Ohio HS Insider: ‘Real’ Competitve Balance; Girls Flag Football; Franklin Hoop Transfers and Voting ‘Yes’


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This week: One Ohio parochial school will support the new ‘Competitive Balance Proposal’; Ohio adding girls flag football as a varsity sport?; Franklin boys basketball netting top-notch transfers?; And more…

Another week, another Insider. Enjoy…


*Catholic School voting ‘For’ Competitive Balance: When the new Competitive Balance Proposal goes to vote in May, there will be at least one Ohio parochial school that will be voting “for” it this time. How do we know? They told us so. Why the change of heart? Because the OHSAA documented when (and how) future changes in the ‘athletic count’ would be implemented.

In last year’s CBP, the OHSAA took a blank check approach to the figures and said it could change percentages in the future if they felt change was warranted. That meant no additional voting would take place among member schools and the numbers would be totally up to the discretion of the OHSAA.

Not any more. In the new proposal:

“The OHSAA Competitive Balance Committee will meet on a regular basis and may make recommendations to the OHSAA Board of Directors to modify the Competitive Balance Formula biennially. 

Should any significant changes be recommended to modify the current formula, the OHSAA will survey the membership to gauge interest on any modification(s). “

Those two paragraphs will be the biggest reason the CBP will pass.

*Real ‘Competitive Balance’: Had the opportunity to spend last week in southern Florida and discovered something in the local sports page I never knew existed – varsity flag football…for girls. Talk about the ultimate in equal opportunity. To combat Title IX and enhance athletic participation numbers for girls, Florida became the first state to offer girls flag football as a varsity sport in 1998. In 2005 Alaska was the second to recognize it. Those two remain the only states to do so.

Despite its popularity in Florida (over 5,000 participants in 2010) and other southern states (where it’s a club sport), girls flag football is frowned upon by some because it is considered a “dead-end activity” with no future for its players after high school. Others believe it is simply being used to inflate participation numbers.

Those that support flag football argue very few high school athletes play sports in college anyway and the goal of high school sports isn’t to prepare individuals for college sports, but rather to teach them life lessons.

Girls flag football in Ohio? Definitely worth talking about…

*Morgan, Edwards and Kennard on the Move?: My daughters love the new Adele song ‘Rumors’ and asked the other day what one was. Here are some boys basketball examples we’ve heard from multiple sources…coincidently, they all surround one team.
1. Springboro junior Maverick Morgan is transferring to Franklin. According to some, the majority of major D-I colleges in touch with the 6-10 junior have told him he needs to show some notable progress individually in the next 12 months to warrant serious scholarship consideration. Some college coaches have mentioned that Franklin head coach Brian Bales would be the perfect person to see him through one-on-one skill development in the off-season. Bales has made a name for himself with his dedication to personalized instruction.
2. Middletown sophomore Vincent Edwards is also transferring to Franklin. We’ve heard Edwards lives in a housing development in Middletown where residents can choose between Franklin and Middletown schools. Despite Middletown’s late season run (D-I Regional Final), word is Edwards feels he’ll get better exposure at Franklin and will have to carry less of the load. Rumor has it Edwards also wants to be at a place where he can compete for a state title and if he and Morgan both go to Franklin, the Wildcats are an immediate threat in D-II.

3. Franklin freshman Luke Kennard is leaving for Moeller. It’s been rumored for some time that Moeller fancies Kennard, but it’s growing less likely he ends up there. College coaches have apparently encouraged the freshman standout to remain with the Wildcats and someone close to the situation said Kennard’s “not going anywhere…” Especially if Morgan and Edwards are added to the roster.
So why Franklin? On the surface Morgan and Edwards’ possible jump from the Greater Western Ohio Conference and the Greater Miami Conference to the Southwestern Buckeye League is a significant step down in competition. Turns out, however, Franklin is beefing up its non-league schedule to combat that. The Wildcats will play in the Beach Ball Classic (Myrtle Beach, S.C.) and Flyin to the Hoop next year. Stay tuned…

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