MVP Podcast: Talking what else? Centerville and Alter (and more…)


MVP Podcast: Statewide sports talk

Have we got a show for you! Week 3 is here and the MVP Podcast
is delivering. This week’s show will feature the titanic match-up
between Alter and Centerville. Head coach Ed Domsitz is here to state the Knights case, while Centerville head coach Ron Ullery discusses the Elks thoughts. Plus there’s tons more…Listen Up!

By Alex Sator

Week 3s MVP Podcast spectacular revolves around this week’s MVP Game of the Week: Alter at Centerville.

It’s the first meeting between the two schools since 1967.

Alter head coach Ed Domsitz is here to talk about the game and the Knights.

Centerville head coach Ron Ullery is here to do the same for his Elks.

“I myself probably talked to 50 former players from the last 30 years who would have given anything to be able to play in this game,” Domsitz said.

Added Ullery: “I think all the alumni are playing this game with these guys.”

It’ll be a great game, and the MVP Podcast will once again be on hand to tape it for your viewing pleasure, and all in high definition. All of this, brought to you for free, courtesy of and Miami Valley Sports Magazine.

But wait there is more!

We’ll have Adam Adkins here to discuss the SWBL and we’ll also recap last week’s best statewide performances on the football field!

Listen up, people!

All of this and more from your friends at the MVPpodcast.



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