Quarterspondents texting problems resolved


Now that the problems are behind us, it’s time to text for Week 2.

Quarterspondents: were you receiving errors when you tried to text in football scores last week? Please read this.

half of our quarterspondents experienced errors when sending in text
messages during Week 1 of football season. It looks like we’ve finally fixed the problem for Week 2!

you were having problems during Week 1, and you can test the system
before game time this week, we would really appreciate it. Full
instructions are here:

If your message is STILL getting rejected, please email us at staff@jjhuddle.com with:

  • the error message you received
  • your cell phone number
  • your name
  • your school name
  • your school city

We’ll update your information and let you know if when we get your account working!!


How can I tell if my message went through?

The system will respond with an error message if your text message does NOT go through. If you DO NOT get an error message, your text message worked. If you want to see your text message on our Web site, wait up to 10 minutes and visit:http://jjhuddle.com/2010FNS/

You can find that page by going to our homepage (JJHuddle.com) or any other page on the site, and clicking “FNS” in the menu bar near the top of the page. You’ll be able to see your text message on our Web site!


What is my school code?

Please visit the following page to get your school code: http://www.jjhuddle.com/qs.html

You’ll be texting your message and your school code to a five-digit shortcode: 82672. We recommend adding 82672 to your address books. Note: it does not matter if your phone automatically inserts a hyphen in the shortcode (so that it looks like this: 826-72). This is a common occurence and it will not affect your text message.

Thanks for your help this year! We really appreciate it.


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