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OHSAA: Competitive Balance

When asked how they’d vote on the new proposed CBP, here’s what some of Ohio’s ADs said…


JJH Competitive Balance Coverage

Question #3: Additional Comments

*Note: If you are an Ohio AD who has note voted on the poll and wants to, please email me at efrantz@jjhuddle.com. I will send you a link for the survey).


3. Which way would you (athletic director) vote on the CBP?
*For: 41.6%
*Against: 56.5%
*No Response: 1.5%


AD answers…Thoughts from Ohio’s athletic admins:

*I don’t agree with the competitive balance proposal, but this argument continues to come up and it is better than a complete split that some administrators are pushing for.   

*Until public schools win the majority of state tournaments this is never going to go away.   

*Playing field must leveled if we can.   

*I would like to vote it down, but understand that the proposal passing allows this divisive issue to go away for a time being.   

*Best approach so far but still need to address the lack of divisions in sports other than football.   

*I feel it is unfair to penalize a kid/program who has only attended a private school for continuing in the same private school system. I would fully support multiplying kids with no history of private school attendance switching at the high school level.   

*I would rather see a public-private split, but I do recognize the danger of private schools breaking away completely from the OHSAA, which hurts the long term sustainability of the OHSAA and allows private schools not to be governed. Private schools already recruit public school athletes…can you imagine if they weren’t governed at all. It would be the wild wild west.   

*It is an obvious stop gap to the split tournament item. there is no solid plan put forth, and proposal may or may not be applied to certain schools due to performance…isn’t that just a reworked tradition factor?   

*Personally, I would rather just go with a 1.3x or even 1.5x multiplier like Alabama has and Georgia had. Lots simpler. Two many moving parts in the last couple proposals.   

*Do not prefer the unknown divisional status at the beginning of each season. Do not prefer the extra paperwork required by the AD to report roster information.   

*Not enough details still does not solve the problem.   

*It is still not enough! I fear a certain amount of manipulation is still possible to sway the numbers in a positive direction for private schools.       

*Should include wrestling, track and other “individual sports.”   

*This proposal does nothing to help the problem with division 1. Div. 1 is too large as it is and this will only push large parochial/private division 2 teams in to division 1 which will only make the problem for small division 1 teams worse.   

*Way too many variables.   

*The kids that have money will still figure out a way to move around.   

*The idea that we do not know what the multiplier would be is not a good thing. Also, a lot of unanswered questions right now Not knowing.


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