Hilliard Davidson’s Detmer outkicks the coverage


Hilliard Davidson Wildcats

Though his performance in the 22-13 win over Columbus
Brookhaven in Week 2 wasn’t flawless, it is apparent Hilliard Davidson junior J.D. Detmer has a future as a
kicker whether it is on the grid iron or the soccer field.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Unfortunately for kickers, they can either
be the hero or the goat with little room for error.

For Hilliard Davidson kicker J.D. Detmer, he has the tools
– and the leg – to be something special.

Though his performance in the 22-13 win over Columbus
Brookhaven in Week 2 wasn’t flawless, it is apparent Detmer has a future as a
kicker whether it is on the grid iron or the soccer field.

The 5-foot-8, 155-pound junior is a star on the Davidson
soccer team but began moonlighting for the Wildcats football team last season.

“The coaches just asked me to come out. At first it was
hard but I worked with the coaches and my teammates supported me,” Detmer said.
“So, I just got a little better and better everyday and I just come out and try
to do my best.

“I was definitely interested in (football) and they gave me
the great chance to do it. I am grateful for it and it is a big thing in my life
right now.”

Detmer put 2-of-3 kickoffs in the end zone against
Brookhaven and was 2-for-2 on point-after attempts but missed about three yards
short on a 52-yard field in the closing seconds of the first half with the score
tied 7-7. In the third quarter, he sailed a 33-yard attempt wide left. 

“It was dead on,” Detmer said of the 52-yard attempt. “I
thought it was going in and I am pretty sure everybody did. It felt good but
came up a little bit short. I thought I might have pulled my head up a little
too soon and it took off a yard. But if you’re going to miss, it is better to
miss straight.

“It was a bad kick by me,” he said of the 33-yard miss.
“The hold could have been better but it happens. You watch the pros and they
don’t make every one. They have bad kicks and they have good kicks. So, I’ll
just come out next week and try to make every one.”

In a tight game, Detmer made sure not to give Brookhaven
the chance to make a big special teams play in the second half sailing two
kickoffs out of the end zone for touchbacks.

“Honestly, I should put all (my kicks in the end zone),” he
said. “In the first half, we used the quarterback balls and those are a little
harder so it kind of got in my head but that happens. Once we got the good balls
out – the balls we use in practice – there was no problem.

“It felt good. If we get the right ball, it should be in
the end zone every time.”

Detmer also had punts of 49, 30, 49 and 33 net yards
against Brookhaven but said he prefers kicking duties.

“Punting is fun but I feel my strength is in kicking. It
has been a stronger point for me,” he explained. “It has been a little easier to
pick up. I work on it everyday. It’s all about technique and not about strength.
It is hard work but I love it.

Detmer has taken to place kicking quickly with his soccer

“Soccer-style kicking is something I have done all my
life,” he said. “Going into (football) there were some things I had to tweak but
playing soccer was the big difference. It helped a lot.”

He attended a Pro Kicker Camp this past summer and graded
highly going 10-for-10 on field goal attempts and putting all of his kickoffs in
the end zone.

“Stat-wise, they had me ranked third in the nation,” he
said. “I feel like I did pretty good.”

Detmer has also been working with Chillicothe senior kicker
Drew Basil, who is verbally committed to Ohio State.

“I am good friends with (Basil). I just kicked with him
last Sunday,” said Detmer. “I got to know him through soccer. We practice and
train together. He is a great kid and a great kicker. But I definitely want to
get better than him,” he laughed.

While most colleges are looking at Detmer for soccer, he is
definitely interested in football at the next level.

“I want to go to Ohio State but I will take the best offer
I can get. I am not greedy,” he said. “I’ve been talking to a couple (schools)
and if I do my best, hopefully, things fall into place.”

But for now, Detmer is focused on Davidson soccer and
improving on last week’s performance against Brookhaven.

Davidson head football coach Brian White would like to see
him improve as well.

“(White) said that he knew I wanted to make the game close
by not making the field goals, but next time he would rather have me make it,”
Detmer smiled. “He has always been there for me. No matter what I do – good or
bad – he is always there. So, I really appreciate him.”


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