10 State Quotes: He said what? Here’s what the coaches think…


The Ohio High School State Football Finals

Notches in a belt, underdogs, expectations, bulls-eyes, caves and more. Read what this weekend’s championship coaches have to say on football, life and lifting that state title trophy.

10 Quotes you need to hear before the 38th annual Ohio State Football Championships this weekend:

1. “I don’t put notches in a belt for me. I am who I am and this
program is what it is and this doesn’t define me. The game doesn’t
define me. The scoreboard doesn’t define me. What defines me is what
the kids become when this is all over. It’s hard for me to answer a
question like that because that’s other peoples’ opinions. And it’s
been their opinion for the 30-some years I’ve been in Cleveland. If I
had to go into a game to be defined then I shouldn’t be the coach at
Glenville High School. I don’t have to have a state title to be
defined.” – Glenville head coach Ted Ginn when asked if a state title
will solidify him as a great coach despite the fact that he’s sent
countless players to D-I colleges and to the NFL.

2. “I
know we talked about this in 2007, but it’s probably an advantage for
us that we’re clear on the other side of the state.
Our kids really
don’t know that much about the Ursuline’s and the Mooney’s of the
world. Our kids just don’t hear that much info on them. I think we
would probably be more intimidated the closer we got but the fact is we
just don’t know about that or the power of the Steel Valley
(Conference). We’re over here kind of isolated by ourselves. I’m not
saying we’re not aware of things that go on in the other parts of the
state, I just don’t think our kids are intimidated because they just
don’t know that much about them.” – Coldwater head coach John Reed when
asked why Coldwater and other MAC schools don’t seem to be intimidated
by Steel Valley teams like Ursuline and Mooney.

3. “At
the beginning of the season we get rated No. 1 and the bulls-eye just
gets bigger.
Not only are we the defending champion but then we’re No.
1. I told the kids at that time that that particular rating that early
said maybe as much about our past and tradition as it did about the
team this year. If we were 4-6 last year and started out 4-0 this year
we would not have been ranked No. 1. The kids felt from the beginning
that they had to go out and prove that within this 2009 team there was
the ability to excel.” – Alter head coach Ed Domsitz on his team which
has won every game this year by at least 15 points.

“I think that anyone that knows high school football – unless you live
in a cave – you’ve heard the name Glenville before.
They have athletes
everywhere including on the bench. There’s a reason everyone across the
nation knows who Glenville is, obviously they’ve produced a lot of
Division I players and they have that stockpile again this year.” –
Hilliard Davidson head coach Brian White whose team faces Glenville in
the D-I final.

5. “Maybe that’s an advantage for
You know this is our fourth time here and unfortunately we
haven’t been able to get that win. Delphos knows what it’s all about.
They’ve got a great program. We’re hoping to get to that level.” –
Norwalk St. Paul coach John Livengood whose team is 0-3 in state
finals. St. John’s is 5-0.

6. “Coming into the season I
believe we had a pretty good sized bulls-eye on our back.
I guess this
is something that a lot of people thought was supposed to happen and it
was supposed to happen pretty easy. Obviously it hasn’t been easy.” –
Delphos St. John’s head coach Todd Shulte whose team is back to defend
their D-VI state title after surviving back-to-back OT games in the
regional final and state semifinal.

7. “I think our
team has exceeded expectations.
I don’t think most people thought this
was going to be a year where we’d be able to achieve what we have. It
just goes to show what young people can do when they set their mind to
do it.” –Reed whose Coldwater team made it back to the state finals for
the second time in three years despite graduating 21 seniors.

“The Chris and Chris Show are our main two offensive weapons
and they
were great last Saturday night against Ottawa-Glandorf. Especially in
the second half and on the final drive.” – Chagrin Falls head coach
Mark Iammarino on the Tigers three-year senior starters: QB Chris
Trinetti (1,642 yards passing; accounted for 35 TDs) and RB Chris
Gorman (1,776 rushing yards, 10 TDs). Trinetti carries a 3.85 GPA,
while Gorman sports a 4.28. Both are being pursued by Ivy League

9. “We might be out of there be 11:30 a.m.,
quarter to 12.
It may be in the record books for the fastest game ever.
Their passing attempts aren’t through the roof and neither are ours, so
I imagine barring penalties it should be a pretty quick game.” –
Youngstown Mooney head coach P.J. Fecko on his teams game with Columbus
DeSales. Both teams average less than 60 yards per game passing and
over 280 rushing.

10. “I don’t think they’ve looked at
themselves as underdogs all year.
You’re only underdogs if you don’t
think you have a shot to win. That’s the mentality we took on. We’ve
watched film to watch teams and haven’t cared what seed they were or we
are.” – Maple Heights head coach Todd Filtz on the Mustangs who are the
lowest seed (No. 6) in the state tournament regardless of division.

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