MVP Podcast: Eric Frantz discusses spring football, competitive balance and more


MVP Podcast: Statewide sports talk

Listen up, people!…This
week’s MVP Podcast includes: JJHuddle Managing Editor Eric Frantz and
Northmont football coach Lance
Schneider. Were talking about the upcoming OHSAA competitive balance referendum, the recent spring football proposal
that failed and more…

Competitive balance, spring football, the Ohio HS Football Coaches Association and more…

Listen up, people!…

This week’s MVPpodcast spectacular eschews the obvious and embraces
your innermost desires: you wanted more football and for one brief
shining moment in the springtime sun that is what ye shall get.

Miami Valley Sports legend and JJ managing editor, Eric Frantz, is on board to get us up to speed on all things
associated with the high school gridiron here in the Buckeye universe.

We’ll talk about the upcoming OHSAA competitive balance referendum.

We’ll talk about why the recent OHSFCA spring football proposal

We’ll talk about the upcoming OHSFCA North-South all-star game at
Columbus’ Ohio Stadium as well as JJ Huddle’s new association with the
OHSFCA and what it means for you the listener/reader here at America’s
premier high school sports site.

We’ll talk about Ohio State blue-chipper Doran Grant.

We’ll talk about the upcoming Miami Valley Sports 2011 pigskin
preview which should be available in late june and much, much more.

We also have on hand an excellent interview with long time
Northmont High School football coach
Lance Schneider.

All of this, is yours–if you can handle it–free of charge from your
best buds here at the MVPpodcast, JJ, and Miami Valley
Sports Magazine based largely on the notion that you are the best and
that you deserve the very best we can muster.

We mean to deliver.

Listen up, folks!

This week’s show…

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