SPECIAL REPORT: JJHuddle’s Ohio HS Insider debuts today


JJHuddle’s Ohio HS Insider

Today we unveil a new feature on JJHuddle called the Ohio HS Insider. So
what exactly is it? It’s our home for material we’ve collected and
can’t house anywhere else. Call it a message board with bite. We know
you want to hear the good stuff. And that’s what this is…high

Today we unveil a new feature on JJHuddle called the Ohio HS Insider. So what exactly is it? It’s our home for material we’ve collected and can’t house anywhere else. Call it a message board with bite. We know you want to hear the good stuff. And that’s what this is…high school-wise.

First off, the JJHUDDLE OHIO HS INSIDER has a few rules. In order to offer this material to you we have to:
1) Not attribute it to any particular source (but they are ones we trust)
2) Not attribute it to any particular reporter
3) Disclaim that we don’t know if any of it is true (plenty of it is)

Simple enough and No, we’re not just starting rumors. We’re reporting to you what you want to know and protecting those who have told us at the same time.

The Ohio HS Insider will run every Wednesday. Should we receive news, however, that we don’t think can wait, we reserve the right to unleash special Ohio HS Insider’s as needed.

That being said, we think this info is interesting and fairly entertaining. Hope you do too. Enjoy…


* National News…It’s not often Ohio High School Football makes the Washington Post, but Youngstown Ursuline head coach Dan Reardon did this week when his name was mentioned as one of four finalists for the vacant head coaching job at DeMatha Catholic in Hyattsville, Maryland. Reardon who has led Ursuline to three straight D-V state championships and four straight state finals was included in the final round of interviews before a committee decided on 27-year old DeMatha alumnus Elijah Brooks. Brooks replaces former head coach Bill McGregor who led the Stags for 29-years. DeMatha is a national power and won six straight Washington Catholic Athletic Conference titles before losing to rival Good Counsel in the league championship game each of the past two seasons. DeMatha is also a well known basketball factory.

*What’s going on in Wayne County? While reading responses from our recent series on the Competitive Balance Proposal, a source indicated that at one Wayne County school, there are bigger issues than boundaries, free lunches and tradition hampering the football program. There’s a lack of dedication. As we know, a group of Wayne County superintendents was the driving force behind the survey that led to the current OHSAA referendum item on Competitive Balance. According to our source, someone familiar with this school’s program said they’re “having problems getting kids to work out” and there are “only about 6 kids” showing regularly for weightlifting. Our source called it a “lack of commitment by the players and staff.” When asked what the head coach was doing about it, the answer was “the head coach is not in the weight room either.” He was reportedly out-of-state for the winter. Is the reason this school isn’t winning because there is a competitive imbalance or because of other issues?  Said the source: “But I get it…complaining is a heck of a lot easier.”

*Enrollment numbers not a big factor?
Some responders to our Competitive Balance Proposal have stated how they feel that “enrollment” numbers are severely overblown in importance when it comes to Competitive Balance. One high profile football coach disagrees. He said “I believe that the most important factor is enrollment in terms of equitable competition. Football is first and foremost a numbers game. Putting teams in divisions with schools with 100 more boys is not a good thing…and yes Division I schools and their enrollment should be addressed.”

So why is it such a big factor.?

“If we had 100 more boys in our school, we would have at least 20 more players and I bet five of them would be pretty significant,” the coach said. “Enrollment is the biggest factor in football, and by forcing people to ‘move up’ and play against teams with significantly larger enrollments puts them at an incredible disadvantage.

* So what’s it really take to win?
One coach offered up this checklist for “Things that determine Success”…

– Committed players who value athletics
– Community where sports are an important source of pride
– Supportive administration which understands the role sports play in the overall school community
– Continuity and credibility of the coaching staff

And this coach should know. He’s coached at both public and private schools and owns a state title.

* Best excuse for missing practice?
We are proud to be partnered with the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association and will be releasing NEW “Coaches-related” forums in the upcoming weeks. The forums will allow JJHuddle members the ability to interact with several of Ohio’s top football coaches and their staffs. The forums will be a valuable source for news, promotion and information and will also be a place for some fun. Here’s one of the topics already being discussed: “Best Excuses You’ve Heard from players for Missing Practice.”

The early leaders:

– My brother doesn’t have a key so I have to go home to let him in
– I have to go get my tux for prom
– My mom said it was too hot out
– Cannot come to practice homecoming week because we have to help make floats for the parade

*Sophomores getting Ohio State offers?
JJHuddle readers who follow recruiting certainly are familiar with the name Jalin Marshall (Middletown). Marshall is one of the top if not the No. 1 sophomore in the state of Ohio and already has scholarship offers from Pitt and Cincinnati. A QB, he has been told by Ohio State to expect an offer as well.

Another in-state sophomore Ohio State fans should be aware of is cornerback Cam Burrows (Trotwood-Madison). Burrows has a scholarship offer from Cincinnati and everything we hear points to the 6-foot-2 and 195-pound Burrows eventually landing an offer from the Buckeyes.

If and when that offer comes the OSU staff can count on at least one helper in securing a commitment from Burrows. The sister of Ohio State defensive back C.J. Barnett is Burrows’ girlfriend. Barnett has already weighed in with Burrows as to how much he likes it at Ohio State. Look for Burrows to camp with the Buckeyes this summer. 

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