Tournament Predictions and Breaking Down the Power Polls; Who Wins and How We Did


Boys Basketball State Tournament Forecast

With anything, it’s always good to evaluate your progress and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Today we take a look at our Power Polls (preseason and final) and also established our picks/favorites for this weekend’s state titles.

With anything, it’s always good to evaluate your progress and analyze
your strengths and weaknesses. Today we take a look at our Power Polls
(preseason and final) and also established our picks/favorites for this
weekend’s state titles.



Let us take a look back at our preseason polls (Released on December 2, 2011) and final polls (Released on February 21, 2012).

In Division I, Toledo Whitmer started the year at No. 5 and Lakewood St. Edward checked in at No. 8.
In Division II, Dunbar started the year No. 2.
In Division III, Cincinnati Summit Country Day led off in the No. 1 spot and Portsmouth was ranked No. 3 on the initial chart.
In Division IV, Hiland began the year No. 1 and Columbus Africentric was No. 4.
In DI, Pickerington Central was listed in our “Don’t Sleep on these Teams” section.
In DII, Elida was listed under “The Next Best” after the Top 10 and Mentor Lake Catholic was found in the “Don’t Sleep on these Teams” part.
In DIII, both Bedford Chanel and Ottawa-Glandorf were under “Don’t Sleep on these Teams.”
In DIV, Arlington and Jackson fell under the “Don’t Sleep on thest Teams” category.
The only teams not mentioned in our preseason rankings were Fairfield and St. Clairsville.
Finally, we get to our final poll, which was fairly solid.
In DI, Lakewood St. Edward finished at No. 4 followed by Whitmer at No. 5. Pickerington Central was the first team listed in the “Others.”
In DII, Dunbar captured the poll title followed by Mentor Lake Catholic at No. 4 and Elida at No. 10. St. Clairsville was listed amongst the “Others.”
In DIII, Cincinnati Summit Country was our poll champion and Bedford Chanel came into the tournament ranked No 4 with Portsmouth checking in at No. 6. Ottawa-Glandorf was in the “Others.”
In DIV, Berlin Hiland was crowned poll champion. Columbus Africentric finished 3rd and Arlington and Jackson Center were located in the “Others.”
Fairfield was the only team not in the final poll, but the Indians were in the “Others” a few times throughout the year.
Now, let us take a look at the 2012 OHSAA Boy’s State Basketball Tournament by looking at some of the top players and team and concluding with our state tournament picks.



Top Must-See Players: (No Particular Order)
1. Myles Hamilton (6’2/Sr.)- Lakewood St. Edward (Kennesaw State)
2. Nigel Hayes (6’7/Jr.)- Toledo Whitmer
3. Caris Levert (6’4/Sr.)- Pickerington Central (Ohio University)
4. Andre Yates (6’1/Sr.)- Dayton Dunbar (Creighton)
5. Gary Akbar (6’5/Sr.)- Dayton Dunbar (Cleveland State)
6. Deontae Hawkins (6’7/Sr.)- Dayton Dunbar (Wichita State)
7. Joey Vuyancih (6’2/Sr.)- Mentor Lake Catholic
8. Danny Monteroso (6’3/Jr.)- St. Clairsville
9. Reggie McAdams (6’6/Sr.)- Elida (Akron)
10. Kevin Johnson (6’2/Jr.)- Cincinnati Summit Country Day
11. Dion McKinley (6’6/Sr.)- Portsmouth
12. Dylan Kaufman (6’4/Sr.)- Berlin Hiland (Findlay)
13. Seger Bonifant (6’7/Sr)- Berlin Hiland
14. Thayne Recker (6’4/Sr.)- Arlington
15. Andy Hoying (6’5/Sr.)- Jackson Center

Biggest Impact on the Tournament:
Division I: Myles Hamilton (Lakewood St. Edward)
Division II: Gary Akbar (Dayton Dunbar)
Division III: Kevin Johnson (Cincinnati Summit CD)
Division IV: Dylan Kaufman (Berlin Hiland)
Top Freshman to keep an eye on:
Kipper Nichols (6’5) – Lakewood St. Edward
Amos “AJ” Harris (5’9) – Dayton Dunbar
Noah Bramlage (6’6) – Ottawa-Glandorf
Gavin Wildermuth (6’0) – Jackson Center
Jaquan Harrison (6’3) – Columbus Africentric
Getting it done on defense:
12 of the 16 teams are holding their opponents to 50 points or fewer.
Leroy Alexander (Toledo Whitmer)
Jeff Woods (Fairfield)
Jae’Sean Tate (Pickerington Central)
Tim Stainbrook (Lakewood St. Edward)
Tayvonne Hunt (Dayton Dunbar)
Dakota Mathias (Elida)
Jerrid Marhefka (St. Clairsville)
Mike Whalen (Mentor Lake Catholic)
Holden Hertzel (Cincinnati Summit CD)
Damon Jones (Bedford Chanel)
Michael Rosebrock and TJ Metzger (Ottawa-Glandorf)
Wayne Evans (Portsmouth)
Neil Gingerich (Berlin Hiland)
Fuquan Tucker and Hossie Smith (Columbus Africentric)
Alex Meyer (Jackson Center)
Jake Leonard (Arlington)

Say What?
Thayne Recker of Arlington is a quadruplet! His sisters were all on the Arlington girls team that won the D-IV state title last week.



Division I:
Lakewood St. Edward over Toledo Whitmer and Pickerington Central over Fairfield
Championship: Lakewood St. Edward over Pickerington Central
Division II:
Dayton Dunbar over Mentor Lake Catholic and Elida vs. St. Clairsville (No Pick)
Championship: Dayton Dunbar over Elida or St. Clairsville
Division III:
Cincinnati Summit CD over Bedford Chanel and Portsmouth over Ottawa-Glandorf
Championship: Cincinnati Summit CD over Portsmouth
Division IV:
Berlin Hiland over Arlington and Columbus Africentric over Jackson Center
Championship: Berlin Hiland over Columbus Africentric



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