2012 JJHuddle Previews: Bexley


Bexley Lions

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2012 JJHuddle HS Football Previews

Bexley (5-5)

High School Name: Bexley High School
High School City: Bexley
Coach’s Name: John Smith
Years at School (Career record): 5 (22-29)
Last Season’s Record (Conference/Finish): 5-5 (2-5)
Last Winning Season (If not last season): 7-3 (2008)
Last Year’s Division/Region (I-VI, 1-24): III-10

Key Returners/Players:    
*Andrew Getz SR 6’2 245 OL/DL
*Jaxon Sher SR 6’1 232 OL/DL
*Jimmy Kahan SR 5’8 154 WR/DB
*Will Gingery SR 6’2 170 K/P
*Mike Herwald SR 6’2 227 OL/DE
*Dan Lee JR 5’9 212 DL
*Greg Miller JR 5’7 157 WR/DB
*Rasheed Morgan JR 5’10 153 RB/DB
*Jacob Old JR 6’1 202 TE/LB
*Zach Ward JR 6’2 204 QB/FB/LB

Potential college prospects?: Rasheed Morgan, Jacob Old, Zach Ward

Schedule: Tough. Will be the last year of the Mid-State League’s current set-up before a big revamp. Rivalry games are Whitehall and Columbus Academy.

Coaches Quotes: “With the graduation of 17 seniors we have a few positions to replace. None will be as difficult as Jalen Robinette (Air Force). We want to continue to build on what we have established. Continuing to get better running the football and playing good defense. We are continuing taking steps in changing the culture in Bexley. Trying to make football important.”


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