Ohio HS Insider: Kenton-Coldwater making ESPN ‘doesn’t look good’


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What’s on the wall this week? How about ESPN blowing it. Apparently the Worldwide Leader in Sports is looking for a “bigger” game than the Widlcats and Cavaliers…huh?

Today we continue a new feature on JJHuddle called the Ohio HS
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*Kenton-Coldwater Update…There’s still no decision on Week 1’s Coldwater-Kenton game airing on ESPN Aug. 28, but Coldwater AD Eric Goodwin said: “I was told it doesn’t look good for us having the game.”  Goodwin said ESPN hopes to have its HS Football schedule done by the end of this week and it’s doubtful the Cavaliers and Wildcats will make the cut. And that’s too bad. So what went wrong? Despite ESPN’s ad agency actually nudging it to carry this game, the Network Giant will apparently decline. It wants bigger schools in bigger markets.

It’s our belief ESPN should have taken a chance on this match-up. Why not? As one insider said, “I have told them they haven’t seen anything like this game. This game would feature over 100 pass attempts, both teams run true spread offenses and there would be tons of scoring.”


Goodwin pointed out that in 2002, Ben Mauk (Kenton) and Kevin Hoyng (Coldwater) combined to throw 112 passes in one of the series’ first games.

Current Kenton senior quarterback Maty Mauk adds national legitimacy to the ticket with his very real chase of brother Ben’s national passing records. He will also have likely committed to Michigan, Notre Dame, Missouri or possibly Ohio State by then as well.

“This game would be something totally different than people are used to seeing if you haven’t seen one of them,” Goodwin said. “Two teams that not only run the spread,
but have perfected it.”

“To have this game on ESPN and showcase what I think is high school football at its best would be the thing to do,” Kenton head coach Mike Mauk said. “But at this time it’s out of our hands. I think they are going to know soon. I hope to know before July but both of us are willing to wait.”

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