Fall Hidden Gems Showcase showcases Ohio Hoops Talent


Columbus Northland junior Devon Scott

The 2010 Fall Hidden Gems Showcase took place Monday in Columbus
with 85 kids coming out participate in the one-day event. In addition to the players, 28 colleges were in attendance in
hopes of a landing some of the state’s best talent. Seven D-II offers
were put on the table. See who got them.

The 2010 Fall Hidden Gems Showcase took place Monday in Columbus
with 85 kids coming out participate in the one-day event.

In addition to
the players, 28 colleges were in attendance in
hopes of a landing some of the state’s best talent. Seven D-II offers
were put on the table, including Pickerington North’s senior Tyler Kelly, Gahanna Lincoln’s junior Jamel Morris, and Gahanna Lincoln senior Trey Warr who all earned offers from D-II Ohio Valley. Warr also added an offer from D-II Glenville State. SC Aiken offered Gahann’a senior Brandon Smith.

“I am blessed by God,” said Hidden Gems director Lucius Jones. “I’m oh so happy with the results. I have a beautiful family and the fiancé and kids are doing well so that is enough for me. The publicity needs to go to those hard-working kids and the many colleges that attended.

Ty Kish was in the house, and great people like Rob Taylor from Buckeye Prep were there working hard. This event was blessed!”

We were impressed by many of the state’s top 8th-12th graders, but the kid who stood out the most to us yesterday was Columbus Northland’s Devon Scott (6’8/2012).

Scott is quickly closing the gap on the state’s top centers and appears to be a solid mid-major plus prospect at this point.  He has dominated the paint the last two weekends with his physical play and ever-improving low post skills. Scott even showed the ability to step out and take the 15-17 foot jumper.  More importantly, when the game is on the line he is demanding the ball in the post and finishing with authority.
We have always loved his motor and emotion, but now that his skill set is catching up, it’s even more reason to admire Scott’s long-term potential.

Nick Archer (6’7/2012) of Olentangy Liberty is another kid who played very well. Archer continues to grow and so does his game. He runs the floor very well, has the ability to step out and knock down the triple, and finish inside.

Adam McCall (5’11/2012) of Harvest Prep enjoyed a good day. McCall’s game is becoming smoother. He is really turning it up on defense allowing for easy buckets in transition. The junior finishes very well driving to the basket. Remember, this is a kid who could be a sophomore age wise.

Devon Price (6’2/2013) of Pickerington North has really caught our eye since July. It may be his growth spurt, but it’s most likely his quality of play. Price is has very smooth motion with terrific length. It appears he is going to grow some more. He is a good stroke and his length allows him to score in the lane. Keep an eye on this kid. It’s hard to say how much time he will get this year at North with all five starters returning, but he will certainly be in the mix.

Manny Powell (5’5/2014) of Gahanna Lincoln is quickly becoming a kid we can’t take our eyes off. We will be the first to admit small guards don’t usually garner much of our attention, but Powell is electric. He knocks down shots with consistency, but more impressive is his ability to get to the basket and create. He has excellent handles with the ability to make defenders look silly.  His lack of size hasn’t been an issue against anyone at this point. Powell will wow you, no matter who he is playing against.

Ryan Greene (6’4/2011) of Cincinnati Hughes offered up some excitement on the offensive end with at least a dozen high-flying drives to the basket. Greene is very athletic with the ability to finish above the cup, but he does over handle the ball at times.

Tyler Kelly (6’2/2011) of Pickerington North has done nothing to make us believe he is not a solid D2 prospect. Kelly’s offensive game appears to be in slow motion at times, but he is effective. Defensively, he was very good yesterday, especially matched up against Michigan commit Trey Burke.  His on-the-ball defense was excellent showing good lateral movement.

Raneal Ewing (6’1/2011) of Dublin Scioto is a name we wanted to mention. Actually, we would be slighting a kid who played very well if we didn’t.  Ewing didn’t play outside of his capabilities, which a lot of players tend to do at events such as this.  He was strong with the basketball, solid at taking the ball to the tin, and knocked down shots. Ewing is a good athlete with the ability to defend as well.

Jamel Morris (6’2/2011) of Gahanna Lincoln played well enough to earn an offer yesterday. Morris can flat out knock down shots with his left-handed stroke. He is very lean and looks young, but he has good length and seems to know how to play. Morris, being long and a lefty, can score inside in situations that others his size may not. He will be an x-factor for this year’s Gahanna Lincoln squad.

Kyle Schriml (6’2.5/2011) of Canal Winchester is really creating a buzz. He put on his own individual slam dunk contest yesterday during the showcase. Schriml’s highlight of the day came off a pass thrown off the board by Dublin Scioto’s junior Imanuel Madison. Schriml caught the ball of the glass with two hands and sent it home.  The senior’s jumper, which is usually flat, looked a little bit better than last week. This is a good sign. As one highly regarded scout commented, “I don’t know if I’m ready to drink the Schriml Kool-Aid yet, but the cup is certainly sitting on my desk.”

**Here is a look at some of the other top prospects at the event that we were able to see.

Michael Klamo (6’6)- Pickerington North
Demarkeo Lyshe (5’10)- Westerville South
Evan Mills (6’4)- Pickerington North
Kam Harris (6’2)- Westerville Central
Stevie Taylor (5’9)- Gahanna Lincoln
Cameron Vines (6’3)- Columbus Whetstone
Trey Warr (6’4)- Gahanna Lincoln
Elijah Walker (6’5)- Cincinnati Hughes
DJ Lightfoot (5’11)- Thomas Worthington
Quentin Henderson (5’11)- Westerville Central
Steve Bridgeman (6’5)- Bloom-Carroll
Marquice Taylor (6’0)- Columbus Africentric
Trey Burke (6’0)- Columbus Northland

Julian Henderson (6’4)- Thomas Worthington
Isaiah Brooks (5’8)- Walnut Ridge
Jordan Cowgill (6’9)- Thomas Worthington
Malcolm Pittman (6’6)- Huber Heights Wayne
Matt Rhodes (6’5)- Westerville North
Seth Lucas (5’9)- Troy
Dewey Rice- Licking Heights
Stephen O’Daniel (6’1)- Westerville South
Jordan Potts (5’11)- Columbus Northland
AJ Ireland (6’3)- Bloom-Carroll
Grant Harris (6’1)- Harvest Prep
Michael Sain (5’8)- Reynoldsburg

KyJuan Grace (5’10)- Central Crossing
Drew Makeovich (6’5)- Miami Valley Christian School
Will Hill Jr. (5’10)- Thomas Worthington
Keith Richardson (5’9)- Clayton Northmont
Aaron Jackson (6’4)- Gahanna Lincoln
Tyler Miller- Troy
Kyle Rollins- West Jefferson

Chris Byrd (6’4)- Columbus South
Keith Scowden (6’4)- Gahanna Lincoln
Deanthony Hosley (5’10)- Licking Heights
Eli Roslovic- Gahanna Lincoln
Javon Bess (6’2)- Pickerington Central
Aaron Oden- Cincinnati Hughes
Ahmad Frost- Cincinnati Wyoming
Jhustus Cornley- Columbus Northland
Jimmer Ryan- Gahanna Lincoln
Adam Twining- Findlay

Seth McCoy- Canal Winchester
Tony Anderson (6’5)- Columbus Africentric

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