Glenville’s Overton: “I hope to at least win a state championship.”


Glenville sophomore Chris Overton

It’s been more the exception than the
when a sophomore plays significant minutes on the varsity
at Glenville. Chris Overton is an exception…

It’s been more the exception than the
when a sophomore plays significant minutes on the varsity
at Glenville.

Since Dareus Hiley and Donte Whitner became the first three-year contributors for the Tarblooders,
other standouts like Ted Ginn Jr., Ray Small, Curtis Smith, Daven Jones,
Freddie Lenix, Marcus Hall, Shane Wynn, Andre Sturdivant, Aundrey
Walker and Robert Walton have since followed their lead.

Last season Chris Overton became the next possible candidate to add
his name to that somewhat prestigious group as he was first inserted
into action as a receiver and
then as the back-up quarterback in the Glenville offense as a
15-year-old sophomore.

“I got a lot of experience in my sophomore year so hopefully it will
help me later on in my junior year,” Overton said. “I was expecting to
get a little bit of playing time (at receiver) but not as much as I
actually got.”

And the fact that Overton got under center as much as he did was even
a bigger surprise.

“At quarterback I didn’t expect to get that much (playing time)
either. I thought I would play more at receiver,” Overton said. “But I
got to play a lot at quarterback too which is good because I might have
to play there next year too.”

With OSU signee Cardale Jones entrenched at the quarterback position
for his senior campaign, Overton was planning to work almost exclusively
at a receiver spot coming into his sophomore season.

“I played receiver on JV and with the varsity and like the third or
fourth game they were trying to rest Cardale so I had to play some
quarterback,” Overton said. “That was my first actual game experience at
quarterback with the varsity.”

And as a result of that game experience as the signal caller, albeit
as brief as it may have been, Overton has definitely learned some
valuable lessons that he’s taken with him into the off-season.

The game speed is a lot
faster and I know that now,” said Overton, whose father Tony is the
offensive coordinator on the football team and the head coach of the
track team at Glenville. “So I’ll be able to speed it up over the
off-season through track so I’ll be able to stay up with the game

And he’ll be prepared to play whatever position he’s called upon to
perform at to the best of his ability.

“My objective is just to help my team wherever I have to play whether
it’s at receiver, quarterback or on defense, it doesn’t really matter,”
Overton said. “I’ll play wherever I’m needed.”

Although at 5-9 and about 170 pounds, he may be more suited to play a
similar role in the slot position, like Small did at Glenville, Overton
may have to man the quarterback position for the Tarblooders this
coming season, like Ginn and Hiley did, until an adequate more permanent
replacement for Jones is

“I’ll play either quarterback or receiver,” said Overton who has
already recorded a 4.5-second 40-yard dash time. “More than likely I’ll
play the receiver but I’m going to enter the season as if I’m playing
quarterback. But I’ll prepare for both.”

He’s just excited for whatever
opportunity lies in front of him now that he has some real game
experience under his belt.

“I’m really excited,” Overton said. “I’m looking forward to it now.
That’s why I’m working real hard during track, waiting for next football

Track has only enhanced his rigorous training for playing on the

“Track is helping greatly with my strength and my speed because we
lift a lot and we do a lot of speed work also,” said Overton, who will
likely compete in the 800 meters, 4X400 relay and the 300 hurdles in the
outdoor track season this spring. “We work out hard for football and
for track.”

And spoken like a true coach’s son, Overton’s team goals might be
considered high-aiming while his individual
goals are a bit more modest.

“I hope to at least win a state
championship. We haven’t won a state championship at all. We’ve made it
very far but we’ve never won it,” said Overton, who is a big Ohio State
fan and also has a sister who already attends OSU. “Individual goals
will come with a state championship.”

Overton, with a 4.11 GPA and a 21 on his ACT already, attends
Glenville High and currently takes college level courses at Cuyahoga
Community College.

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