Davis Brothers Make Fitch Engine Go


Fitch QB Demetrious Davis

If you know the names of Will Mahone (2012) and Billy Price (2013),
then you probably follow recruiting pretty close. And if you also know
the names of Demitrious Davis and Chris Davis (2012), then you either follow recruiting really close or you also saw Austintown Fitch play last season.

If you know the names of Will Mahone (2012) and Billy Price (2013),
then you probably follow recruiting pretty close. And if you also know
the names of Demitrious Davis and Chris Davis (2012), then you either follow recruiting really close or you also saw Austintown Fitch play last season.

competing in their final season in the Federal League this past fall,
the Falcons went 10-1 overall and won the conference championship.
Mahone, at both running back and linebacker, played like the Division I
recruit that he’s indeed become this off-season while Price burst upon
the scene as a top-rated two-way sophomore lineman.

But it was the Davis brothers, Chris being the older twin by one
minute, who made a really good season at Fitch, a very exciting one as

Quarterback Demitrious Davis
was the straw that stirred the prolific drink for the Falcons on
offense. On the season, the Northeast Ohio Player of the Year on offense
and first-team All-Ohio selection rushed for 1,352 yards and threw for
another 1,100 yards in his first year starting under center, helping him
account for 23 rushing touchdowns and 15 more scores through the air.

And as a likely result of him racking up such prodigious numbers,
the offers have continued to pour in for Davis during the off-season.

“It’s starting to go good for me right now. The offers are all starting to roll in since signing day is over now,” Demitrious Davis said. “The last few days I’ve gotten offers from Oregon St, UCLA and Ohio University. It’s all starting to go good for me.”

Since signing day, Davis has received offers from schools like
SMU, Indiana, Kent State, Boston College, Bowling Green, West Virginia,
Colorado, Arkansas, Baylor, Cincinnati, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt and

“I like all my offers right now,” Davis said. “I just want to
visit everywhere I can before I make any top list or anything and decide
which schools I like the most.”

His future at the quarterback position however, after his senior season of course, is apparently non-existent.

“They want me to play slot receiver, going on jet sweeps and
getting me in space and going against linebackers and stuff like that,”
Davis said. “I know I don’t have a future at quarterback past high
school so I’m fine going to slot receiver. It doesn’t bother me.”

Overall, Davis couldn’t be more elated with the way recruiting is
going for him up to this point. He currently claims to have 19 offers
in all.

“I’m very happy with the process right now,” he said. “I didn’t
think they would all come pouring in like this, especially this early in
the process. So I’m very happy with what I have right now.”

For Davis speed kills and, with a 4.37-second electronic-timed 40-yard dash time, he has plenty to offer.

“They all like my speed. Speed and elusiveness and my ability to
break tackles,” Davis said. “They just want to get me in space and get
the ball in my hands.”

And at 5-10 and 185 pounds, size doesn’t seem to be a big negative.

“Not too many schools have said anything about size,” Davis said.
“Some schools, like Stanford, they want to see me. They said they want
to make sure I’m not 5-5. They said they’ll offer if I’m not 5-5, which
I’m not.”

Ohio State has recently been in contact with Davis but, they too, have not yet offered.

“About a week or so ago I talked to (assistant) Nick Siciliano
(a Fitch graduate) and he said they’re in the process right now of
offering and they might want to offer,” Davis said. “He just said
they’re in the process of evaluating everything and they love my film
and they’re thinking about offering soon.”

But Davis doesn’t really have any favorite college team and he isn’t hoping for any particular offers.

“I’m not really waiting on anything. I like whatever I have now,”
said Davis, who mentioned that he’ll take all five official visits
before he makes any final decision. “If anything else comes in and I
take a visit and I like it then I’ll go from there. But right now I’m
happy with everything I have.”

Things can change, however, as new offers are extended.

“I know it’s a long process though and there’s still a long wait
to see all of the other offers that are going to come in, but I like all
the offers that I have already,” Davis said. “I just want to go to a
good program with good academics, that’s family-oriented and is on a
winning path.”

There’s only one condition that is really important to Davis when it comes time for him to pick his school.

“We want to stay together,” he said, referring to his brother who
plays both wide receiver and defensive back for the Falcons. “I know
we’re both slot receivers but we want to stay together.”

Even though a stance like that might actually limit his options
when it comes right down to it, Davis seems to be uncompromising on this

“We want to stay together so I probably wouldn’t pick a school
without him and he probably wouldn’t pick one without me,” he said.
“We’re best friends. We’re close. We’re as close as can be. We do
everything together so it would be weird without him.”

Many of the schools that have extended an offer to Demitrious have also did so to Chris.

“We get all of the same offers basically and we’re getting the
same attention. Some schools, here and there, give one of us more
attention but that’s just the way it goes,” Davis said. “Most of the
schools want him for slot receiver as well and some schools want him for
DB a little more than they do me.”

Chris Davis had 438 yards receiving along with 357 yards rushing.
He was a first-team All Federal League selection as well as first team
All-Northeast Ohio and he was named a second-team All-State selection.
Both brothers played integral roles in their successful campaign that
ended with a very disappointing 41-0 loss to Solon in week 12. Demitrious Davis didn’t play in the game due to injury.

“We’re very proud of what we were able to do (last season)
because we both know how hard we worked during the off-season to do what
we did,” Chris Davis said. “So we’re extremely proud of the outcome.”

Chris also understands the potential complexity of their
recruiting situation and has expressed many of the same sentiments as
his younger twin brother.

“I’m happy with how recruiting is going with the schools that
have offered so far. They’re mainly the same offers but he has a couple
that I don’t have. I don’t like that but that’s just how it is,” he
said. “It’s hard to have the same school take two of the same athletes
but I would like to go to the same school as him.”

Of course, Chris would more than likely go to the defensive side
of the ball if the two chose to attend the same school as a package.

“I would love to play defense or offense, I like them both the
same. I don’t just like slot receiver, I like corner also,” he said.
“Actually a couple of schools have offered me for DB and not for slot.”

A package deal would certainly be nice for any school that can
fit two similar-type athletes into their recruiting class if it indeed
goes down that way for the Davis twins. Both brothers are definitely
looking forward to eventually finding out what the future has in store
for them, whatever it may be.

“I’m very excited for the position that I’m in right now,” Chris
Davis said. “I feel that my future is great and I just can’t wait till I
get to the next level.”

Demitrious obviously echoes those sentiments.

“I’m just excited that all of these schools gave me a chance,” Demitrious Davis
said. “I see a bright future as a slot receiver in college when all the
people thought that I wouldn’t get anything. I’m just really excited
about moving on.”

Fitch will now compete as an independent in football.

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