OHSFCA events coming in July: Lineman Challenge and State 7 on 7


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The Ohio High School Football Coaches Association is holding its seventh annual 7 on 7 State Passing Championships and fifth annual Lineman Challenge on July 9 at Dublin Coffman high school. Click here to find out more info and download registration forms.

OHSFCA Lineman Challenge
Dublin Coffman High School


Fee:  $50 for one Team of Five; $25 for Each Additional Team of Five.

Tentative Scheduled Events:
Five Man Sled Push.
One Man Sled Push.
Five Man Tire Flip.
One Man Tire Toss.
Bench Press.
Farmers Walk.
Tug of War.
Sumo Circle.
Obstacle Course.

Governing Rules:
1. Each Team should have a coach.
2. Competition will be held Rain or Shire
3. Awards will be presented at Halftime of Ohio North/South All-Star Game.
4. Bring Helmets and Mouthguards.
5. For further information please Check website at:  OHSFCA.org

OHSFCA 7 on 7 State Passing Championships 
Dublin Coffman High School

Championship Format:
  Teams will be divided into four classes of 16 teams.  Class will be determined by school enrollment.  Open to the first 64 teams who register.

Fee: $200 for one team; $300 for two teams.  Each team will be guaranteed five games.


Method of Play:
1. Each Game will be 20 minutes running time, except for last 90 seconds.  Clock stops on Sack in last 90 seconds.
2. Coin flip determines team to start on offense.
3. Ball will always start on the offense’s 40-yard line to start a possession.  Includes interceptions.
4. Offense will be given 3 downs to make a first down.  First Downs are made by crossing the 25 yard line and the 10 yard line.
5. Offense has 25 seconds to put ball in play.  Penalty is loss of down.
6. SCORING:  All touchdowns are 6 pts.  PAT from the 5 yd. Line is worth 1 pt.  PAT from the 10 yd. Line is worth 2 pts.  Interception is worth 3 pts.  Interceptions on PAT become a deadball.  Turnover on downs worth  2 pts. 
7. One time-out per team per game.  Time will continue to run except when game clock is under 90 seconds.
8. Team with the most points at the expiration of time wins.
9. Ties will be played off immediately.  Each team will be given one play from the 5 yd. Line.  Alternating possessions.

Governing Rules:
1. This is a 7 on 7 Passing Tournament.  Must play 7 on offense, 7 on defense MUST be declared before snap of ball.
2. No running plays (QB may not run the football).
3. No blocking what so ever.  Blocking will constitute a loss of down penalty.
4. Offenses may have 5 eligible receivers, plus QB and Center.
5. The football must be thrown within 4.0 seconds.  If not, it is considered a sack, play the next down from the previous line of scrimmage.  Delay of game is Loss of Down and clock stops in final 1:30 of game.
6. Penalties:
– 5 Yard Penalty and Loss of Down (Offensive Pass Interference, Blocking)
– 5 Yard Penalty and Repeat Down (Offensive or Defensive Off Sides, Defensive Holding or Illegal Bumps, Defensive Pass Interference – Automatic first down if in the end zone).
7. Defenders may “Bump” receivers only once within 5 yards of the LOS.  Must be below the neck.
8. Defenders must “Touch” receivers with one hand to down the play below the neck.
9. All fumbles that touch the ground are dead (offense retains possession).
10. Any flagrant foul can result in disqualification for the game or day.
11. Coaches must stay out of the secondary.

Officials:  OHSAA Officials will be used

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