Stock Rising: Brains, Brawn and Aggressiveness


Solon OL Austin Stock will take JJHuddle readers through the recruiting process this spring, summer and fall.

Today Solon junior offensive lineman Austin Stock continues to take us on his recruiting ride. Stock and teammate nate Hoff recently visited Harvard and Boston College, where they shared some time with another Ohio recruit. So what did Stock learn? Who impressed him? And what’s next? Click here to find out…

After a long 10 hour trip with my friend & teammate Nate Hoff (N/OG), we finally arrived in Boston on our way to Harvard. We met up with one of the Harvard Assistant Coaches and began our tour of Harvard University’s athletic facilities and football field. The field was 100% concrete and over 100 years old. The Harvard Stadium and Yale Bowl were used as templates for the Ohio State Horseshoe and Michigan’s Big House. Interesting how the schools have similar rivalries as well. The facilities were great along with the campus itself. It was a beautiful campus with a great city right next to it.

After the tour we met with Coach Lamb, Offensive Coordinator and Recruiting Coach for Ohio/Midwest. We had been corresponding through emails ever since I started hearing from Harvard. He seemed very nice and very proud of their program. He talked to me and Nate about the recruiting process, what we need to do to get recruited by Harvard, what types of academic scholarships they can give, and their football team and program. Because they are an Ivy League school they cannot give athletic scholarships, the only way to receive money from them would be for academics.

They seemed to be how you would expect Harvard to be. They were intense on their education and very straightforward about what type of student-athletes they want. “Great students that happen to be great athletes” is what they are looking for.

Harvard has such an amazing history and football is a big part of that, including their initial National Championships over a hundred years ago. Not many schools can say that. Coach Murphy met us briefly. We recognized what a great Ivy League program Harvard is.

The next day I was very excited about as well.

My dad, Nate and I headed to Boston College. We recognized just driving through the campus that this was a very old-school, very cool looking place. As we arrived at their Junior Day/Spring Game, we saw several incoming OL freshman for next year (guards and tackles).

Boston College has a great reputation of their lineman going to the NFL.

Before the presentations got started for the junior day portion, my dad, Nate and I sat and ate and talked with Coach Sirmans, Running Back coach for BC and recruiting coach for Ohio/Midwest. We were asking him questions about what offensive & defensive linemen BC were looking for this year and how many might they take on the team for the 2012 class. In addition we asked what size they’re looking for and what they want to see on film. He was very honest and straight forward. He told us one thing they want with all their linemen, they don’t care if you’re the nicest guy off the field, but once you put those pads and hit the field they are looking for very aggressive players that will clean up opposing players (practice or game). I know Nate and I have seen and heard that before and hearing it from the recruiting coach adds to the fact we will be more then ready and extremely more aggressive then last year on the field!

We also sat with Tyler O’Conner (a junior QB from Lima Central Catholic). He and his dad were great and spoke of their recruiting experiences. One thing I learned from talking with Tyler, who has many offers to this point and more to come, is your DVD highlight is of HUGE importance! He’s gotten recruited from several teams without even much conversation; just the DVD has opened those sorts of opportunities. Best of Luck Tyler! Hope to be his center for one of these Universities.

Coach Spaziani welcomed the 50 or so junior recruiting candidates. We watched presentations on Boston College Academics, Athletics, and Speed/Conditioning. Afterwards we went on a tour through the amazing campus. Walking around BC was very cool because it was right outside of Boston, like Harvard, not too far away from everything. The campus reminded me a lot of Notre Dame which was extremely nice as well.

With April ending, I will be heading to the LeCharles Bentley O-Line academy next Saturday (4/30).

Many Colleges and University coaches are corresponding much more, especially North Carolina State, BC and Michigan State. I still hear from many colleges via e-mail and mail (Penn State, Notre Dame, Syracuse, and many many more). I also heard from a few coaches this past week via the one phone call rule (NCAA rules), which was a great surprise and shows me for sure there is a lot of interest. But I know I have more work to do and with the help of Coach McQuaide and the coaches at Solon High school, as well as Jason Davidson and the Strength & Conditioning at the Powerhouse in Twinsburg, I will work as hard as I can for these great opportunities.

In May I will be attending the Nike Camp which I was invited to. I’m looking forward to the camp and getting even more training and tips from various coaches in the Columbus area as well as Nike.

This is a long process and there are no straight answers, however I am going to continue give it my all every day and in every way I can!!



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