Fitch’s Price picks up Ohio State offer


Austintown Fitch 2013 prospect Billy Price

It might not have been
expected quite so soon but it happened nonetheless. Sophomore two-way

lineman Billy Price from Fitch High School was offered a scholarship by
Ohio State today. And Price was certainly a proud recipient!

It might not have been
expected quite so soon but it happened nonetheless.

Sophomore two-way
lineman Billy Price from Fitch High School was offered a scholarship by
Ohio State today. And Price was certainly a proud recipient!

“First off I’m extremely honored to be recognized and put in a
position to be going to Ohio State so that’s the huge part,” said Price
after track practice today for the upcoming regional meet on Wednesday.
“But I still got a long way to go. Yes it’s a huge honor, I mean an
absolute huge honor and I thank Ohio State for that. But I still have a
long way to go. I still have a ton of things to learn. I’m not there

“So it’s motivation. It’s more work. It’s what I could have if
and only if my grades stay where they’re at and my athletic ability
continues to improve and I continue to stay mentally focused on each
day. I need to stay mentally focused on what I’m doing today and what
I’m doing tomorrow and not go too far into the future.”

Price (6-4, 270) really had no indication this verbal offer might
be coming so soon after attending the Nike Camp at Ohio State on

“Columbus was fine. Ohio State has beautiful facilities and the
camp was fun. I learned a lot,” said Price, who was recently ranked
second on Bill Kurelic’s early list of 2013 prospects. “I played on the
offensive side of the ball this time. I enjoyed it. The coaches down
there did a real nice job.

There’s still things I have to improve on, definitely my footwork
and stuff. But indication-wise, no. I didn’t see Jim Tressel. I
didn’t see Nick

Until the camp was over that is.

“After camp was done, Nick Siciliano
pulled me aside and wanted to know who I was here with. I told him my
parents and my parents met him while I got my goodie bag (from Nike),”
Price said. “Then he asked if I had a minute to talk to the big guy,
Coach Tressel. So we met him and talked to him. We had a 15-minute

They were all together in Tressel’s office.

“It was a huge deal. I was stoked right from there, wow! I was
like ‘Whoa, who else is going to be in here?’ This is huge,” Price said.
“In there we talked and he told me if I continue to stay on the right
track and keep my grades up and stay mentally focused, then in the
future they’d like to offer.”

Little did he really know at the time he’d have an offer extended
two days later.

“I was track lifting and Coach Annarella heard me talking and he
came into the door of the weight room and pulled me aside and
congratulated me,”

Price said. “He said it’s a huge honor but it doesn’t mean anything
right now. We have to focus on our season and take it day by day. I have
to finish up track, go down to state, possibly, and do my thing there,
and get ready for the season, stay mentally focused and work hard each
and every day.”

But it truly means a great deal to Price.

“I love Columbus. This is like a dream come true right now. I’m
still on a high,” Price said. “This is amazing. I didn’t think, this
early, that I’d be in this position. I’m still in shock and I’m
extremely honored to be put in a position like this.”

He even went one step further and said there definitely could be a
place for Ohio State in his future.

“It’s definitely a possibility in my future for sure. It’s not
too far from home, my parents could still come to the game. It’s huge.
It’s amazing. This is what ever Ohio kid wants to do. You grow up in
Ohio and you know about the Ohio State Buckeyes. This is awesome. I
definitely would like to see myself in an Ohio State uniform. This is
what every kid dreams of.”

But he’s still not likely to rush to any snap judgment.

“I’ve talked to my parents about this and I’m not going to commit
until I have to,” Price said. “I want to make sure all options are on
the table.

I want to make sure I go where it’s going to be best for me
academically and athletically too. I want to enjoy the whole process. As
the season creeps along I want to meet more coaches and different
individuals. It’s one of those enjoy it while you can moments.”

However, Ohio State certainly has its special place at the very
least at the moment anyway.

“Yeah Ohio State is number one right now, they’re the only school
that has somewhat offered me,” Price said. “Ohio State is definitely in
my top five schools and it’s the school, before any offers or anything,
that I’ve wanted to go to. So I don’t know. We’ll see.”

But you can’t blame Price if his mind might be preoccupied at
this time.

On Wednesday he’ll compete in the discus in the Fitch regional for a
chance to make it to the state meet.

“With all due respect to Ohio State, getting to state for disc is
more important to me right now,” Price said. “Getting their offer is a
huge thing, it definitely brightened my day. But right now it’s in the
back of my mind due to the fact that I have to worry about getting out
of regionals for disc this week. I have to stay focused on my sport
right now, and that’s track, and then, at the end of the day when track
is done, football is on. So then that’s when I’ll worry about Ohio
State’s offer, football in general, beating Harding this year, etc.,

At the district meet at his home turf in Austintown last
Wednesday, Price threw 176-0 to win the championship. And now Price is
trying to not only make it to the state meet, as difficult a task as it
may be, he’s trying to win the regional.

“If I keep throwing like I have in May, then I’ll make it down to

Price said. “My first goal is to qualify so popping out what I did
last week should qualify, at least I hope it does, and then winning is
always great. So if I can be the district champ and then regional champ
it would be awesome.”

But that being said, Price will definitely sleep good tonight
knowing that he has an offer from Ohio State already tucked away under
the covers with him.

“I’m ecstatic. I’m still on a high. This is awesome,” Price said.
“When I go to bed tonight I’ll probably be thinking about tomorrow’s
day, I got a Spanish project due tomorrow, homework due tomorrow, an
English thing due this week, so it’s on the back burner. It’s still very
important but I got to worry about tomorrow’s day at school first.”

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