It will help small public schools, but will put us up a division with the current proposed multiplier.    

*Too many flaws with the proposal. It will punish schools who do not intentional cheat the system (like those who recruit), yet their school allows open enrolled students to attend and participate in sports. The problem is that the rules are not consistently enforced, and the OHSAA does not have the man power to do this. The best options for tournament play would be to have 5 divisions for public schools and two divisions for private schools in football. In other sports 3 public, 2 private.    

*We prefer simply separating the public and private schools for tournament play.    

*It’s to confusing and unnecessary. Leave things the way they are.    

*Too rushed, too many unknowns. For something this important, they are asking us to vote on something and they will again “tweak” it later. Also I cannot imagine the data collection nightmare of trying to hold schools accountable to correct rosters and the kids district locations. If just one is wrong, how does that throw things off. I don’t like also how it is just the roster. First kids cut will be foreign exchange and open enrolled. Very inconsistent and rushed proposal.    

*We are against many parts of this new proposal, but feel like it will put to rest this issue for the next few years at least.    

*We need 5 divisions in all sports outside of football. The super division needs to be made up of the largest top 50-75 schools then balance rest into 4 divisions. Football needs to go to 9 game regular season and put everyone in to eliminate the scheduling nightmare.    

*Although we will vote in favor of the proposal, we are strong supporters of separating public and private. We are disappointed that it was removed from voting.    

*It indirectly encourages cutting teams from programs who are in our school for open enrollment if they are not good players. The multiplier is a good starting point; however, it is not a solution in itself.    

*(Principal) feels giving a committee this kind of open ended power is inevitably a bad situation.    

*We would vote for, but all three of our feeder elementary schools are going to be considered as outside our district. Makes a lot of sense.    

*This proposal doesn’t hurt us, and is better than going to two separate playoffs. It’s not the best, but it is better than the alternative.    

*Too many unanswered questions in this proposal that the OHSAA can’t or wont answer   

*Not much thought went into this proposal.    

*The system is not equitable currently and will continue to favor private schools in their domination of State Championships. It’s Broke – Let’s fix it!!!    

*It makes good sense but when people ask questions they (OHSAA) need to have answers and right ones as opposed to “I think it will be …….” TOO many unanswered obvious questions.    

*Multiplier to high, especially for students who have been private schools since elementary schools. Nothing is defined for how the OHSAA will define success? As a small private school who would likely move from division 4 to 3 and in some sports 2 where we would have no chance of competing in any of our sports.    

*For it only because it looks like the alternative is to completely separate the tournaments. Previous competitive balance proposals were better.    

*To many things still need to be clarified before we would vote for it.    

*This proposal came out of no where and has way too many unknowns at this time.

*The proposal is not well thought out to level dealing with specifics as to implementation and the ability to make changes once it is implemented.    

*Too many questions. Convinced the OHSAA board put up a referendum they knew would fail so they would not have to have the public/private debate.    

*The proposal is a blank check to the OHSAA and Board of Directors if you read it closely. Almost all of the questions we’ve asked, they do not have answers for. In addition, most schools I talk to do not like how it was rolled out. Member schools put together the private/public split vote, but the OHSAA is behind this proposal and did not vet the membership at all.


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