‘Seeing myself on that field playing against Michigan…I can see myself doing it’


Austintown Fitch 2013 prospect Billy Price

Billy Price is a special player. And his offer list shows that. A junior lineman at Austintown-Fitch High School, Price has been offered scholarships by Ohio State, Notre Dame, UCLA, Tennessee and SMU. His high school football career is only HALF over.

Already one of the top gridiron prospects of the Class of 2013 in
Ohio, Billy
of Austintown Fitch High School is starting to make a name for
himself in track and field as well.

Billy Price

Price qualified for the
state meet in the discus this past season as a sophomore and he’s
looking to improve on his 11th-place finish in the years to come. Such
an accomplishment wasn’t even on his agenda, really, when track season
got underway.

“About midway-season when my coach told me that I actually have a
chance to make it out of the region and make it down to state, that was
all I could think about,” Price said. “Just throwing consistently and
practicing hard so I could get down there and experience the state track
meet, once coach told me I had a chance, I was full throttle going for

It obviously was a great learning experience for Price,
regardless of the outcome.

“I went down Thursday and I saw the Friday meet and then being in
that kind of competition (on Saturday) is just overwhelming. It’s just
wow, oh my God. These are some of the top athletes in the state,” Price
said. “Running is more of a natural thing and disc is more of a
learned-how-to-do-it thing. It’s a technique, it’s an art form. So being
down there with A.J. Hicks, Chris Wormley,
Michael Bennett from Centerville, the other guy (Benny McGowan),
all these guys, they sort of mastered the art of throwing.

“So being in that environment you absorb so much of how different
people finish, how different people throw, how different people start.
Seeing all of that was a learning experience for sure.”

To say he was inspired by what he experienced just might be an
understatement. Taking on the shot put with the same type of vigor is
next on his agenda.

“I definitely want to learn how to throw the shot better,” Price
said. “The shot was my thing last year (as a freshman), I was dirt in
the disc last year. But being in my second year, everything just changed
and stuff. So I definitely want to get down there for shot. I have not
learned how to fully spin, I’ve messed with it here and there, but
that’s just one more thing. You’ve got to learn to be a dual threat, go
down for two events I think that would be pretty cool.

“So definitely next year I want to make it down for disc
obviously again and get there for the shot too. So I’m definitely going
to learn next year how to throw the shot put.”

Price finished 11th in the shot put at the state
track meet in June.

It’s certainly been a fantastic
sophomore campaign overall for Price, who was verbally offered a
scholarship to Ohio State this past season as well.

“It’s definitely something where it’s like, ‘Don’t be satisfied.
Get hungry.’ I’m hungry for more,” Price said. “I want those other
offers. I want Alabama, Michigan State, Michigan and all these other
places to keep my options open. But it’s definitely boosted my
confidence. Having the honor to be offered by Notre Dame and Ohio State
and some of the other top programs around the country, it’s definitely a
confidence booster but you’ve got to stay humble.”

However the journey, just to be in this position, hasn’t
necessarily been an easy one for Price.

“Working out on Sunday morning when no one else is doing anything
or doing extra sprints and what not when everyone is playing video
games, that kind of stuff, it’s finally paid off,” Price said. “And this
is just the beginning. My recruiting process has just started. It’s a
lot of fun.”

In addition to his Ohio State offer, Price recently was offered
by UCLA, Notre Dame, Tennessee and SMU.

“It’s awesome. It’s an honor being offered from the University of
Tennessee, being offered by Southern Methodist, UCLA, Ohio State and
everything,” Price said. “It’s humbling. At that moment it’s an
accomplishment and then you move on. But you get that happy high and
it’s a great experience. It’s definitely a humbling experience.”

Ohio State was his first offer.

“They were like my first taste. I was down at the campus a lot
during the spring and summer for training camp when I was down there,
being down there for state, you get to see all kinds of different
facilities and stuff,” said Price, who attended the OSU-Michigan game
last year. “They were like my first taste of the recruiting process. So
they have a little bit of an advantage.”

From what he’s seen of OSU thus far, he wants to see even more.

“It gets me a little hungry. You want to come down for more. You
want to see what else they got,” Price said. “You want to see how the
college kids interact. You want to see the dorms and the weight room,
that kind of stuff. It’s more like, it’s gets you a little hungry to go
back for more.”

The whole Jim
situation, although somewhat of a disappointment for Price
because of Tressel’s roots to the Youngstown area, did little to change
his overall feeling about his own situation.

“Ohio State is Ohio State — c’mon now,” Price said. “But with
him, when I talked to him he said ‘I’m a Youngstown guy and I got a
special place and what not.’ You can see the sincerity because he’s been
around this area, he knows what goes on, he knows how the people are
and what the city is about and everything. So losing him is
disappointing. I wanted to play for him. But it is what it is. He’s a
great guy and I wanted to play for him.”

Unfortunately, Price hasn’t spoken to new coach Luke Fickell or
anyone else on the staff for that matter since Tressel’s retirement.

“No, I haven’t talked to anybody actually,” Price said. “I don’t
know. I got offered by Jim Tressel himself
so does my offer have to be renewed for me to still (have it)?”

Being such a highly-regarded recruit not only in the state but on
a national level as well, one would only assume the offer is still
valid. Price is a consensus
top-five 2013 recruit in Ohio
. His offers reflect somewhat of a
national flavor already with only five offers.

“It’s pretty special. It’s in the back of mind and it’s cool and
stuff,” Price said. “But it’s kind of a respect thing now but I don’t
take it as I’m better than any other teammate of mine. It’s an honor,
it’s nice to be recognized as that but it doesn’t consume my life. It is
what it is.”

If all goes as planned for now, Price would like to eventually
commit to a school sometime during his senior campaign.

“I would like to say during. I don’t think I’m going to commit
like going to a camp and get offered by a school and be like, ‘OK, I
want to commit now.’ It’s not going to be like that,” Price said. “It’ll
probably be during the school year when I go and see some more places, I
want to go to certain places and see the academics and see the weight
room, be in the environment and stuff. So probably in my senior year
I’ll commit.”

He didn’t camp at Ohio State this summer but, then again, Price
didn’t do hardly any camping at all.

“I didn’t make it down there because of the fact I was more
gung-ho on track and then I’ve been working out with some people,” Price
said. “I went to Kent State’s though. I went to a simple camp to have
some fun. Just to throw on the old football cleats. It was fun. I did
real well there. I won every time I did my one-on-one’s. So that’s all
I’ve been doing all summer, just getting ready for football this

Just 16 years old, Price dreams are about as big as his 6-4,
286-pound frame at this young time in his life.

“Academics are important and I want my degree. I want to have a
respectable degree and pursue whatever career I choose later in life,”
Price said. “I want to go to a school that has the academics I’m looking
for plus the great football program. It’s more of that. I’m more
worried about stuff that’s going on in my family and relationships with
friends and people compared to just thinking about my future. I’m not
thinking entirely about three years from now, I’m thinking more of at
the moment.”

But football is definitely in the back of his mind at all times.

“Shame on me, but when I go to Church I daydream,” Price said. “I
think about playing in Ohio State colors or Tennessee colors. You name
it, I think about it. That’s just how I am.”

Ohio State certainly has a special place in his heart as Price
begins to go through the recruiting process.

“I’m optimistic. I look at the positive side of things. I could
very well see myself in scarlet and gray, seeing myself on that field
playing against Michigan in one of the greatest college football
rivalries that there is,” Price said. “I can see myself doing it, I
honestly can. But time will tell. Time is going to sort everything out
and help me figure out what my best school will be. In due time,
everything will sort itself out.”

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