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What’s on the wall this week? How about: Majority doesn’t matter, Ohio’s Mount Rushmore, Change or Fame, Ohio’s small school public state champion, the end of the Herbstreit Classic and the best running back in Northeast Ohio. All that and more inside the Insider…

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JJHuddle’s Ohio HS Insider

*Majority Doesn’t Matter…At this time next week we should know whether or not the OHSAA’s recent Competitive Balance Proposal passed or failed. Votes are due May 16 by 5 p.m. to the OHSAA. That being said, lets take another look at the need for this. Several news sources, associations and school administrators will have you believe that the issue of Competitive Balance was something that an overwhelming number of schools in Ohio had issues with. The numbers disagree.

Of the 800-plus OHSAA member schools that were sent the initial survey from the Wayne County superintendents group, only 319 schools even took the time to fill out the survey and send it back. Of that 319, just 67.3-percent (or 215 schools) said they saw an imbalance. Do the math. Of the OHSAA’s 800-plus schools, only 26-percent sided with change. The truth is, 74-percent of the state’s schools didn’t think anything needed to be done or that the original Wayne County survey even warranted a response.

Yet here we are…

*Say What? More CBP Talk…A week after JJHuddle produced its five-part series on the Competitive Balance Proposal, Cox Media Group Ohio (which includes the Dayton Daily News, Hamilton News Journal, Middletown Journal and Springfield News Sun) decided to run its own five-part series on the subject.

So what stood out with the Cox Series? Two things…

The first was a quote from Triway Local Schools superintendent Dave Rice, a member of the original Wayne County group, who told the DDN, “In some private school sectors, we’re probably public enemy No. 1. For public schools, we might be Mount Rushmore.”

Humble…huh. Is Rice serious? Mount Rushmore? What?

Makes you wonder what the Wayne County group was after in the first place: change or fame. 

Rice also said: “I think public schools want to see (separate tournaments) voted on.”

Based on what? We already ran the numbers his survey produced.

*Shadyside IS NOT the public school state champion…Another thing that stuck out about the Cox CBP Series was a portion of an article where the writer talked to Edgerton Athletic Director Matt Ripke.

“It’s tough,” Ripke told Cox. “We bring 34, 35 kids from grades 9 through 12 for varsity football. At Delphos (St. John’s), they’re in the 80s or 90s.”

Marion Local’s roster is in the “Delphos” range too, however, Cox reporters did not interview Marion Local coaches. Instead they opted for a school out of their coverage area in Edgerton.

Consider, Marion Local lost to Delphos St. John’s 17-14 during the regular season. In the playoffs Marion Local lost to Minster, which had 50 kids on its football roster. Minster in turn lost to Fort Loramie during the regular season. Loramie had 34 players.

No one said sports are supposed to be fair and/or easy.

And that’s another thing…after DSJ’s 77-6 win over Shadyside in the Division VI state championship, people kept claiming that at least Shadyside was the “public” school state champion. Wrong. The Tigers would not have beaten any of the three aforementioned teams: Marion Local, Minster or Fort Loramie.

They might not have beaten Edgerton.  

*End of the Herbstreit Classic? Entertainment over Education?…Have you heard of House Bill 191? No? Well listen up.

Sponsored by Rep. Bill Hayes, a Licking County Republican, HB 191 would force Ohio’s schools to operate only after Labor Day and before Memorial Day. HB 191 is built upon the premise of students spending the same amount of time in the classroom, but instead of requiring 182 days, students (depending on elementary, middle or high school status) would be required to be in school for 960-1,050 or more hours.

Why suggest this? Hayes thinks the plan will boost tourism opportunities and dollars for Ohio’s amusement parks, resorts and state parks by clearing the entire month of August for family time. As it’s written now, though, HB 191 could also signal the end of high school football – and all extracurriculars – for some schools on Labor Day Weekend.

The bill’s Sec. 3313.621, article (D) states that: “No school district board shall agree to or permit a school under its control to participate in any extracurricular events on Friday through Monday of the Labor day weekend. This prohibition shall not apply to any district or school that has an agreement with another district or school or with an athletic association or conference, entered into prior to the effective date of this section, that requires participation in extracurricular events on that weekend. However, the district board shall not enter into a new agreement or renew an expiring agreement on or after the effective date of this section that requires participation in extracurricular events on that weekend.”

Basically what that means is unless you’re football team is playing a league game in Week 2, you would eventually be locked out of competition on Labor Day Weekend should HB 191 pass. Since the Herbstreit Classic operates on year-to-year contracts, that event would be finished, unless it moved to a different weekend.

Soccer, volleyball, cross country, golf, tennis and even band would be affected.

Workarounds for schools could include signing “lifetime” contracts with non-league opponents or a “pool” of non-league opponents.

According to an article in the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, the legislation has been assigned to the House Education Committee and has yet to have a hearing.

As one educator put it: “It’s ludicrous. You’re (bleeping) with children’s education in order to get more people to spend money.”

Not to mention you’re messing with high school football…

*Best RB in Northeast Ohio?…According to one coach, it’s Elyria freshman Jumarr Lewis. Lewis, a 5-10, 170 pound burner, became the first Elyria freshman ever to rush for 100 yards in a game during a 35-3 win over Cuyahoga Falls on Oct. 2. Lewis finished the season with 766 yards rushing. He also played varsity basketball as a freshman.

*Independent Thinking…After a run in the Northeastern Buckeye Conference, Canal Fulton Northwest begins the 2011-2012 school year as an independent. What’s that mean for its football schedule? Turnover. The Indians have eight new teams on their schedule, including: Poland, New Philadelphia, Columbus St. Charles, Canfield, St. Thomas Aquinas, Barberton, Cleveland John Hay and Parma Padua Franciscan. The only holdovers? Orrville and Canton South.

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