Marlington’s Thomas talks offers


Marlington junior RB Dymonte Thomas

The scholarship offers continue to roll in for Marlington’s Dymonte
, one of the most talented two-way players in Ohio’s Class of 2013. “I got an offer a
couple of days ago from Iowa. That’s my ninth offer right now,” Thomas
said. “I have Michigan, Michigan State, West Virginia, Pitt, UCLA,
Tennessee, Illinois, Louisville and Iowa.” Ohio State…?

The verbal scholarship offers continue to roll in for Alliance
Marlington’s Dymonte
, one of the most talented two-way athletes in Ohio from the
class of 2013.

“I got an offer a
couple of days ago from Iowa. That’s my ninth offer right now,” Thomas
said. “I have Michigan, Michigan State, West Virginia, Pitt, UCLA,
Tennessee, Illinois, Louisville and Iowa.”

Unfortunately, Thomas has been in rehab mode recently for a
nagging right knee injury that he’s had since football season.

“I just got surgery done on my knee cap, I had fatty tissue
wrapped around my knee, so I’ve just been going to therapy, getting it
ready for football season,” Thomas said. “It was hurting me during the
season but I had to play through it. Then after the season I told my dad
how bad it was hurting and stuff so we decided to get it done two
months before two-a-days.”

He’s still able to get a solid workout in — albeit a limited one
to some degree.

“I still work out. I do all of my upper body stuff,” Thomas said.
“And right now in therapy I do a little bit of leg work but not too

Unfortunately, Thomas won’t be able to attend any of the camp
dates in June at Ohio State or anywhere else because of the injury.

“I don’t think my knee will be ready to (go to any camps),”
Thomas said. “I think there was another 7-on-7 camp I was supposed to be
going to go to but I can’t do any of that now.”

However, Thomas is still very much interested in Ohio State
despite the recent troubles the program has been going through.

“No one has tried to contact me after (Jim Tressel
resigned),” Thomas said. “It looks like they’re in a lot of trouble and
they might get stripped of their bowl games, but if they don’t get
stripped of their bowl games I wouldn’t mind going there. But then if
they do then I don’t know, I would probably have to look for a school
that I can go to a bowl game. I would like to win a championship ring.”

Despite some rumors to the contrary, Thomas is and still remains a
Buckeye fan, although he like Michigan a lot as well.

“I love Ohio State. If you’re a kid from Ohio you always got to
love Ohio State,” Thomas said. “Honestly, I like Michigan a lot too
because they look pretty nice too but those are the two schools I really

Michigan State is another school that Thomas would like to check
out some more as well.

“Michigan State was pretty nice too and (teammate) Zach (Higgins)
got offered from there and committed. It would be nice playing with
Zach again so I’m not really 100 percent sure where I’m sitting at right
now,” Thomas said. “I really like Michigan and Ohio State is a pretty
good school too and all of the other schools are pretty good that have
offered me. But I still like to go around and visit campuses more and
get to know the coaches and everything and see where I’ll fit in the
best at.”

Thomas remembers the initial shock he felt on Memorial day when
he first heard the news about Jim Tressel’s

“I was watching ESPN like I do every morning, I was sitting down
in my boxers and eating some fruity pebbles,” Thomas said. “And when it
came on I was really shocked about everything.”

But Thomas never had a personal relationship with Tressel up to
that point.

“I really never had any (relationship with Tressel),” Thomas
said. “I met him once when I went down to a game there (against Purdue)
and that was it, I never talked to him.”

And it’s been quiet from Ohio State since the transition at the

Jim Tressel’s
brother was in contact with me before that time but then I never heard
from him again,” Thomas said. “I haven’t heard anything from Ohio State

It’s apparently not a major deal breaker for Thomas at this time.

“It doesn’t really matter to me right now. I still have a lot of
offers so I can’t be greedy if they don’t offer me,” he said. “I still
have some really pretty good D-I offers so I really won’t complain if
they don’t offer me.”

Overall, his feelings toward Ohio State haven’t changed because
of the Tressel departure.

“Nothing has really changed, Ohio State is a pretty good school
and everything,” Thomas said. “The fact is I kind of feel bad for them
because they got in trouble and got caught for everything they did. But
at the same time it’s good that people see this so other athletes like
myself know what to do and what not to do when you go to the college
level, and what kind of effects you can cause your team. So it’s a bad
thing and it’s a good thing at the same time.”

So if Luke
and Ohio State still came a calling, Thomas would indeed
have a welcome ear.

“Sure I wouldn’t mind getting an offer from them down the road
because I’ve heard their education is pretty good too,” Thomas said. “So
if they’d offer I’d be happy and everything.”

But if he had to pick a favorite school as of today based on the
offers he currently has?

“So far as it stands, I only visited three schools so far so I
really don’t know which one is my favorite,” Thomas said. “But so far I
really like Michigan. They’re pretty good education-wise and their
stadium was phenomenal, it was really nice and big, I liked their
coaching staff and Coach (Greg) Mattison, and they treated their players

“But at the same time at Michigan State, they didn’t really get
to show me everything because they had a kicking camp going on before
their spring game, their stadium was pretty nice and everything and
their education is pretty good too. They said they’d show me more when I
come down to visit again. I guess I have to wait till I visit every
college though.”

So Thomas is basically wide open as far as the recruiting process
is concerned at this time.

“I probably won’t really get serious in slimming down my three
main choices until the middle of my season, he said. “And then I plan on
trying to commit somewhere after my junior year in case anything
(injury) happened to me.”

And at 6-1 and 180 pounds, Thomas is also open to playing on
either side of the ball at whatever school he eventually opts for.

“I just want to see the field, anywhere is fine with me I really
don’t mind,” said Thomas who thinks he’s more of a safety on defense
than a corner. “I like defense but at the same time I like scoring the
ball. I just like to play and have some fun out there.”

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