Ohio HS Insider: FB division logistics, state finals on Sunday and state wrestling tournament on the move?


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What’s the plan to implement seven state football finals? Could the boys and girls basketball finals be on Sunday in the future? Is the state wrestling tournament moving? Speaking of wrestling, will there be two team champs per division in 2013? Find out now…

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*NOW WHAT? Starting in 2013, the OHSAA will have seven football divisions in football. That’s the easy part. The hard part is trying to figure out logistics. Some concerns:

– When is the seventh game? Thursday? Sunday?

– How to reconfigure the Harbin Ratings with seven divisions?

– The logistics of the game sites?

– Will D-I remain the last game?

– How will state finals records be shifted from six divisions to seven?

What we do know is this: The divisions will continue to utilize roman numerals and be classified as I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII.

As for the answers above?

“It’s wide open,” said one source. “All options are on the table.”

*STATE FINALS ON SUNDAYS? The talk of Sunday finals doesn’t stop with just the football finals. The OHSAA is considering switching all or some of its Thursday-Saturday state championships to a Friday-Sunday format. Sports that currently play a three-day state slate are boys and girls basketball, volleyball, wrestling, baseball and softball.

The reasons? Increased backlash from districts for students missing school and finances.

According to OHSAA personnel, there’s been an increase in concern from schools about students missing a school day for state events – Thursday games in particular. The worry over unknown weather and calamity day-caps has some districts panning for a switch.

The other big reason is money. As a whole OHSAA state tournament attendance is dropping and the organization figures Sunday finals would generate more revenue and spectators. On Sunday’s work and school wouldn’t be issues for potential ticket buyers.

*STATE WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS – TWO & ON THE MOVE? The 2012-2013 school year will mark the first that there will be two wrestling state tournaments. The new team dual tournament will be held at St. John’s Arena during February and the regular individual state tournament will continue to be contested in March. One catch…as of now the plan is to continue the team standings at the individual tournament in order to continue to emphasize the importance of points. That means technically there will be two team state champions per division (even though the same school may win both).

Another nugget is this: the OHSAA is considering moving the individual state wrestling tournament back a week. Instead of being the first weekend of March, the wrestling tournament would be the second weekend. This means the Schottenstein Center would host the state wrestling, girls basketball and boys basketball tournaments in back-to-back-to-back weekends.

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