MVP Podcast: Official miscues, getting bread buttered and postseason presses


MVP Podcast: Statewide sports talk

week’s MVP Podcast includes:
JJHuddle’s John Cummings, Princeton’s Jill Phillips, Northland’s Dean Washington, Ohio Hoops guru Kurt Stubbs and this: “Let’s face it, (officials) know which side of their bread is buttered
for them when it comes to
contracts for next year


Wrestling Wraps and Basketball Narrows the Field…

Listen up, people!…This
week’s MVP Podcast includes:

JJHuddle Wrestling
John Cummings
. Cummings is here to breakdown the State Tournament.

Cummings is in Columbus this weekend for the championships and offers his opinion on arguably the best state finals event in Ohio. He also has some interesting commentary on last weekend’s controversial decision by officials to DQ returning state placer and Lebanon junior Eddie Noble. Said Cummings: “Let’s face it, these guys know which side of their bread is buttered for them when it comes to contracts for next year…I hope that doesn’t come into play, but..”

Princeton girls basketball coach Jill Phillips. Phillips team finished third in the final OGBR/JJHuddle Division I Powr Poll and squares off against Cincinnati Ursuline in a district final Saturday.

Columbus Northland girls basketball coach Dean Washington. Washington is here to talk about his Vikings who finished the regular season ranked No. 10 in the Final OGBR/JJHuddle D-I Power Poll. Northland plays Gahanna Linclon on Saturday in a district final.

And finally…

Ohio HS Hoops guru Kurt Stubbs swings by to talk boys tournament basketball!

It’s the postseason and we’re applying a full-court press….

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Listen up, people! And

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