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Toledo Central Catholic QB DeShone Kizer

Whether he’s tossing the ball during
pregame warm ups or just breaking the huddle to execute the next
offensive play, Toledo Central Catholic junior quarterback DeShone Kizer is an imposing figure. He’s also a highly sought after one…

Whether he’s tossing the ball all the way across the field during
pregame warm ups or just breaking the huddle to execute the next
offensive play, Toledo Central Catholic’s junior quarterback DeShone Kizer, at 6-5 and 207 pounds, is an imposing figure on the gridiron to say the least.

But with a running back like senior Amir Edwards,
who rushed for 185 yards on 38 carries with two touchdowns, Kizer
admittedly didn’t have anywhere near his best performance of the season
as the Irish beat the Rams of Trotwood-Madison, 16-12, to win the
Division II state championship at Paul Brown’s Tiger Stadium in

“It wasn’t the prettiest,” Kizer said. “The passing game wasn’t great but when I have a guy to the right of me in Amir Edwards,
who I can just hop on his back and go all the way to a championship
game, I really don’t have any pressure on me. I’m relaxed in the pocket
and I trust my line and they got a great push when it came to the run
game. We had a great time out there and it feels amazing.”

Kizer was 5 of 16 passing for 50 yards and had two carries for
minus-8 yards in the win. For the year, he completed 108 of 179 passing
(60.3 percent) for 1,611 yards and 17 touchdowns with just two
interceptions. He also had 65 carries for 442 yards (6.8 average).

Kizer, a top-15 recruit in Ohio in the class of 2014, talked a
little bit about his recruitment in an empty stadium after the first
wave of celebration ended.

“Recruiting is going great,” Kizer said. “I picked up offers from
Michigan State, Penn State and Akron two weeks ago and things are
starting to pick up a little bit. Your junior season is a big one for
being a quarterback and I’m hoping things continue to pick up and
eventually get to a final five and make a decision from that.”

Of course, time is now of the essence for Kizer during the off-season.

“I plan on getting out and seeing (different schools),” Kizer
said. “As a quarterback, it’s kind of one of the most pressured
positions when it comes to recruiting. Most schools only take one guy if
they take any and to have Drew Barker
and Henderson from Virginia and all of these big name guys in the
Midwest, they’re going to eventually start committing to these schools
and if I wait too long on where I want to go then I’m going to lose an
opportunity at a school that possibly could have been the place for me.
So I’ve got to get out and I got to start narrowing down some schools.”

He’s also waiting on some input from some of the schools before
he actually narrows things down enough to where he can finally make a

“After the season, colleges start going out and recruiting so I
can finally see where schools stand,” Kizer said. “For instance, a
school like Ohio State where they show a lot of interest in me but they
haven’t put an offer on the table, they wanted to see how this season
finished out and evaluate it. So I’m hoping I can get some positives out
of that. And then from there I’ll start narrowing it down to a top
seven and eventually a top five and hopefully make a decision before my
senior season.”

So Kizer really remains open to any and all offers at this time.

“I’m still open for all doors,” he said. “I don’t want to narrow
it down to some schools I’m going to list (now). But I feel that with my
running ability, that I’ve very (much) improved on this season, that I
showed a lot, and with some of the passing things and stuff that I
improved on with that, that I can fit in either a dual threat offense or
a pro style offense.

“And I honestly think that maybe a pro style offense will be
better for me because then the running aspect becomes an add on rather
than an expected thing out of me.”

In addition to Michigan State, Penn State and Akron, Kizer
currently lists offers from other schools like Kentucky, Toledo,
Syracuse, Bowling Green, Boston College, Illinois, Louisville and

“Michigan State and Penn State are two of the schools who have
offered that are some of my goal schools,” Kizer said. “I know Penn
State had all these sanctions and people are expecting me to just X them
off my list, but the way it’s set up if I redshirt my freshman year I
still have three years of bowl eligibility. So I got to keep Penn State
high and Michigan State has always been one of my goal schools to get to
so I want to get out there. There’s also the local big ones.

“I want to try Notre Dame for the academic part of it, I’m really
high on academics and I want to see that’s like there. I know they have
a pretty hectic quarterback situation, having the best of the best
already (on their roster) that they’ve already recruited when it comes
to Malik Zaire and guys like that.

“And then I want to get out to Michigan. They really haven’t
shown too much interest in me in the last three or four months. But I
know Coach (Al) Borges is the type of guy where when he has a goal in
hand he’s going to put all of his time into that, so recruiting is kind
of the last thing he’s probably worrying about. So I’m hoping that I can
get a conversation with him to see where I stand. If it’s bad it’s bad,
if it’s good it’s good. But I definitely want to see where they stand
for me.

“Other than that, schools have been coming in left and right and
I’m starting to see who’s really starting to leap to the top and who’s
not. So I’m hoping within these next two weeks or so that these schools
reach out to me or I reach out to these schools and see where I can go.”

Ohio State is certainly one of the schools he still remains interested in. Urban Meyer and his staff were on hand to see the Irish win their state championship.

“Ohio State’s a great school,” Kizer said. “The way Urban runs
his quarterback and runs his offense is the top. They had a 12-0 season,
I got to witness the Ohio State-Michigan game and it was a great
experience. Ohio State is a powerhouse team in the area and it would be
an honor to receive an offer from them and once I do receive an offer
I’ll take a second look into them. But until I receive that offer I’m
playing all doors.”

Kizer did indeed have an encouraging conversation with Meyer when he attended The Game.

“At the Ohio State-Michigan game I talked to Coach Herman, the
quarterback coach, and I talked to Coach Meyer and they both said you’re
great off the field and they hear that I’m doing well on the field,”
Kizer said. “They continue to tell me their interest is high in me but
they’ve yet to offer a quarterback other than DeShawn Watson that I know
and I’m hoping that my film and the things that I put together this
season will eventually, hopefully pull an offer from there.”

But for now, basketball season is next for Kizer after he has a
chance to enjoy the state championship victory for a while. After all,
that was the objective when their team first got together for camp in
the summer.

“We knew from the first day of two-a-days that this was our
ultimate goal,” Kizer said. “You always set your goals high but we knew
that this was a capable goal. A lot of teams say they’re going to get
this far but with the talent and the team we had and the chemistry we
had, we knew that if we didn’t get this far this was not going to be the
season we wanted it to be.

“We weren’t going to be satisfied with anything less than a state
championship. So we came out and we put our hearts and souls out there
and it feels amazing.”

According to the 247 Sports database, Kizer is rated as the
nation’s No. 238 prospect overall and the nation’s No. 5 dual threat
quarterback for 2014. He is also listed as Ohio’s No. 15 prospect in
that class.

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