Who We Say Wins in Week 15: Picking the State Champions


Here’s who we say wins…

Only six games remain…And what a slate. I could argue that this is the best six-game state final schedule in recent memory. Instead, I’ll let you know who I think will win. We also offer up CalPreps and The Fantastic 50s thoughts…

For the third year in a row we’re changing our focus from flesh to formulas.
After going against pickers and staff from the Dayton Daily and ThisWeek News during
the regular season we’re back to challenge Drew Pasteur’s Fantastic 50 in
the postseason.

After tieing the first two weeks, the Fan50 finally got the best of me. DP’s formula went 19-5 in regional finals, while I went 16-8.

Click here to see who the Fantastic 50 says will win in Week 15.

Here’s my human vote…


State Finals


D-I: Moeller (11-3) vs Toledo Whitmer (14-0)

Saturday, 7 p.m. at Canton Fawcett Stadium

Scoop: Growing up in Southwest Ohio I was well versed on the exploits of Cincinnati Moeller football. Truth is I was in elementary school the last time the Crusaders won a state title. Moe owns seven state championships, but it’s last came in 1985. Whitmer has never won a title, but the Panthers won a lot of respect with last week’s win over Mentor. In fact, Whitmer debuted in the MaxPreps national rankings at No. 6 this week after not being ranked the week before. The MaxPreps computers (Freeman Rankings) even went a step further and made Whitmer No. 1 in the nation. This is not a match-up anyone predicted when the playoffs began but it’s a very intriguing one. Can Moe’s OL lay claim to the trenches? Can Whitmer’s ground game churn out another win? This is an appropriate night cap on Saturday – and for the season. I changed my pick on this one at least four times.

Drew Pasteur Pick: Whitmer
Cal Preps Pick:
Eric Frantz Pick:


D-II: Toledo Central Catholic (13-1) vs Trotwood-Madison (12-2)

Friday, 7 p.m. @ Massillon’s Paul Brown Tiger Stadium

Scoop: Both teams are talented. Both teams are highly regarded. Both teams are highly ranked (by the ONG JJH Power Poll). Both teams have head coaches that own state titles. Both teams have future Buckeyes…which brings me to this? Think Urban Meyer will be there Friday? You bet. And he’ll be in for a great game. These two teams have been on a collision course all season. Does that give the Rams an edge?

Drew Pasteur Pick: TCC
Cal Preps Pick:
Eric Frantz Pick:


D-III: Akron SVSM (12-2) vs Bellevue (13-1)

Saturday, 11 a.m. at Canton Fawcett Stadium

Scoop: Akron SVSM is scary. The Irish’s only losses are to Mooney and Massillon Washington and they have steamrolled their postseason foes (185-57). SVSM has a QB that’s thrown for 30 TDs and nearly 3,000 yards; a RB that’s rushed for over 1,000 yards and 25 TDs; and two WRs that have at least 12 TDs and 1,000 yards receiving each. What’s even scarier? Bellevue’s ability to rally. The Redmen have trailed in three of their four playoff games. Senior QB Jalen Santoro is the ring leader, ring master and could be the ring bearer with a huge performance. That’s what it’s going to take to beat SVSM. It’s also something Santoro (52 TDs this year) is capable of. He packs a cape.

Drew Pasteur Pick: Akron SVSM
Cal Preps Pick:
Akron SVSM
Eric Frantz Pick:
Akron SVSM


D-IV: Clinton-Massie (14-0) vs St. Clairsville (14-0)

Friday, 3 p.m. at Canton Fawcett Stadium

Scoop: Points. Several are going to be scored. Massie set a state record for points in a season this year (776) and is looking to become the first Ohio school to reach 800. St. Clairsville? Their 677 points ranks No. 6 all-time. Remember the OK Corral? Expect another shootout. Question is who has Wyatt Earp? Massie has Wyatt Running and Bayle Wolf who have combined for 99 rushing TDs in the last two years. St. C? They have WR Dan Monteroso (Boston College commit) and LB Michael Ferns (Michigan recruit). What a remarkable final.

Drew Pasteur Pick:
Cal Preps Pick: Clinton-Massie
Eric Frantz Pick: Clinton-Massie


D-V: Kirtland (14-0) vs Coldwater (14-0)

Saturday, 3 p.m. @ Massillon’s Paul Brown Tiger Stadium

Scoop: Led by a RB (Damon Washington) that’s scored 32 TDs on the ground, Kirtland has rushed for over 5,200 yards this season and scored 638 points. In 14 games, Coldwater has allowed two rushing TDs and 83 points. Something has got to give. Did we mention this is a rematch? Can this be a best of seven?

Drew Pasteur Pick: Coldwater
Cal Preps Pick:
Eric Frantz Pick:


D-VI: Marion Local (12-2) vs Newark Catholic (12-2)

Friday, 11 a.m. @ Massillon’s Paul Brown Tiger Stadium

Scoop: This one was staged. At least it feels like it. Talk about tradition. ML and NC have a combined 21 state finals appearances and 13 state titles. With a win, NC will break a tie with Youngstown Mooney and move into second place alone with nine state titles. A ML win will give the Flyers six titles and tie them with fellow MAC schools St. Henry and Versailles for the most titles ever by a public school. And you thought they were just playing for a state championship. The game also features another rarity: two 6-4 junior QBs that are D-I prospects. Great first game.

Drew Pasteur Pick: Marion Local
Cal Preps Pick:
Marion Local
Eric Frantz Pick:
Marion Local



State Finals

EF Picks 2012: TBD
EF Picks 2011: 3-3 (50%)
EF Picks 2010: 4-2 (67%)

DP FAN 50 Picks 2012: TBD
DP FAN 50 Picks 2011: 5-1 (83%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2010:



State Semifinals

EF Picks 2012: 7-5 (58%)
EF Picks 2011: 9-3 (75%)
EF Picks 2010: 8-4 (67%)

DP FAN 50 Picks 2012: 6-6 (50%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2011: 6-6 (50%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2010: 7-5 (58%)



Regional Finals

EF Picks 2012: 16-8 (67%)
EF Picks 2011: 20-4 (83%)
EF Picks 2010: 17-7 (71%)

DP FAN 50 Picks 2012: 19-5 (79%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2011: 18-6 (75%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2010: 16-8 (67%)



Regional Semifinals

EF Picks 2012: 39-9 (81%)
EF Picks 2011: 31-17 (65%)
EF Picks 2010: 35-13 (73%)

DP FAN 50 Picks 2012: 39-9 (81%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2011: 35-13 (73%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2010: 37-11 (77%)



Regional Quarterfinals

EF Picks 2012: 72-24 (75%)
EF Picks 2011: 76-20 (79%)
EF Picks 2010: 72-24 (75%)

DP FAN 50 Picks 2012: 72-24 (75%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2011: 82-14 (85%)
DP FAN 50 Picks 2010: 77-19 (80%)



Regular Season Wrap

Last Week: (6-0)
Season: (44-16, 73%)
about a comeback. Down three games with six to go I made up ground and
caught Greg Billing in Week 10. It took a perfect performance and that’s
what I got. Have to thank Northmont, Piqua and Springfield Shawnee for
thier big wins.

DDN 2012 Pickers Final Standings
Eric Frantz (JJHuddle Managing Editor) 44-16
Greg Billing (Dayton Daily News Reporter) 44-16
Mike Hartsock (WHIO TV Sports Director) 35-25

Click Here
to see WHIO Pick Six Stats

Last Week: (14-1)
Season: (114-36, 76%)
I went out with a
bang with another 14-1 week, but it wasn’t enough to catapult into the
upper echelon. I finished mid-pack. Not bad for the first year, but not
good either.

ThisWeek Pickers Final Standings:
Andy Resnik (ThisWeek staff writer) 122-28
Jarrod Ulrey (ThisWeek staff writer) 121-29
Aaron Blankenship (ThisWeek staff writer) 117-33
Don Delco (ThisWeek web producer) 116-34
John Hulkenberg (ThisWeek staff writer) 115-35
Patrick Dolan (ThisWeek staff writer) 115-35
Eric Frantz (JJHuddle Managing Editor) 114-36
Scott Hennen (ThisWeek staff writer) 114-36
Lee Cochran (ThisWeek Managing Editor/Sports and Photography) 111-39
Brad Emerine (ThisWeek staff writer) 109-42
Dave Purpura(ThisWeek staff writer)  91-29

Click Here
to see ThisWeek Staff Wrap

Last Week: (7-5)
Season: (87-33, 73%)
may have gone 20-1 combined in the DDN and TWN contests, but I finsihed
a disappointing 7-5 in the 12-pack. Just shows you how deep Ohio is
this year – and how rivalry games can go either way.



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