South Range has ‘a chance to be pretty good’


North Lima South Range Raiders

The South Range Raiders aren’t used to winning less than ten games, but it
happened in 2008, snapping their streak of 10-win seasons at five. But the
Raiders were still able to make a playoff appearance and put together a
successful season.

This season, South Range is aiming to get back to 10 wins and beyond.

Things went actually pretty well

Players To Watch: QB/DB Vince Miller (6-2, 180, Sr.), RB/LB Hunter
Spitz (5-10, 190, Sr.), SE/DB James Nell (5-8, 145, Sr.), S/WR Kyle Seaver (6-2,
185, Sr.), OL Tim Shives (6-0, 210, Sr.), CB Phillip Arsuffi (6-1, 160, Jr.)

Outlook – The South Range Raiders aren’t used to winning less than ten games, but it
happened in 2008, snapping their streak of 10-win seasons at five. But the
Raiders were still able to make a playoff appearance and put together a
successful season.

“Things went actually pretty well last year,” head coach Dan Yeagley said.
“We were really actually inexperienced last year, and then we had some injuries
throughout the season, which made us really inexperienced last year. But the
kids pulled together and we were able to get into the playoffs again. We ended
up winning the league again, or sharing the league title with Columbiana
Crestview. We had some young kids and some seniors step up and perform very,
very well for us. Jack Dawson on the field for us, he did a great job. Jack
Dawson, on the field for us he did a great job offensively and defensively and
made some things happen. We were fortunate to win some ball games.”

This year’s team returns three starters on each side of the ball from last
year’s squad. Yeagley feels the returning players learned a lot about what is
needed in the area of leadership.

“They learned a lot about being a leader, good and bad,” Yeagley said. “They
understood that ‘Hey, this is maybe not how I would have done things or handled
things,’ and they sat there and analyzed everything that went on. I think they
picked up a lot about how to be a leader, how to be a good leader, how to lead
by example, how to lead by good words and everything else and to push people to
get the most out of the whole team. I think we’re going to see some exciting
things from this group just because, like I said, they understand how to be a
leader and they understand how to work hard.”

One of the key components from last year’s team as well as other recent South
Range teams, All-Ohio quarterback Jack Dawson, has graduated. But Yeagley feels
good about Dawson’s successor Vince Miller.

“A person like him, which is just such a run threat and throwing threat, is
just so hard to replace,” Yeagley said. “But we have a young quarterback coming
up in Vince Miller. He’s going to be a senior. He sat back there behind Jack for
the last three years. He’s going to do a great job for us. He has a great arm
and is actually a very good baseball player also — a pitcher. He’s a great
athlete. He’s going to step right in, and we’ll be able to play very well with
him because he can throw the ball.”

Yeagley feels Miller already has the leadership qualities needed at the
quarterback position.

“He’s a very good leader,” Yeagley said. “When things start getting tough,
he’s a very poised young man and very smart. He also has a great arm, a very
accurate throwing arm. He can get the ball there, and we have some kids that can
catch it and can run after they can catch it, so I’m looking for some big things
out of Vinnie this year.”

Joining Miller will be a quality core of returning talent at the skill

One of the strengths of this year’s team will be the returning core at the
skill positions.

“We have some skill kids next year that are actually going to be pretty
good,” Yeagley said. “Hunter Spitz is coming back at halfback. We have Kyle
Seaver and James Nell coming back at receiver. So we have some people coming
back that will compliment Vinnie really well. I’m looking forward to it.”

Spitz is expected to be one of this year’s crucial pieces on offense.

“He runs really well,” Yeagley said. “He was our leading rusher last year,
and he was hurt most of the season. He’s back this year. He’s worked hard in the
offseason. I’m looking for big things from him. Hunter’s a very, very good
football player.”

Spitz is more than just a good football player — he’s an outstanding

“He’s actually looking to go on to the Ivy League,” Yeagley said. “He has a
4.0, good ACT score and wants to be a doctor.”

While the skill positions look strong, the interior may need some
development. Yeagley will look to senior Tim Shives to lead the way.

“We lost a lot of offensive linemen, and that’s going to be our weakness this
year is going to be the offensive line,” Yeagley said. “We have Tim Shives
coming back starting for us at tackle, and he’s our only offensive lineman
(coming back), so we’ve got a lot to replace there.

“He’s going to have to lead some of these younger kids. He’s going to have to
take on a big leadership role this year.”

Overall, Yeagley is optimistic about the season but feels the schedule will
be the biggest hurdle to overcome.

“I think it’s going to be pretty good,” Yeagley said. “Our schedule is going
to be the tough thing. We start off with Massillon Tuslaw, who’s a great playoff
team from last year, an undefeated team. We’ve got to play them again in Week 1,
and then we have Independence and Marlington in (Weeks) 2 and 3. Then our league
is very loaded this year, with Columbiana Crestview and East Palestine. Mineral
Ridge has a new coach; they’re going to be pretty good. Springfield’s going to
be pretty good. It’s surviving our schedule, and then something else that we’re
really going to have to work on is being in shape, being ready for the long run.
I think overall we have a chance to be pretty good, but the kids have to pull

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