Hoban’s McMullen doesn’t list Buckeyes as his leader…who is?


Akron Hoban’s Greg McMullen

Akron Hoban junior DE Greg McMullen, regarded as one of the state’s top 10 2012 prospects, doesn’t have Ohio State listed as his No. 1 school despite holding an offer from the Buckeyes. So who heads the list? Another Big Ten school. Is it Michigan?

Defensive end prospect Greg McMullen said the Huskers are his No. 1
team because he had a great trip out to the spring game and is still
impressed by the academic support in Lincoln. The 6-5, 255-pounder said
football, weight training, learning the playbook, and getting better on
the field will take care of itself at Nebraska.

(James Dopson) and coach JP (John Papuchis) will handle all of that,”
McMullen said.

But what McMullen said most intrigues him about Nebraska is all
of the academic support he’ll receive to make sure he’s on the right
track off the field. Papuchis is on the schedule to visit McMullen at
Archbishop Hoban on Wednesday, according to McMullen.

“I keep in close contact with Nebraska,” McMullen said. “I talk
with coach JP a lot. I keep a close relationship with him and am always
in some kind of contact with him.”

While the 6-5, 255-pounder from Archbishop Hoban High School in
Akron, Ohio, says his recruitment has slowed down in recent weeks, his
impression of the Buckeyes has soured from watching news reports of
allegations and controversy at Ohio State. McMullen has had Nebraska,
Notre Dame and Ohio State in his top three for awhile now, but now says
that it’s the Huskers, Irish and Buckeyes in that order “with all the
problems they’re having their now” in Columbus.

One of McMullen’s major concerns is committing to a program that
might have the right to play in bowl games taking away from it by the
time he arrives.

“It’s almost like a big punishment for the later guys that come
in, which includes me if I were to go there,” McMullen said. “They don’t
care about the sanctions because they already got their Rose Bowl or
BCS bowl game, but for me it would be like I wouldn’t even be able to
get one because of you going and screwing around.”

McMullen also expressed concerns about the integrity of the
Buckeye coaching staff.

“How can you sell yourself to a kid that you’re honest and
trustworthy when there are allegations that have been brought up like
this?” McMullen said.

McMullen added, however, that Ohio State is still high on his
list because of the other things he liked about the program before news
about potential NCAA violations broke.

McMullen is ranked as the 140th overall player in the country, ninth
at his position, and received a rating of 95 from 247sports. He also
has offers from Michigan State, Purdue, Cincinnati — and most recently,
N.C State, Syracuse and Pittsburgh.

He said that other than his top three schools, he’s most looking
forward to visiting Miami and USC this summer. His first visit this
summer is planned for the second week June, but he’s not sure which
school he’ll be traveling to yet.

“I know for sure, by the second week of June, I’ll be going
somewhere,” McMullen said. “I don’t know where yet, but I’ll be going

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