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What’s on the wall this week? How about: ‘I’ll be damned,’ ‘Part of learning is getting beat,’ participation not required, Coach Speak, driving 202 miles for a playoff game and is it time to part ways with Tressel? All that and more inside the

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*What Our Pollsters Said About Competitive Balance…Last week in preparation for the announced result of the OHSAA’s Competitive Balance Proposal, which was delivered yesterday (voted down 332-303), we polled a group of over 50 statewide administrators and coaches to see how they voted and why. We got astonishing results. As we’ve reported before, we did not get a single YES vote. We’ve taken some heat in the last couple weeks for running articles that have no representation from schools that supported the proposal. Truth is we never found ONE. Apparently there were plenty out there. Schools out there that voted yes and want to tell every one why please email me and let me know. I’d love to hear your responses.

That being said, here are some responses we got from our poll, which leaned unanimously “No”:

– We voted against the competitive balance.  We feel like a state championship should be a state championship – not a subdivision. 

– In my personal opinion, the whole concept doesn’t match what we should be teaching kids through high school sports. They say too high of a percentage of state titles are won by private schools. I don’t see how or why this matters. It tells me they are basing the success of these schools on state titles. I think we should be teaching kids that success is based on your potential and is defined by each individual team, not someone else. If you have the potential to win a state title and don’t, then that’s not success. But if your potential is to win 12 games, and you win 13, then to me that is success. 

– I am completely against it.  Everyone I have talked to voted against

– Don’t get me wrong, we’ll do everything we can to win state titles because that should be the goal for every team, every year.  But I’ll be damned if I want it watered down and to have an asterisk beside it when we do – I want it to be against the best.

– This proposal will give OHSAA complete control of changing the
system whenever they feel fit. I really see no positive of this.
– It is a ridiculous proposal that punishes schools, coaches and players for being successful. The successful programs are the ones that have hard working and disciplined players. Why punish kids for working hard and being successful?

– I would be surprised if you do (find someone who has voted for it). I have not found anyone myself. 

– If the schools are the same size based on the OHSAA breakdowns, then
we have to do the best we can to prepare our kids to compete at that
level – not look for angles or excuses why they can’t. 

– I can see both sides and would like to see a change…but I think there are too many unanswered variables that people are having a TOUGH time working out. Not enough change for people that are adamant about a CHANGE on the current system (public schools). Too much CHANGE for people that like the current system (private/open enrollment schools). And that doesn’t even include the Schools that feel the D-I issue is the primary concern right now.

– I voted No as our league does not support the current proposal given the language within the proposal and it doesn’t address the disparity in D-I.

– I am pretty sure our principal voted no. Mainly because it really does not do anything to deal with the D-I schools.

– We voted against the proposal. There were several reasons, but the biggest reason was that we felt as though being successful was being penalized with this proposal.

I’m not surprised at all (that you haven’t found a yes vote).  Anyone that any of the AD’s in our leagues spoke with said they were going to vote against it AND that they would vote against separate tournaments as well.

– Our school voted no on this issue. I believe this proposal, if passed, would be a detriment to high school sports.

– We strive to do our best, however a part of learning is getting beat. I believe we compete in all sports at a high level and should not be punished for our success or given a hand out when we struggle, this is a part of life.

– Dr. Ross stated the reason this committee was formed was to look at the Public vs. Nonpublic issue, and this proposal does not address this at all. Simply put, the best teams should win. If you have the best teams year in and year out, you should win year in and year out.

– Although I disagree with both the socioeconomic factor, the tradition factor is the one that makes this proposal horrible for the schools in the state of Ohio.

– I think most schools will vote no because this includes some many different things.  Free and reduced lunches, winning traditions, etc.
– Against it, because I do not think it will change much. I also don’t think you should be penalized for success, especially in small towns.

– Voted NO. Just a Band-Aid to the problem.

– It doesn’t really address the real problem of private school advantage in being able to draw anyone from a very large area.  My complaint with public vs. private has always been this.

– I hope the vote was no! Hopefully, one group won’t be able to ruin it because they are afraid of competition.

*Participation Not Required?…Apparently schools DON’T have to partake in OHSAA referendum voting. What? Why isn’t that required? It should be. That being said, it is amazing that 183 schools DID NOT VOTE!!!

I can’t see 183 districts in Ohio simply ignoring this proposal and not coming to a conclusion on how they were going to vote as an administration. Makes one wonder how many athletic directors out there right now are wondering themselves how their principal really voted and if he did at all.

*Coaches Office Forum Update…This week we launched the Coaches Office forum on JJHuddle, which is a revolutionary way to let Ohio football coaches interact with each other and the public. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Some key observations of the short run thus far:

– Not everyone in favor of Spring Football: A poll running on the Coaches Forum dedicated to whether or not Ohio needs spring football in some capacity is showing a small lean towards “yes.” Thus far 52-percent of voters have voted in favor of spring ball, while 42-percent have voted against it. 1-percent “doesn’t care.”

What else is going on in the Coaches Office? Here are some threads…see what the coaches think.

Is it time to part ways with Tressel?
Does every student athlete need to get in game?
Home field advantage?
Does playing the game mean you can also coach the game? 
Texas high school football better than Ohio’s?
All that and more at the Coaches Office.

*Long Drive Contest?…Most of you know by now that the new football regions for 2011 and 2012 were released last week. I always like looking over the maps and finding that one that just screams: What?! Why would they do that? This time there isn’t a clear winner but lets start in Division II.

I grew up in Bellbrook, went to college in Ashland, have a friend in Wooster, vacation near Logan and have been to West Virginia, which is where Marietta is. I know the drive times and for all five of those schools to be in the same region (Region 7) is ridiculous. Flat out.

Should Bellbrook play at Marietta in the first round of the playoffs, the Eagles will have to drive 196 miles one way across three-fourths of the state and spend over six hours in a bus round trip. Should Bellbrook play at Wooster the trip will be basically the same. What kind of reward is that for making the playoffs? That’s a punishment, especially in a time when fuel prices are where they are.

Simply taking a look at the D-II map and you can see a simple solution. Move Bellbrook and New Carlisle Tecumseh into Region 8 where they should be. Move Marion Harding into Region 6 and move New Philadelphia into Region 7. That would give you 29, 28, 31 and 31 teams in regions 5,6,7 and 8, respectively. Three teams too big of a difference between regions? D-IV has that discrepancy as it is.

And speaking of D-IV, check out Region 14. You could potentially have three Clark County schools (Springfield Northwestern, Springfield Northeastern and Greenon) playing at one of the four schools from Lorain County (Clearview, Keystone, Wellington and Elyria Catholic). Springfield to Lorain? 169 miles one way.

*And The “Winner” Is…So who potentially has the farthest playoff drive should the match-up materialize? The winner as far as we could tell would come in D-V Region 19 where Ashland Crestview and Coal Grove Dawson Bryant could meet. Those two schools are separated by 202 miles. That’s almost a four-hour drive – one way. Remind me again why they are in the same region?

Here’s some other head-scratchers:

– Division V Region 17: A potential match-up between Kirtland (Lake County) and Belpre (Washington County), which are separated by 187 miles. Lake County touches Lake Erie. Washington County touches the Ohio River and West Virginia.

– Division VI Region 23: A potential match-up between Mapleton (Ashland County) and Willow Wood Symmes Valley (Lawrence County), which are separated by 198 miles.

– Division III Region 12: A potential match-up between Eaton (Preble County) and Athens (Athens County), which are separated by 170 miles. The intrigue here is that Preble County borders Indiana. Athens County borders West Virginia.

*Heading SouthWant some hoops news? Here it is. Sources have said that Wilmington High School freshman Zach McCormick, who led the Hurricane in scoring this past year (16.7 points), in transferring to Dixie Heights High School in Kentucky. McCormick is a 6-foot-1 guard who scored a season-high 32 points in a win over Blanchester.

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