Big changes at the Huddle; Forums become Premium on Thursday

Image…Ohio’s premier high school sports site – Ohio’s High School Sports Leader – is planning for the future and
needs your support. In order to continue this site and make your experience better –
faster, more informative, cutting-edge – the forums will become
starting this Thursday. The cost? $1 a month. The rest of JJHuddle will remain FREE.

For more than a decade now, has been THE site for Ohio’s passionate high school sports fans. As we plan for the next decade we ask for your continued support.

All we do is geared at enhancing your overall experience.  We’re working now to make this site faster, with greater offerings and better service. To accomplish our goals, the Huddle forums will become “premium” on Thursday at a total subscription cost of $1 a month (yes, just twelve bucks a year!).

The rest of – the articles, rankings, recruiting, predictions, opinions, and breaking news – will remain FREE. Plus we’re introducing “Bleacher Seats,” a NEW FREE Forum. Stay connected to the full JJ experience by registering Thursday and supporting our “Huddle of the Future”.

Thanks again for your loyalty and understanding.


– Come Thursday morning everyone’s username and password will remain the same. You will be able to login as usual and do everything as you always have. The difference will be that when you click on a forum thread to read it you will be prompted to “subscribe.” You can do that via PayPal or through the mail. There will be an instruction page on how to do it.

– As for FREE forums, we will have three:

Classic Huddler and Classic Huddler Football will remain as is with all original “Classic” members (those who joined before June 2008) being allowed to access and post.

Bleacher Seats is a new FREE forum where anything goes: high school sports, college sports, politics, sports trivia, info, etc.

– Those who donated will be grandfathered

– Those with subscriptions to Ohio High Magazine will be grandfathered

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