Glenville’s Worley has ‘PhD. on Field’


Glenville senior Chris Worley is headed to Ohio State. (Gary Housteau)

The smile on Chris Worley’s face said it all after the North defeated
the South in the prestigious Ohio North-South Classic on Saturday at
the University of Dayton.

The smile on Chris Worley’s face said it all after the North defeated
the South in the prestigious Ohio North-South Classic on Saturday at
the University of Dayton.

was great,” said Worley, who has signed to play college football at
Ohio State. “I came here and at all the practices and I played hard. It
was the same way here and in all the practices, hard hits. But it was a
joy playing with these guys and I developed a lot of nice

Getting the victory – a 33-27 win for the North — was a bonus.

“This is what it’s all about, Ohio football, and the North is
better than the South,” Worley said. “We go hard all year playing
against the best so when we play the best out here it’s just another

Worley, listed at 6-3 and 205 pounds, was truly in his element,
delivering bone-jarring hits throughout the contest. Worley had six
tackles and 1-1/2 tackles-for-loss in earning defensive MVP honors for
the North.

“That’s what you all are going to see for sure, as soon as possible,” he said. “It’s just natural for me. That’s just me.””

Worley will more than likely get your attention, one way or the other.

“There’s a quote right above my bed that says, ‘I’d rather be
underrated than overrated,’ ” Worley said. “So if a lot of people don’t
expect this from me, I’d rather be underrated every day. But once you
see me on the field, I’m playing my hardest and I’m showing up.””

Worley uses a simple word to describe his style when he’s performing on the gridiron.

he said. “I’m just a tenacious player. I want to play hard and I don’t
want to be a dog out there. I want other people to see me and know I’m
there. That’s the great thing about this sport, to have people fear you.
You get to play hard and you get hit people as hard as you want and
there’s no

penalty at all.””

And to come out of the game with an award for such a tenacious
performance on defense makes a great day’s work even better for Worley.

“This means a lot,” said Worley, looking down at the plaque in
his hands. “With all of these great players out here and I’m the one
that gets awarded the defensive player of the game is great.””

So Worley will now take this momentum from his award-winning
performance into summer camp where he’ll enroll at Ohio State on June 9.
The only question that remains to be answered about Worley is exactly
which position he’ll continue to deliver those teeth-rattling blows

“Position wise, I can’t really say a position but I’m going to go
in ready to compete,” he said. “I really want to come in and get some
time as a freshman. I’m not coming there to play around. I want to go in
there and play, that’s what I’m there for.””

And he claims that he really doesn’t have a preference between playing safety or linebacker.

“I really don’t,” said Worley, who clearly loves to run down the
field on kickoff coverage as well. “Most guys that ask me, they try to
squeeze it out of me. But it’s not like I’m not trying to tell you. I
just don’t care. I’ll play whatever. I just want to play.””

However Worley’s high school coach, Ted Ginn Sr., who was in
attendance at the all-star classic, certainly has his own opinion on
which position he needs to play when he gets to Ohio State.

a player,” Ginn said. “My thoughts are he’s not a safety, I think he’s a
linebacker. But they’re going to do what they need to do at Ohio State.
But I tell (Worley) all the time, ‘You can take that safety mess and
hang it up. You better try to get you some food so you can eat so you
can gain some

weight.’ ””

But Ginn thinks there so much more to Worley than his obvious physical talents that he displays on the football field.

“He’s so intelligent. His IQ in football is off the charts,” the
coach said. “You can see it out here, he’s going to be all over the
field, he’s going to know everything about where he needs to be. He’s
got a PhD. on the field. That’s what I like about him.””

And he’s got a serious disregard for his body as well, according to Ginn.

“Yeah he’ll throw it around out there,” he said. “But he’s a
rangy guy, he’s got long arms and long legs and he’s going to be big.
And the hits are going to keep on coming.””

So one might actually say that Worley is cut from the same cloth as Christian Bryant and Devan Bogard, except the cloth is a little bigger.

“They’ve all got that same type of mentality,” Ginn said. “Bogard
was just a striker, Christian was a striker and Worley is a striker.
You’ve got to have that certain mentality to play this game. But what
makes those guys so good is that they’re all very intelligent about the
game — and they like to hit


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