AAU News: All-Ohio Super 16…Who did what? Who impressed?


Ashland G Issac White

The All-Ohio Super 16 took place this past weekend around Columbus with plenty of Ohio flavor sprinkled in with some Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and North Carolina taste. All-Ohio Red has dominated this event over the past three years, but its reign came to end on championship Sunday. Red had a chance to win three of the four championships on Sunday, but came up short in all three attempts.

The All-Ohio Super 16 took place this past weekend around Columbus with plenty of Ohio flavor sprinkled in with some Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and North Carolina taste.
All-Ohio Red has dominated this event over the past three years, but its reign came to end on championship Sunday. Red had a chance to win three of the four championships on Sunday, but came up short in all three attempts.
In the 17-and-under division, All-Ohio Red lost to a short-handed Mac Irvin Fire squad out of Chicago, Illinois. Mac Irvin was playing without stars Jabari Parker and Jahlil Okafor who were in Las Vegas at the Adidas Nations, according to Slam Magazine’s Rodger Bohn. A Mac Irvin squad led by Kyle Davis, Russell Woods, and Markee Williams defeated Red, 70-63.
The 16-and-under championship was a rematch of a Spiece Run-n-Slam semi-final contest featuring Mac Irvin Fire and All-Ohio Red. However, this time it was the Chicago-based squad coming out on top, 59-57.
All-Ohio Red had yet another chance to capture Gold in the 15-and-under section, but failed to do so falling to the King James Shooting Stars II, 54-51. Though, don’t be fooled, the King James Shooting Stars II are not a “B” team.
In a highly talented championship game, in the 14-and-under field, Spiece Indy Heat, who was led by 6-foot-5 monster Caleb Swanigan, outlasted the Dayton Heat, 43-41 despite Indy Heat being without the services of Vijay Blackmon.
Top Performers:
Austin Adams (6’3/2015)- WF- Oregon Cardinal Stritch/Ohio Gators
Adams was a bit of an unknown to us before this past Saturday. We asked the Ohio Gators director, Ernie Miller, if he had any sleepers and he was quick to point a kid from Cardinal Stritch. Taking Miller’s advice, we stuck around to garner a look at the 2015 prospect. Needless to say, Adams was worth the stay. He is one of those kids where we were unable to pinpoint exactly what position he projects to be, but one thing was clear, he could play. Adams diced up a talented King James Shooting Stars II squad and almost single handily led the Gators to victory. Though, his efforts fell short, Adams produced in a big way. He scored seemingly at will on drives to the bucket. Adams was relentless at attacking the basket, putting constant pressure on the defense. Adams has a motor that didn’t quit on the offensive end, but a couple times he did get slightly out-of-control. He didn’t take a single outside jumper in the game we watched, but he did shoot a nifty off-balanced one-foot pull up off the dribble. It went in and out, but the shot had great form, so making shots shouldn’t be an issue. Adams isn’t a great athlete, but good enough at this point. Above all else, there are only a handful of kids in his class (Ohio) that are capable of getting buckets with this kid.

Isaac White (5’11/2015)- PG- Ashland/Team Work
White is going to be another standout in the long line of top notch guards that have played under Brian Bishop’s watch for either Team CBIZ or the team now known as Team Work. White puts you in mind of a former player for this program in Brian Sullivan, who now plays at Davidson. White is a heady player with a high IQ for the game. He is a very efficient offensive player. White, who for the most part is under control, knocks down shots behind the arc at a high rate. On Saturday, we watched him play two full games, and we were able to count on one hand the number of shots he missed (and he took quite a few). This is a very intriguing player, who should get more and more pop over the next year, with more exposure. He doesn’t have tremendous size, but he makes up for his lack of genetics by using screens well, moving without the ball, and finding the open spaces in the defense. White does a very good job of floating with the dribbler allowing himself an opening passing lane to receive a clear pass to set up his silky, smooth jumper. Keep an eye on White this July.

Angel Rivera (5’7/2014)- PG- Cincinnati Hughes/King James Shooting Stars
Rivera is the purest of point guards this state has seen in quite some time. If you are looking for a kid to dictate tempo, make the right pass/play, be under control, and deliver the ball at the right time/place then Rivera is your guy. It’s not that he can’t score, but he thinks get everyone else involved first. In a game, late Saturday night, we saw Rivera take three shots behind the arc and they were all wet. His game is very efficient and there is a lot to love about this kid’s play and demeanor on the court. Rivera is a point guard that makes winning plays or at least puts others kids in the correct position to make winning plays. He is going to be a key piece to the overall evolution of this highly talented King James club. He is only 5-foot-7 and perhaps a step slow in terms of elite point guards, but somebody is going to take a chance on this kid and be very happy about it.

Javon Bess (6’5/2014)- WF- Gahanna Lincoln/King James Shooting Stars
Bess has steadily grown as a player over the last year in different aspects of the game. First off, Bess has grown to nearly 6-foot-5. He is a long and rangy athlete, who is very versatile. Bess seems to be capable of guarding the 1-3 and even some fours. He has become a very efficient offensive player. The knock on him has been his inability to knock down shots, but that concern is slowly decreasing. Bess knocked down several shots behind the arc this past weekend and some mid-range shots. Bess was really fluttering as a player until about halfway through this past regular season at Pickerington Central High School. He was struggling to find a position and appeared really down on his game. For one reason or another, things changed throughout the course of the season and Bess welcomed his role as 6th man. Bess was a big reason Central was able to capture the DI state championship with his defensive versatility, timely scoring, and increased toughness on the floor. Bess has offers from Kent State and Cleveland State, but he may have just scratched the surface of his potential. Bess has a high ceiling, but it still remains to be seen how high he will reach. Javon will be playing at Gahanna Lincoln High School for the 2012-2013 season.

Isaac Anderson (6’2.5/2015)- Groveport-Madison/Ohio Hoopsters
 Anderson is a nice looking athlete, who is bit of an unknown. He is one of a few pieces of nice, young talent at Groveport-Madison HS. Anderson showed he is more than capable of knocking down long-range jumpers with a smooth stroke and the ability to effortlessly play above the rim. Anderson is very good on the boards for a guard using his solid frame and above average strength. He has a tendency to disengage on the offensive end at times, so improving his involvement will be essential to his overall development as an offensive threat. It’s too early prognosticate a level for Anderson, but he is definitely a kid to keep an eye on.
16U Top Performers:
Vincent Edwards (6’7/2014)- Middletown/King James Shooting Stars
Justin Bibbs (6’4/2014)- Dayton CJ/King James Shooting Stars
Victor Dorsey (6’7/2014)- Akron SVSM/King James Shooting Stars
Jalen Jackson (5’11/2014)- Warrensville Heights/DB Hoops Blanks
Anthony Glover (6’0/2014)- Toledo St. John’s/Hidden Gems Black
Manny Powell (5’9/2014)- Gahanna Lincoln/Hidden Gems Black
Robert Bowers (6’5/2014)- Walnut Ridge/Hidden Gems Black
T.J. Steele (5’6/2014)- Cleveland Benedictine/Ohio Basketball Club
Daniel Sapp (6’4/2014)- NDCL/Ohio Basketball Club
Ryan Skovranko (6’6/2014)- Lincoln Park (PA)/Ohio Basketball Club
T.J. Umar (6’5/2014)- Cleveland John Hay/Ohio Basketball Club
Tysean Powell (6’6/2014)- Cleveland Benedictine/Ohio Basketball Club

15U Top Performers:
Ryan Mikesell (6’3/2015)- St. Henry/Ohio Stars
Kipper Nichols (6’5/2015)- Lakewood St. Edward/King James Shooting Stars II
Jabri Blount (6’3/2015)- Linsly School (WV)/King James Shooting Stars II
Derek Pardon (6’6/2015)- Cleveland VASJ/King James Shooting Stars II
Reggie Rogers (6’1/2015)- Akron Firestone/King James Shooting Stars II
Chris Oakley (6’0/2015)- Lyndhurst Brush/King James Shooting Stars II
Lloyd Chatman (5’8/2015)- Reynoldsburg/Ohio Varsity
J-Suan Davis (6’4/2015)- Brookhaven/Ohio Varsity
Beau Justice (6’0/2015)- Peebles/Team Work
Carson Ebert (5’11/2015)- Willard/Team Work
Mitch Loomis (6’5/2015)- Malvern/Team Work
Andrew Koester (6’2/2015)- Allegheny (PA)/Team Work
John Routzen (6’2/2015)- Worthington Christian/Ohio Hoopsters

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