Stock Rising: ‘Never look tired, always be first, be aggressive, talk to the coaches and have fun’


Solon OL Austin Stock will take JJHuddle readers through the recruiting process this spring, summer and fall.

Today Solon offensive lineman Austin Stock continues to take us
on his recruiting ride: “Four camps down, and unfortunately only two to go… It has been an unbelievable learning and competitive experience for me.”

Four camps down, and unfortunately only two to go… It has been an unbelievable learning and competitive experience for me. I have met a lot of coaches and many other outstanding players from around the country throughout these camps. I not only learned about the different colleges I went to during these camps, but also the different ways to show coaches what they might not see on my DVD.
The Ohio State University was my first stop on June 12th. I was not there alone, but I was there with my friends and teammates Nate Hoff (DT) and Vince Hill (DL/LB). I met up with some other Solon teammates too (WR Cory Stuart and QB Patrick Krammer). Not knowing how this camp would be run was making me anxious yet excited, and as soon as we got past the timed drills and went to position drills I felt great! They ran run blocking drills, pass blocking drills, and some other footwork and handwork drills. Then after we watched film and had lunch we began the competitions. This was where we did our one-on-one and I destroyed the people across from me. The biggest part you can try and do as a recruit is to try and show how aggressive you are as well as some of your speed and foot and hand technique skills.

There were about 25-30 coaches there from all around the Midwest (mostly Ohio), and what I did after the camp was to go up to the ones I knew and some other that I didn’t and talk to them and ask them for their information so we could keep in touch. As a recruit you have to take the initiative yourself and show who you are and show the interest in their college or university, I’m not saying to kiss up to them but you can try and talk to them at any and all points of their availability.

The next camp I went to was Boston College (6/18-6/21). This was a four day camp and had not as many other coaches from different colleges from the New England area, but there were still about 15-20 coaches from other schools there. It was in the same format as the Ohio State camp however the process of drills and competition was spread among the four days that I was there for. This camp was very good for seniors because they had an hour long session in which the seniors got to talk to all of the other coaches at this camp, receive their information and ask them any questions about their school. I got to talk to many Ivy and Patriot League coaches.

The third camp teammate Ryan Schwenke (DB/SS/LB) and I attended was Penn State (6/24-6/25) where I saw the best competition so far. The drills were the same and it was a two day camp; however, the one-on-ones were great because there were kids that had offers from around the country and others who were committed to Penn State. The coaches were very technical about technique and it was a good camp.

The last camp I went to in June was the Harvard camp with Ryan. This camp was very similar to the Boston College camp. The first day we went early for the senior tour where we not only saw the football and athletic side of Harvard but the academic and social environment too. After our lunch we did our forty times and shuttle run. When we started doing the drills there were one-on-ones here and I did do very well in those as well. The next day we did have to leave early but I still got both of my practices in and talked to the Harvard coaches. This camp didn’t have many other colleges there but it did have a few.

The things I learned from these camps were: Never look tired, always be first, be aggressive, talk to the coaches (you have the stage and their undivided attention to show them your all) and have fun. Try your hardest! This is your first impression and you want them to remember you for the right reasons.

Unfortunately because of my summer full time job I won’t be able to attend any other camps.

Until my last two camps are over with I will continue to work out six days a week and work on getting even stronger and faster! I am still working out with my teammates, my trainer Jason Davidson (speed and agility), and continue working even more with LeCharles Bentley (o-line academy). All of them ahve taught me so much about the game!

I cannot wait for the season to get started!!

Note: Over the summer Stock has earned several recognitions. In addition to being named one of JJHuddle’s Top Senior Offensive Lineman, Stock has also been recognized by ESPN (Top 13 Center in the country), Scout (Top 22 Center in the country) and Ohio Rivals (Top 20 Ohio Linemen). His next blog will be at the end of July right before two-a-days start up.

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