JJHuddle & ScoutingOhio 2013 Top 200 Senior Football Prospects: 40-31


JJHuddle & ScoutingOhio’s 2013 Top 200 Senior Prospects

Today we continue the countdown of the JJHuddle & ScoutingOhio 2013 Top
200 Senior Prospects
. Today’s 10-pack includes four players from Dayton, five players from Columbus and seven Big Ten recruits. See who stands where in the Top 200…

It’s arrived…

Today we continue the countdown of the JJHuddle & ScoutingOhio 2013 Top 200 Senior Prospects. Things have changed since we released the Top 100 in May.

off, this is by no means a list of the Top 200 Ohio High School
Football Players. “Prospects” and “Players” differ greatly. There are
some names on this list that may shock you and others you expect. Some
that have outrageous stats and some that don’t have any. They’re all
here for a reason though. They have the potential to play on Saturdays
on scholarship.

This list is the result of hours and hours of
game, camp, combine, coaches and video evaluations. Hard work was done
to create it. Enjoy. And congrats to those below.

200-151: Aug. 1
150-141: Aug. 2
140-131: Aug. 3
130-121: Aug. 6
120-119: Aug. 7
110-101: Aug. 8
100-91: Aug. 9^
90-81: Aug. 10^
80-71: Aug. 13^
70-61: Aug. 14^
60-51: Aug. 15^
50-41: Aug. 16^
40-31: Aug. 17^
30-21: Aug. 20^
20-11: Aug. 21^
10-1: Aug. 22^

^Ohio HS Insider Content (More Info)

JJHuddle & ScoutingOhio 2013 Top 200 RB Video

A look at some of Ohio’s top senior RBs…Thomas, Smith, Watkins, Edwards & More

THE NEXT 10: NOS. 40-31

31. Greg Hart, TE, Alter, 6-4, 223

Offers: Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Western Kentucky, Kent State, Akron, Marshall,
Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Louisville, Wake Forest, Virginia,
North Carolina State, Nebraska, Boston College, Connecticut, Miami,
Verbal: Nebraska

32. Rob Wheelwright, WR, Walnut Ridge, 6-3, 185

Offers: Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Boston College, Indiana, Purdue,
Minnesota, Syracuse, Michigan, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Miami of Ohio
Verbal: Wisconsin

33. Caleb Day, DB, Hilliard Darby, 6-1, 186

Offers: Ohio State, Arkansas, Illinois, Louisville, Marshall, Kentucky, Cincinnati
Verbal: Illinois

34. Sean Welsh, OL, Springboro, 6-3, 280

Offers: Bowling Green, Ohio, Toledo, Kent State, Miami of Ohio, Cincinnati,
Indiana, Western Kentucky, Ball State, Kentucky, Iowa, Miami, Air Force,
Louisville, West Virginia, Kansas
Verbal: Iowa

35. Devon Edwards, DE, Eastmoor, 6-6, 235

Offers: West Virginia, Nebraska, North Carolina State, Boston College, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Purdue
Verbal: None

36. Godwin Igwebuike, DB, Pickerington North, 6-0, 190

Offers: Buffalo, Boston College, Duke, Kent State, Bowling Green, Ohio, Toledo,
Minnesota, Northwestern, Cincinnati, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Wake
Forest, Akron, West Virginia, North Carolina State, Pittsburgh, Michigan
State, Nebraska, Florida Atlantic
Verbal: Northwestern

37. Kareem Hunt, RB, Willoughby South, 5-10, 190

Offers: Toledo, Akron, Ball State, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Eastern Michigan, Ohio, Pittsburgh
Verbal: None

38. Reon Dawson, DB, Trotwood-Madison, 6-2, 175

Offers: Kentucky, Virginia, Penn State, Indiana, Toledo, Ohio, West Virginia,
Bowling Green, Purdue, Illinois, Arizona, Akron, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh
Verbal: Illinois

39. Jaron Dukes, WR, Marion-Franklin, 6-5, 197

Offers: Michigan, Toledo, Illinois
Verbal: Michigan

40. Darrien Howard, LB, Chaminade Julienne, 6-2, 241

Offers: Cincinnati, Bowling Green, Ohio, Illinois, Toledo, West Virginia,
Pittsburgh, Western Kentucky, North Carolina State, Indiana, Kentucky
Verbal: West Virginia

NOS. 50-41

NOS. 60-51

NOS. 70-61

NOS. 80-71

NOS. 90-81

NOS. 100-91

NOS. 110-101

NOS. 120-111

NOS. 130-121

NOS. 140-131

NOS. 150-141

NOS. 200-151


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