Moeller’s Jones content to play waiting game


Moeller linebacker Shane Jones

Moeller junior LB Shane Jones has offers from a host of big-time programs but not
Ohio State. How does the Buckeye State standout feel about that – doesd he care? – and his
recruitment in general? Who is his leader?

Arguably one of the best all-around linebackers in Ohio in the Class
of 2013, Shane Jones of Cincinnati Moeller is having a productive

a lot going on right now,” Jones said. “I picked up a lot of offers
since the beginning of February and I’ve been telling them all the same
thing, that I’m humbled that they offered me and I’ll come out and see
them when I can, maybe spring practice or for summer ball. But basically
that’s about it really.”

Another offseason priority? Recovering from injury.

“I’m actually rehabbing my left shoulder because I had labrum
surgery at the end of January,” Jones said. “It’s coming along slowly
but it is, to say the least, getting stronger every day and we’re just
going to keep working at it. I’m just working on mostly lower body,
stuff that’s going to keep my lower body strong so I’m not missing too
much when I’m finally able to come back and I’m not slowing down
everybody else, where I’m able to just hop in and get going with them.”

Jones played with the injured shoulder for most of last season.

“It actually happened during the early part of the season – I
want to say it was game four – I fell on it trying to dive and make a
play,” Jones said. “I actually found out that I tore it that week and I
just played through it the rest of the year. I had to wear a brace to
restrict me a lot.”

The injury certainly hasn’t kept the college recruiters away.
Jones has 13 offers: Cincinnati, Michigan, Nebraska, Minnesota, Arizona,
Kentucky, Akron, Oklahoma, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Kent
State and Michigan State.

Yes, there is a glaring omission: Ohio State. But could that
change? Recently hired Ohio State cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs was
recruiting Jones for Cincinnati until moving on to Columbus.

“I haven’t talked to [Coombs] but I know he’s at Ohio State now,”
Jones said. “I have a good relationship with him but I don’t know. I
don’t know what he’s going to say or if he is going to tell me to call
him or anything. So I guess I’ll just wait it out and see.”

Jones – who said Coombs “was recruiting me hard and I was one of
[Cincy’s] top guys” – has a pre-existing relationship with Ohio State.

“I actually went up to [Ohio State’s] junior day, the last one
that they had a few weeks ago, and I met all of the coaches then and I
thought they were all nice guys,” Jones said. “I actually met Coach
(Tim) Hinton last year when he was at Notre Dame so we kind of knew each
other coming into it so it was pretty cool with him. And then I met all
of the newer guys. So there was some pretty good vibes around the
place. I would be open to looking there because that’s a place where
they win and they compete, so we’ll have to see how I would feel there
around the guys and all of that stuff and the campus.”

Having Urban Meyer at OSU is certainly a good thing as far as Jones is concerned.

“He’s a great guy,” Jones said of Meyer. “The best thing I liked
about him is that he was really laid back when we met him. So he really
is a good guy. But Coach Hinton said he’d get back to me so we’ll see.
I’m just sitting back and watching everything that happens.”

Jones said he was always hoping to be a coveted recruit and
worked hard to attract this kind of attention from big-time programs.

“I’ve always wanted to be considered one of the top players in
the state, top players in the nation, and a heavily recruited kind of
guy,” Jones said. “But with all of this coming now I don’t know, I just
thought it would be all fun but now it’s kind of getting serious. I have
to start making decisions about what I want to do but also I want to
make sure I stay focused for next year. So there’s a lot going on and
I’m trying to handle it all.”

Not surprisingly Cincinnati was his first offer but he hasn’t established any favorites from among the group.

“I don’t have any favorites,” Jones said. “I decided before I
even got to this process that I didn’t want to do the favorite thing. So
I don’t have a top five or top 10 yet. I’m just going with the flow.”

But Jones is definitely happy with the list he’s compiled and isn’t waiting on or hoping for any others offers in particular.

“No I have no (other scholarship) wishes, I really don’t have any
more,” he said. “I really didn’t even have any that I really wanted
coming in. I was just open to every school and that’s how I’ll continue
to be.”

So there’s no real game plan in place for how the 6-foot-1,
215-pound outside linebacker with 4.7 speed will handle the rest of the

“I have no clear cut time frame,” said Jones, who sports a 3.4
GPA. “If I feel like I’m ready to commit before the season then I could
but if I’m not ready then I’ll probably wait until after. So I’m not too
sure. I’m still taking in everything right now.”

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