Moeller’s Madaris chooses MSU: ‘Couldn’t Pass Up This Opportunity’


Monty Madaris (Cincinnati, Ohio/Moeller)

Moeller senior wide receiver Monty Madaris
called Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio Saturday afternoon and
committed to the Spartans. The 6-foot-2, 197-pound prospect picked MSU
over Cincinnati. Here’s what he had to say…

Moeller senior wide receiver Monty Madaris
called Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio Saturday afternoon and
committed to the Spartans. The 6-foot-2, 197-pound prospect picked MSU
over Cincinnati.

National Signing Day coming up Wednesday, Madaris becomes the fourth
wide receiver to commit to the Spartans in the 2012 class. Spartan
Tailgate caught up with Madaris Sunday for an extensive interview with
the four-star wideout.

Spartan Tailgate:Why Michigan State?

Monty Madaris:
The coaching staff’s stability. I wanted to get away from Cincinnati
and get away from home. I wanted to be on my own. They’re in the Big Ten
and also their academics are great. Plus their graduation rate. They’re
losing their power receivers so that gave me a chance to come in as a
freshman and play right away. It’s just the Big Ten – I couldn’t pass up
on it.

ST: What was coach Dantonio’s reaction when you told him?

MM: He was excited. He told me that him and his coaches had been
waiting on my commit for a long time and that they can’t wait to get me
up there. He can’t wait to get me up there this summer to start school
and he’s ready to get this thing going.

ST: When did you call Dantonio?

MM: I called him Saturday around noon.

ST: How does it feel to be a Spartan?

MM: It feels great. It’s a big relief. I’m going somewhere that
has a great program. Michigan State is a great school and they’re a top
program in the Big Ten.

ST: When did you know MSU was the right fit?

MM: Friday night, actually. I got some time to be home by myself.
Then I got this feeling that this was where I wanted to go. I put it in
my head that I wanted to go there and I’m going to stick with it. I
really did just get this feeling that Michigan State is the place for
me. I needed to leave home and do something on my own. Just become a

ST: What do you think you need to do to play as a true freshman?

MM: That’s very important to me, to play as a freshman, but if I
don’t I’ll redshirt. Either way it’s a good thing. If I redshirt I’ll
get an extra year. One of my goals is to learn the offense, and if I
earn some playing time then that will be the best thing that’s happened
to me.

ST: What type of receiver would you describe yourself as?

MM: I can play either inside or outside. All the coaches know
that. I can actually run the ball too if they need me to do some of
that. I’m a combo of Keshawn Martin and a B.J. Cunningham.

ST: What’s your take on MSU’s 2012 recruiting class?

MM: It’s a great recruiting class. I hit it off with some of the
guys when I went up there on my unofficial two weeks ago. It’s a very
solid class.

ST: What do you bring to a team off the field?

MM: I’m a great friend and I’m a great teammate on and off the field. I’m very focused on my academics.

ST: How will MSU receivers coach Terry Samuel make you a better player?

MM: He told me I have a lot to learn. When I went up there on my
official and on my unofficial I got a chance to spend some one on one
time with him. Just sitting in a room with him he taught me a lot. We
went over one of my old highlight tapes of my senior year. He was
showing me some stuff I was doing wrong that I didn’t even know I was
doing wrong. I wish I would have known the stuff he taught me in 30
minutes before my senior season, so I know I have a lot more to learn.
Overall, coach Samuel is a great guy.

ST: What current MSU players have reached out to you during the recruiting process?

MM: Marcus Rush has talked to me. I haven’t got a chance to talk with Greg Jones yet, but Marcus really reached out to me when I went up on both my official and unofficial visits.

ST: What did Marcus tell you about MSU?

MM: That you won’t find any other place in the country like
Michigan State. Everyone at Michigan State is together. Everyone there
is a great teammate and you won’t find any selfish people there. It’s
just a family.

ST: Did seeing Greg Jones make it to the NFL influence your decision at all?

MM: Of course it did. It’s always been my dream to go to the NFL. I saw Greg Jones do that. There’s a Moeller pipeline going to Michigan State. Greg Jones, Marcus Rush and now me. There has been a lot of success from Moeller guys at Michigan State.

ST: Describe the moment when you knew you were ready to commit to MSU.

MM: I was just sitting at home and I was on my laptop. I was
going over what I liked and disliked with the two schools. I just
thought to myself that I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity. So
Idecided to call coach Dantonio and commit on Saturday. I just knew I
was ready to commit then. I knew I just couldn’t pass up this
opportunity at Michigan State.

ST: What put MSU over the top?

MM: I wanted to leave home. Michigan State’s coaching stability, I
know all the coaches are going to be there and I know coach Dantonio’s
not going to be leaving. He told me that. Coach Dantonio is going to be
there for my four or my five years I’m going to be there.

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