Central Ohio sweeps the All-Ohio Nike City Series Battle of the Cities


marion-Franklin’s Elijah Macon was the MVP of the 12th grade division.

The All-Ohio Nike City Series Tournament Battle of the Cities: Statewide
concluded Sunday at Whitehall-Yearling High School in the
state’s capital. Needless to say, there was no shortage of talent at this event. The weekend belonged to Columbus as the Cap City swept every age bracket.

Columbus, Ohio–The All-Ohio Nike City Series Tournament Battle of the Cities: Statewide Championships concluded today at Whitehall-Yearling High School in the state’s capital.

Needless to say, there was no shortage of talent at this event. Jerry Watson and his All-Ohio staff need commended for pulling this happening off, which was a total success by almost all accounts. Most people were raving, and couldn’t believe how terrific this occurrence turned out to be.

The weekend belonged to Columbus as the Cap City swept every age bracket bringing home the title in the 9th through 12th grades. As Watson said at the conclusion of the action, “Columbus represented this weekend.” Watson went on to commend every city for representing very well.

The action was hot and heavy with tempers flaring on several occasions. The kids amped up and were competing as hard as they would for a high school state championship and perhaps even harder. The atmospheres were terrific especially all day on Sunday.

Here is a look inside the tournament:

12th Grade Championship Game:
Columbus locked up with Cincinnati in the championship game of the 12th grade division and the teams didn’t disappoint. The Queen City boys defeated Columbus earlier in the day in a short 12-minute challenge game, but that contest was nothing in comparison to the title game.

The game featured arguably the top players in the Class of 2011 in Columbus Northland’s Trey Burke (Michigan) and Cincinnati Withrow’s Aaron Thomas (Florida State). Neither disappointed us. In addition, Gahanna Lincoln’s Stevie Taylor, Upper Arlington’s Brian Sullivan, and Cincinnati Shroder’s Jalen Billups were all a part of the festivities.

In one sequence, amidst the first half, Burke and Thomas put on a one-on-one show which included three straight triples from Thomas and two triples and a high-major pull-up from Burke. The succession put the packed house inside Whitehall’s main gym into frenzy. The crowd was cheering and urging the two on as the Mr. Basketball candidates went head-to-head in an instant classic. The two were letting each other know about it, but it was all done in good spirits which was awesome to see.

Thomas finished the first half with 21 points, while Burke added 19.

Following a back-and-forth first half, Columbus was able to use its depth and multitude of three-point shooters to pull away for a 109-92 victory after holding a 58-50 lead at the intermission.

Burke and Thomas were good in the second half, but not nearly as sensational as their dramatic first. We will give them a pass considering they both played three games on Saturday with the final contest finishing at 10 p.m. and then two more games leading to the title game on Sunday.

Thomas finished with 34 points while Burke was good for 33.

In the second half, Stevie Taylor (Ohio) enjoyed a similar series which included two ankle breaking moves leading to baskets and a deep triple. The electric senior seemed to perform to the level of crowd noise, which was very high. Taylor finished with 18 points.

Bloom-Carroll’s Steve Bridgeman did plenty of dirty work for Columbus, played hard, and scored 12 points. The Ohio Dominican commit enjoyed a fabulous weekend as well as a splendid fall.

Sullivan (Miami OH) proved once again why he is a D1 commit, regardless of what anyone may say. Sullivan has one of the purest strokes seen anywhere and possesses a very high basketball IQ. The 6-footer knocked three triples and scored 16 points in all, while making several winning plays.

For Cincinnati, Billups brought his “A” game. The 6-foot-6 D1 prospect has an old school post game to go along with a man’s body. Billups was able to bully his way to 22 points using several back-to-the-basket moves and knocking down 15-footers.

Dublin Coffman’s Zach Riddle aided Columbus’ victory with 11 counters. Upper Arlington’s Wes Richter chipped in with seven, Walnut Ridge’s Dwayne Bazemore with six, Dublin Coffman’s Adam Hall aided with five points including a triple and a tremendous tip-dunk, and Columbus DeSales’ Clinton James added a deuce.

Cincinnati got nine points from Cincinnati Taft’s Chris Lowe, a like amount from Middletown’s JaihLen Teague, six by Cincinnati Aiken’s Gene Primus, four from Goshen’s Nick Wake, and Cincinnati Princeton’s Ulysses Thomas added four.

12th Grade MVP:
Trey Burke (6’0)- Columbus Northland

12th Grade All-Tournament Team:
Steve Bridgeman (6’5)- Bloom-Carroll- Columbus
Brian Sullivan (6’0)- Upper Arlington- Columbus
Stevie Taylor (5’9)- Gahanna Lincoln- Columbus
Jalen Billups (6’6)- Cincinnati Shroder- Cincinnati
Aaron Thomas (6’5)- Cincinnati Withrow- Cincinnati

11th Grade Championship Game:
Columbus 83 Dayton 79

11th Grade MVP:
Elijah Macon (6’9)- Columbus Marion-Franklin

11th Grade All-Tournament Team:
Nick Archer (6’7.5)- Olentangy Liberty- Columbus
Isaiah “Zeke” Rogers (5’9)- Westerville South- Columbus
Grant Harris (6’1)- Harvest Prep- Columbus
Andre Yates (6’1)- Trotwood-Madison- Dayton
Tyler White (6’1)- Lima Senior- Dayton
Deontae “Teddy” Hawkins (6’7)- Dayton Dunbar- Dayton

10th Grade Championship Game:
Columbus 118 Cincinnati 95

10th Grade MVP:
Jack Gibbs (5’10)- Westerville North

10th Grade All-Tournament Team:
Wendell Davis (6’4)- Reynoldsburg- Columbus
John Draper (5’10)- Columbus Eastmoor- Columbus
Aaron Jackson (6’4)- Gahanna Lincoln- Columbus
Austin Gardner (5’10)- Toledo St. John’s- Toledo
Tony Kynard (6’0)- Toledo Rogers- Toledo

9th Grade Championship Game:
Columbus 81 Cincinnati 60

9th Grade MVP:
Shemar Waugh (5’8)- Canal Winchester

9th Grade All-Tournament Team:
Manny Powell (5’6)- Gahanna Lincoln- Columbus
Dymiere Finch (6’1)- Walnut Ridge- Columbus
Ronnie Williams (6’2)- Brookhaven- Columbus
Kenny Kaufman (5’6)- Cincinnati Taft- Cincinnati
Maycio Teague (5’7)- Princeton Middle School- Cincinnati
**8th Grade

Since the All-Tourney teams were based off the two championship game teams, we wanted to note of the other top players. .

9th Grade:
Chris Moxley (5’10)- Bishop Hartley
Jon Elmore (6’2)- South Charleston (WV)
Jae’Sean Tate (6’3)- Pickerington Central
Javon Bess (6’2)- Pickerington Central
Ty Hairston (6’1)- Columbus Northland
Alex Stewart (6’2.5/Westerville North)
Rashaun Martin (5’6)- Dayton Christian
Robert Caldwell (5’9)- Dayton Stivers
Britian Lisby (6’0)- Clayton Northmont
Cameron Taylor (6’2)- Clayton Northmont
Dazhonet Bennett (6’1)- Dayton Dunbar
William Green (6’1)- Dayton Dunbar
JeMichael Blanton (6’3)- Thurgood Marshall
Lamonta Stone (5’4)- Bowling Green Jr. High **8th Grade
Louis Gray (5’8)- Lima Senior
Ben Haraway (5’9)- Norwalk
Omari Hicks (6’0)- Toledo St. John’s
Nate Allen (6’2)- Toledo Bowsher
Mike Mitchell (6’3)- Toledo St. John’s
Jeff Thomas Jr. (6’3)- Norwalk
Connor McCreary (6’0)- Colonel Crawford
Isiah Jones (5’9)- Pleasant Run **8th Grade
Blake Simpson (6’5)- Cincinnati Moeller
T-yonte Robertson (6’0)- Cincinnati Aiken
Adam Gigax (6’4)- Cincinnati Moeller
Devyn Walker (5’11)- Cincinnati Northwest
Timothy Williams (5’9)- Cleveland Benedictine
Josh Williams (6’1)- Barberton Middle School **8th Grade
Andrew Francesconi (6’2)- Tallmadge Middle **8th Grade
Caleb Potter (6’3)- Mentor
Rosel Hurley (6’4)- Shaker Heights
Marcelleous Jones (6’4)- Cleveland Glenville
Mylan Smith (5’11)- Pickerington Central
Tony Anderson II (6’5)- Africentric **8th Grade

10th Grade:
Keon Johnson (5’6)- Mansfield Senior
Kenny Robinson (6’0)- Harvest Prep
Isaac McGlone (6’1)- Bloom-Carroll
Jaylen Benton (6’1)- Columbus Northland
Kevin Marsh (6’4)- Dublin Coffman
Marquise Lawrence (6’6)- Marion Franklin
Keith Richardson (5’9)- Clayton Northmont
Zack Denny (6’1)- Germantown Valley View
Jaaron Simmons (6’0)- Kettering Alter
Matt Gump (6’3)- Bellefontaine
Ravonne Lovett (6’3)- Trotwood-Madison
JaMarr Hammonds (6’4)- Dayton Northridge
Kevin Steward (6’6)- Trotwood-Madison
Damarion Geter (6’6)- Dayton Dunbar
Evan Bradds (6’6)- Jamestown Greeneview
Kejuan Skinner-Byrd (5’7)- Harvest Prep
DeVon Price (6’2)- Pickerington North
Jason Hall (6’3)- Dublin Coffman
Brandon Bapst (6’4)- Grove City
Dave Brown (5’5)- Maumee Valley CD
Demetrius Woodley (6’4)- Lima Senior
Deiondray Martin (6’4)- Lima Senior
Vitto Brown (6’7)- Bowling Green
Mark Donnal (6’8)- Anthony Wayne
Sterling Gilmore (5’10)- Walnut Hills
Raymar Harrison (5’10)- Cincinnati Northwest
Kevin Johnson (6’2)- Cincinnati Summit CD
Trent Donald (6’3)- Cincinnati Woodward
Austin Grimes (6’3)- Cincinnati Aiken
Joe Cossins (6’7)- Cincinnati Anderson
Devin Williams (6’7)- Cincinnati Withrow
Aaron Beidleman (5’9)- Bedford
Arthur Christian (6’0)- Richmond Heights
Kash Blackwell (6’4)- Shaker Heights
Mark Williams (6’8)- Cleveland
Maurice Ofield (6’4)- Cleveland Heights
Marvin Thomas (6’3)- Columbus East
Drew Makiewicz (6’5)- The Miami Valley School

11th Grade:
Khalid King (6’3)- Columbus Brookhaven
A.J. Ireland (6’3)- Bloom-Carroll
Nick Neal (6’4)- Dublin Jerome
Matt Rhodes (6’5)- Westerville North
Devon Scott (6’8)- Columbus Northland
Jalen Robinson (6’8)- Columbus Northland
Jacob Laravie (6’0)- Kettering Alter
Soloman King-White (6’0)- Clayton Northmont
James Brown Jr. (6’1)- Trotwood-Madison
Gary Akbar (6’5)- Dayton Dunbar
Jacob Rossi (6’8)- Franklin
Ott Elmore (6’3)- South Charleston (WV)
Carter Smith (5’11)- Upper Arlington
Roy Alexander (6’4)- Walnut Ridge
Terry Hopewell (6’8)- Independence
Eric Weisenbach (6’10)- Dublin Coffman
Shawn Flannigan (6’0)- Maumee
Julius Turner (6’0)- Maumee Valley CD
Taylon Floyd (6’4)- Toledo Rogers
Luke Kammeyer (6’6)- Archbold
Orlando Berry (5’7)- Cincinnati Taft
Tommy Kreyenhagen (6’3)- Cincinnati Summit CD
Josh Lemons (6’0)- Cincinnati LaSalle
Willie Moore (6’3)- Cincinnati Aiken
Jalean Lowe (6’3)- Cincinnati Taft
Damon Jones (6’1)- Bedford Chanel
Jermaine Davis (6’9)- Garfield Heights

12th Grade:
Clint James (6’2)- Columbus DeSales
Zach Riddle (6’2)- Dublin Coffman
Adam Hall (6’6)- Dublin Coffman
Wes Richter (6’5)- Upper Arlington
Dwayne Bazemore (6’9)- Walnut Ridge
Josh Foster (5’10)- Middletown Madison
Michael Booze (6’0)- Trotwood-Madison
Lance Carter (6’3)- Troy
Joby Jackson (6’3)- Dayton Jefferson
Keontae Brown (6’4)- Dayton Dunbar
Matt Houser (6’4)- Middletown Madison
Adam Westbeld (6’6)- Kettering Fairmont
Mycol Madison (6’0)- Columbus East
Reco Spears (6’3)- Walnut Ridge
Jed Reid (6’4)- Walnut Ridge
Michael Martin (6’4)- Dublin Jerome
Evan Mills (6’4)- Pickerington North
Maurice Taylor (6’4)- Toledo Start
J.R. Rayford (6’1)- Toledo Rogers
Ke-Sean Harris (6’0)- Toledo Waite
Dishon Harris (6’2)- Toledo Waite
Rob Davis (6’2)- Toledo Bowsher
Milan Mabry (6’6)- Toledo Bowsher
JaihLen Teague (6’1)- Middletown
Gene Primus (6’1)- Cincinnati Aiken
Ulysses Thomas (6’4)- Cincinnati Princeton
Chris Lowe (6’3)- Cincinnati Taft
Dayne Peterson- Lyndhurst Brush
Brett Thomas- Shaker Heights

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