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OHSAA: Competitive Balance

Today we begin our dissection of the OHSAA’s Competitive Balance Proposal. Over the next five days we’ll talk to coaches and administrators from around the state and get their take. We enjoyed collecting this data and we know you’ll enjoy reading it. Today we tackle Issue 1, which is ‘What about D-I?’

INTRO: What we’re doing and looking at

CBP Series Article 1: What about Division I?

The Greater Dayton and Miami Valley area own plenty of football pelts. The first NFL football game took place at Triangle Park. The University of Dayton has two Super Bowl winning coaches (Chuck Noll and John Gruden) as alumni. UD and Wittenberg own NCAA D-III national championships. Central State was an NAIA power. One thing Dayton doesn’t posses though is a big school high school state football championship.

And if the current OHSAA Competitive Balance Proposal (CBP) passes, the Gem City might never have one.

While several of Ohio’s schools and communities battle back and forth over the CBP, there’s not much mention of it in the halls of Centerville, Wayne or Northmont high schools, all of which are located in Montgomery County.

Why? Because the CBP’s affect on them is minimal at best.

They’ll still have to contend with St. Xavier, Elder and Moeller regionally and St. Edward, St. Ignatius and St. John’s statewide.

“I haven’t heard much discussion at all about it from anyone,” Centerville High School athletic director and head football coach Ron Ullery said. “I think it’s because most realize it will affect us very little, if at all. We’ll compete in the same divisions, against virtually the same schools, as we currently do.”

“People are talking about it, but are a little confused as to why it didn’t effect the Division I schools much,” Wayne athletic director and head football coach Jay Minton said. “Plus, we’re not sure where we fit into this equation. We’re not really sure if it even affects our school.”

And it should.

If there’s going to be a Competitive Balance Committee it should take into consideration the “competitive balance” of all levels of membership and not just the lower ones. This proposal does a good job of ignoring Ohio’s biggest schools and a lot of the problem.

While programs like Youngstown Ursuline, Mooney and Alter, dominate smaller divisions, schools like Moeller, St. Xavier, St. Ignatius, St. Edward and St. John’s do their fair share of damage in D-I. That will continue under this proposal. Unabated.

In fact, if anything, the proposal makes D-I even tougher with the inclusion of “successful” D-II teams.

Under the current proposal and its soceoecomnic factor, in football for example, D-I would likely lose several large public schools from Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland and gain several solid suburban D-II programs like Ashland, Wooster, Sylvania Northview, Westlake and Kings.

Parochial Schools like Toledo St. Francis and Columbus St. Charles would most likely bump up with the Big Boys as well.

In basketball, Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary (boys), Hathaway Brown (girls) and Alter (girls) would be candidates for new homes in D-I.

The real problem with Division I is that it owns the largest discrepancy among member enrollment. In football, D-I alone includes schools with an enrollment of 518 boys or higher. Fairfield has 1,227 boys. St. Xavier has 1,171. Anderson has 522. Worthington Kilbourne has 523.

“If anything, I was more for the splitting of Division I into two divisions, than this proposal,” Northmont football coach Lance Schneider said.

Added Minton: “(The OHSAA does) need to take one more step and create a Super Division or something like that in order to affect the private D-I schools.”

As is, if this proposal passes, Centerville, Wayne, Northmont and the rest of Ohio’s largest public schools – names like Mentor, Hamilton, Brunswick, Strongsville, Hilliard Davidson, Gahanna Lincoln, Toledo Whitmer, etc. – will continue to face an unfair uphill climb.

“This proposal isn’t going to affect all the OHSAA member schools – (I mean) what about Division I schools? They can only move down not up?” Delphos St. John’s football coach Todd Schulte said. “With such a ‘well’ thought out plan, you think the OHSAA could find a proposal that would involve all its member schools.”

Echoed Minton: “(The committee) did nothing to create competitive balance in the larger schools.”

One thing to consider in regards to football and the CBP is how regional make-ups would be affected. In D-I would enough additional Cincinnati suburb schools (Kings, Winton Woods, Turpin, Harrison, etc.) bounce up to Division I to push a realignment of regional lines and force some more Dayton schools into Region 3, a traditional Central Ohio battle royal?

Schneider hopes so. He considers that the lone asterisk for his T-Bolts should the CBP pass.

“The only benefit I can see (for us) is a possible shift from Region 4, which would help balance the power in the state in Division I,” Schneider said. “Currently, Regions 1 and 4 are far stronger top-to-bottom than the other regions.”

* Private
# Public

Football (Public Titles 4/Private Titles 7)
2000-01: Upper Arlington#
2001-02: St. Ignatius*
2002-03: Elder*
2003-04: Elder*
2004-05: Colerain#
2005-06: St. Xavier*
2006-07: Davidson#
2007-08: St. Xavier*
2008-09: St. Ignatius*
2009-10: Davidson#
2010-11: St. Edward*

Boys Basketball (7/4)
2000-01: St. Ignatius*
2001-02: Columbus Brookhaven#
2002-03: Moeller*
2003-04: Hamilton#
2004-05: Canton McKinley#
2005-06: Canton McKinley#
2006-07: Moeller*
2007-08: Newark#
2008-09: Columbus Northland#
2009-10: Massillon Jackson#
2010-11: Cincinnati LaSalle*

Girls Basketball (5/6)
2000-01: Beavercreek#
2001-02: North Canton Hoover#
2002-03: Beavercreek#
2003-04: Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame*
2004-05: Chaminade Julienne*
2005-06: Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame*
2006-07: Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame*
2007-08: Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame*
2008-09: Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame*
2009-10: Canton McKinley#
2010-11: Twinsburg#

Volleyball (1/10)
2000-01: Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame*
2001-02: Cincinnati St. Ursula*
2002-03: Cincinnati Ursuline*
2003-04: Cincinnati St. Ursula*
2004-05: Toledo St. Ursula*
2005-06: Cincinnati Seton*
2006-07: Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame*
2007-08: Cincinnati Mother of Mercy*
2008-09: Olmstead Falls#
2009-10: Cincinnati Ursuline*
2010-11: Toledo St. Ursula*

Boys Soccer (7/4)
2000-01: Worthington Kilbourne#
2001-02: Thomas Worthington#
2002-03: Hudson#
2003-04: Westerville North#
2004-05: St. Ignatius*
2005-06: St. Ignatius*
2006-07: Stow-Monroe Falls#
2007-08: Davidson#
2008-09: St. Ignatius*
2009-10: Gahanna Lincoln#
2010-11: St. Ignatius*

Girls Soccer (6/5)
2000-01: Hudson#
2001-02: Dublin Coffman#
2002-03: Strongsville#
2003-04: Dublin Coffman#
2004-05: Walsh Jesuit*
2005-06: Strongsville#
2006-07: Walsh Jesuit*
2007-08: Cincinnati St. Ursula*
2008-09: Cincinnati St. Ursula*
2009-10: Medina#
2010-11: Walsh Jesuit*

Baseball (3/7)
2000-01: Dublin Coffman#
2001-02: St. Ignatius*
2002-03: St. Xavier*
2003-04: Moeller*
2004-05: Elder*
2005-06: Strongsville#
2006-07: Lakota West#
2007-08: St. Edward*
2008-09: Moeller*
2009-10: St. Edward*
2010-11: TBD

Softball (9/1)
2000-01: Youngstown Boardman#
2001-02: Elyria#
2002-03: Whitehouse Anthony Wayne#
2003-04: Toledo St. Ursula*
2004-05: Uniontown Lake#
2005-06: North Canton Hoover#
2006-07: Hudson#
2007-08: North Canton Hoover#
2008-09: Elyria#
2009-10: Massillon Perry#
2010-11: TBD




Background: Dissecting the OHSAA’s “Competitive Balance Committee” proposal

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