Photo Gallery: Hoover Vikings vs. Louisville Leopards


Louisville’s Bobby Swigert attempts a tackle on North Canton Hoover’s Erick Howard (Photo by Gary Housteau)

With all eyes on Ohio’s Mr. Football – 2008, Erick Howard, going into the game, it was Louisville’s Bobby Swigert who stole the show at quarterback for the Leopards, throwing for 241 yards and five touchdowns.  Louisville beat Hoover for the third straight year, 34-13, and held Howard to just 45 yards on 19 carries.  Here’s some of how that rivalry game looked in pictures.

Photo Gallery: Hoover Vikings Vs. Louisville Leopards

Erick Howard – RB/LB – Sr. – Ohio’s 2008 Mr. Football

Jordan Witt – LB/RB – Sr.

Joey Housos – WR/DB – Jr.

Bobby Swigert – QB/DB – Sr.

Bob Gothot – C/DT – Sr. and Bobby Swigert

Hunter Potts – LB/RB – Sr.

Hoover Captains: Brett Tulodzieski – QB/DB – Sr., Erick Howard, Mark Wiley – OL/DL – Sr., A.J. Sarbaugh – TE/DE – Sr.

Louisville Captains: Hunter Potts, Jake Adkins – LB/RB – Sr., Bob Gothot – C/DT – Sr., Bobby Swigert

Brett Tulodzieski

A.J. Sarbaugh

Mark Wiley

Joe Stoffer – WR/DB – Sr. – Louisville’s leading receiver with six catches for 101 yards.

Bobby Swigert was 17 of 24 passing for 241 yards with five touchdowns.

Jarred Strasser – WR/DB – Sr. – 13-yard TD pass from Bobby Swigert – 7-0 Louisville

Lee Ferguson – WR/DB – Sr. – 16-yard TD pass from Bobby Swigert – 13-0 Louisville

Brett Tulodzieski was 11 of 22 passing for 171 yards.

Erick Howard caught a pass out of the backfield on this play and turned it upfield as he tried to stay in bounds, but his momentum carried him out of bounds before the ball crossed the plane of the goal line.

Stopped again short of the goal line on fourth-and-two and the ball was turned over on downs.

Cody Stocker – WR/DB – Sr. – 28-yard touchdown pass from Bobby Swigert – 19-0 Louisville

Jordan Witt – 39-yard pass from Brett Tuldozieski – 19-6 Louisville – Point-after attempt blocked by Bobby Swigert.

Bobby Swigert rushed for 30 yards on eight carries.

Preston Massey – RB/LB – Jr. – Led the Leopards rushing attack with 47 yards on 11 carries.

Jeremy White – WR/DB – Soph. – 26-yard pass from Bobby Swigert – 27-6 Louisville – Halftime score

Michael Schooley – WR/DE – Jr. – Three-yard pass from Bobby Swigert – 34-6 Louisville

Erick Howard – Three-yard run – 34-13 Louisville

Final Score

Joe Housos led Hoover with five catches for 82 yards.

Louisville head coach Paul Farrah

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