MVP Podcast: Heartbreak, forfeits, redemption and Division VI football


MVP Podcast: Statewide sports talk

Earl White, Eric Frantz and LeBron James. That’s who were talking to and about on this week’s MVP Podcast. High School football fans will want to listen up as we delve into Division VI with the first of our divisional audio previews. We also talk to a coach whose team averaged over 500 yards a game on the ground last year and was left out of the playoffs! Music, news, and yeah – LBJ – listen up.

This week’s MVP Podcast features head coach Earl White of Dayton Thurgood Marshall High School.

Even though his team was perhaps the most dominant rushing attack in all of Ohio (they averaged over 500 yards a agme on the ground) last year, Marshall couldn’t overcome the unintended use of an ineligible backup player, and unfortunately, it cost them three wins and a spot in the OHSAA playoffs. The Cougars were 10-0 on the field and 7-3 off of it.

This fall, much of the same dominant crew returns for Coach White, and the Cougars’  gridiron opponents had best keep a close eye on them. They could be unstoppable again.

We also welcome back the amazing Eric Frantz, the managing editor of for this week’s show. He’s on board to discuss the great football teams to watch out for in D-VI this season.

He has a lot of information for you to digest so listeners had better bring their ‘A games’ for this week’s MVP Podcast spectacular.

Finally, we have some thoughts to share with the Chosen One. You might want to listen in…

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