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Ohio Prep Sportswriter’s Association

The Ohio Prep Sportwriter’s Association named its writers of the year and recognized the top articles and authors in Columbus on Thursday at the organization’s first annual statewide meeting. Her’s who won what…

2012 Contest Results

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association (OPSWA) announced its 2010-2011 annual writing contest award winners at its statewide meeting held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Worthington on Thursday, March 29. The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Tim Warsinskey (Div. I), the Mansfield New Journal’s Jon Spencer (Div. II), the Port Clinton News Herald’s Matthew Horn (Div. III/IV) and the Medina Post’s Todd Stumpf (Div. V) all earned Writer of the Year awards in their respective division. The contest consisted of articles written during the 2010 and 2011 calendar years.

Founded in 1972, the Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association was formed to recognize the coverage of high school sporting events in Ohio and to recognize superior writing among sports journalists. It recently partnered with the Ohio High School Athletic Association to create a website, establish electronic communication and increase its membership size. The OPSWA currently has a website located off of OHSAA.org (www.ohsaa.org/news/OPSWA) which includes information about new officer selections, updated membership directories, Hall of Fame committee information and other regular communications. Of note, 2012 writing contest is already being planned, so sportswriters are encouraged to keep copies of potential submissions for January 2013.

The contest, which received 533 entries from 45 contestants, was judged by 18 sportswriters from around the state, who gave awards to 29 individuals. Judges included John Fryman (Bryan Times), Jeff Harrison (Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian), Tim Rogers (Cleveland Plain Dealer), Steve Blackledge (Columbus Dispatch), Julie Billings (Pike County News Watchman), Eric Frantz (jjhuddle.com), Jim Naveau (Lima News), Jon Spencer (Mansfield News Journal), Curt Conrad (Mansfield News Journal), Rob McCurdy (Mansfield News Journal), Todd Stumpf (Medina Post), Rick Cassano (Middletown Journal), Don Hohler (Norwalk Reflector), Rob Kiser (Piqua Daily Call), Mark Hazelwood (Sandusky Register), Theresa Neuhoff Audia (Willoughby News Herald), John Kampf (Willoughby News Herald) and Joe Scalzo (Youngstown Vindicator).

Certificates were handed out to all placers (based on number of entries), while the Writers of the Year each received an inscribed trophy. Categories receiving less than 20 entries awarded three places, categories receiving 21:50 entries awarded four places and categories receiving more than 51 entries awarded five places. The divisions were based on circulation size with Division I having a daily circulation over 35,000, Division II having a daily circulation between 15,000 and 35,000, Division III/IV having a daily circulation under 7,500 and Division V consisting of non:daily newspapers. The breakdown from each division is as follows:

· Division I: Six contestants and 76 entries (10 Investigative/Enterprise, 18 News, 22 Feature and 26 Game)

· Division II: 15 contestants and 197 entries (22 Investigative/Enterprise, 45 News, 66 Feature and 64 Game)

· Division III/IV: 10 contestants and 111 entries (23 Investigative/Enterprise, 21 news, 36 Feature and 31 Game)

· Division V: 14 contestants and 149 entries (15 Investigative/Enterprise, 35 News, 56 Feature and 43 Game)

Writers of the Year

· Division I – Tim Warsinskey, Cleveland Plain Dealer

· Division II – Jon Spencer, Mansfield News Journal

· Division III/IV – Matthew Horn, Port Clinton News Herald

· Division V – Todd Stumpf, Medina Post


2010-2011 OPSWA Award Winners

Division I

· Tim Warsinskey, Cleveland Plain Dealer: 1st place Investigative/Enterprise, 2nd place and 3rd place Feature, 2nd place News,  2nd and 3rd place Game

· Eric Frantz, JJHuddle.com: 1st place Game, 2nd place Investigative/Enterprise, 3rd place News

· Bob Fortuna, Cleveland Plain Dealer: 1st place and 4th place News (tie)

· Joe Scalzo, Youngstown Vindicator: 1st place Feature

· Tim Rogers, Cleveland Plain Dealer: 4th place News (tie), 4th place Game (tie), 4th place Game (tie)

· Steve Blackledge, Columbus Dispatch: 3rd place Investigative/Enterprise

Division II

· Jon Spencer, Mansfield News Journal: 1st place Feature (tie), 2nd place News, 3rd place Investigative/Enterprise, 3rd place feature (tie), 3rd place News (tie), 5th place News (tie)

· John Kampf, Willoughby News-Herald: 1st place Game, 2nd place Game (tie), 4th place Investigative/Enterprise (tie), 5th place game (tie)

· Dave Hanneman, Findlay Courier: 1st place Feature (tie), 3rd place News (tie),

· Mark Hazelwood, Sandusky Register: 1st place Feature, 4th place Feature (tie)

· Rick Cassano, Middletown Journal: 2nd place Game (tie), 4th place Investigative/Enterprise (tie), 5th place News (tie)

· Tom Usher, Lima News: 1st place News

· Rob McCurdy, Mansfield News Journal: 2nd place Investigative/Enterprise, 5th place game (tie)

· Tim McDonough, Defiance Crescent-News: 3rd place Feature (tie)

· Theresa Neuhuff Audia, Willoughby News:Herald: 4th place Game

· Jamie Baker, Findlay Courier: 5th place News (tie)

Division III/IV

· Matthew Horn, Fremont News Messenger: 1st place Feature (tie), 1st place News, 3rd place Feature, 3rd place Game, 4th place Feature (tie), 4th place News

· Rick Noland, Medina Gazette: 1st place Game, 2nd place Feature, 3rd place Feature, 3rd place News

· Albert Grindle, Medina Gazette: 1st place Feature (tie), 2nd place Game, 4th place Feature (tie), 4th place Feature, 4th place Game

· Joey Chandler, Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum: 1st place Feature, 2nd place News, 4th place Investigative/Enterprise (tie)

· Rob Kiser, Piqua Daily Call: 4th place Investigative/Enterprise (tie)

· Zack Klemme, Maysville Ledger Independent: 4th place Investigative/Enterprise (tie)

Division V

· Todd Stumpf, Medina Post:  1st place News, 2nd place Investigative/Enterprise, 2nd place News (tie), 2nd place Game, 3rd place Feature (tie)

· Paul Batterson, Columbus ThisWeek Newspapers: 1st place Feature, 1st place Game, 3rd place Game

· Scott Hennen, Columbus ThisWeek Newspapers: 2nd place Feature, 3rd place Investigative/Enterprise, 4th place News, 4th place Game

· Patrick Dolan, Columbus ThisWeek Newspapers: 1st place Investigative/Enterprise

· John Montgomery, Fostoria Focus: 2nd place News (tie)

· Aaron Blankenship, Columbus ThisWeek Newspapers: 3rd place Feature (tie)

· John B. Reidenbaugh, Columbus Suburban News: 5th place News


OPSWA Website: http://www.ohsaa.org/news/OPSWA/

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