Chaminade Julienne basketball coach’s arrest in sex sting a total shock


The CJ community was rocked Monday by the arrest of girls basketball coach Marc Greenberg (Photo from the Butler County Jail)

The last thing I ever expected when I came to the office Monday morning was that Marc Greenberg – head coach of the prominent Chaminade Julienne girls basketball program – would be arrested that day by FBI agents in a sex sting operation.



Absolutely shocked…

That was my reaction yesterday morning when Ohio High Managing Editor Eric Frantz
informed me he had been tipped that Dayton Chaminade Julienne head girls
basketball coach and local attorney Marc Greenberg had been arrested by the FBI
on possible child
pornography charges.

As Frantz chased this story down, we learned FBI agents
arrested Greenberg, Monday, May 4, at his Kettering law office and charged him with 12
counts of violating federal obscenity laws.

According to the official press release from the Cincinnati
Division of the FBI, Greenberg, 32, engaged in graphic sexual conversations and
transmitted obscene images, including videos of himself masturbating, using
computers at his office and his Centerville
home during a period from January through April of this year.

The release also stated, ‘the affidavit in support of the
complaint alleges that beginning in late January 2009 a New York law
enforcement officer, posing as an underage female, began electronic
communication’ with Greenberg. The release states that the conversations grew
‘increasingly sexually explicit’ and that Greenberg was interested in meeting her in New York to engage in
sexual acts.*


This is the same guy that led CJ to the Division I girls
basketball state runner-up finish in 2004 and the state championship in 2005
putting the Lady Eagles on the national forefront.

The same guy that has helped earn over 30 Division I
scholarships for his student-athletes to prominent college programs that
includes Connecticut, Ohio State, Purdue, Villanova, Notre Dame, Michigan State
and others.

The same guy who was a successful attorney in Dayton with a wife and three kids.

The same guy I had gotten to know – on a professional level
– covering his program after he took over in 2002.

And the type of guy I would have never expected to be charged with such crimes.

As Dayton-area resident, I have covered girls programs in this
basketball-rich area that are relevant on the statewide level. With the likes
of CJ, Beavercreek, Kettering Fairmont, Dayton Carroll, Versailles and Kettering Alter hitting the
hardwood, there is no shortage of quality girls basketball to cover in the
winter months.

And with our offices located mere blocks from the CJ
campus, our relationship with the Eagles program is about as strong as it is
with any high school athletics department in the area and the state.

I had the opportunity to first get involved in this industry
in early 2003 as I was preparing to graduate from the University of Dayton.
Of course, I was familiar with the CJ program with the two girls basketball
state titles the Eagles won under Frank Goldsberry while I was in school and the
Division II football state title in 2002.

I remember one of my first assignments was to do radio
interviews for the Bucknuts Radio Hour
with former CJ running back Javon Ringer and former defensive back Brandon Harrison –
two of the top football players in the state for the Class of 2005, who were
preparing for their junior season at the time.

I contacted then-head football coach and athletic director Jim Place and he
couldn’t have made this assignment any easier for me. He was more than willing
to help me get the interviews with him and both players.

As time went on and I gained experience and continued to
follow and cover CJ’s program though the Ringer and Harrison era, Place and I
grew closer on a professional level as I started making in-roads with other
programs around the Dayton area and throughout the entire state.

In this business, as is the case in most industries, relationships
are absolutely vital. If a coach or player can recognize you by face or name,
you know you can rely on him or her to help you as a member of the media with
what you need to do for your job.

Just as personalities differ from person to
person, though, so do the relationships.

I will say that I have established stronger relationships
with coaches and players than the one I had with Greenberg but there was a
relationship there nonetheless. From covering his program in regular season and
playoff games the past several years and writing feature stories on his players, we had
established a good rapport.

A good enough rapport that I never hesitated calling Greenberg on
his cell phone if I needed to get in touch with him. If I didn’t get him on the
phone, I tried contacting him via email.

The same email address, according to the FBI release, he used to log into chat rooms to engage in these explicit and illegal acts.

That is what really pulled the rug out from under me
initially – he used the same email address to commit these illegal acts that he
used to communicate with regular people on a daily basis.


As the story grew and more and more details emerged
throughout the day, I recalled one particular encounter with Greenberg.

I remember covering CJ’s 44-35 district final loss to West Chester Lakota West in February 2008 – both for Ohio High in addition to a feature I was working on for the Dayton Daily News on then junior wing
Shene Fleming

After the game, I spoke with Greenberg courtside about both
the season-ending loss and Fleming. As I spoke with him, he held his young son
in his arms as he discussed the season and his star player.

In light of yesterday’s charges, the image of him standing
there holding his son is emblazoned in my memory and I hope to no end that
more allegations or charges will not arise from this be it from his players,
students or his family.

Thus far, the charges against Greenberg do not allege any illegal activity or victimization in his role as the CJ coach, according to the FBI report.

I followed Greenberg’s arrest yesterday
and saw the reactions of the CJ community on the local evening news and –
needless to say – the community is as shocked as I am. The CJ community is as
close as any high school community across the state – or the country for that
matter – that supports the students, administration and athletics.

I see that closeness in the Dayton community and through the friendships
I have made with CJ graduates both in college and after school. I lived with
two CJ graduates in college and one of them is getting married in July. He asked
his fellow CJ classmate as well as the rest of us from our house to be
groomsmen in the wedding.

From the CJ students to the faculty, administration and anyone
who knew Greenberg on some level or that has been affected by this situation, I
can’t help but feel the most for his wife Maribeth and their three sons Zane,
Eli and Ethan.

I have never met Maribeth and have only seen her and her
children at games I have covered but I couldn’t even imagine what they have
gone through since their entire world was turned upside-down yesterday.

Though I am not a CJ graduate and I am only associated with
the school through friendships I have made and as a member of the media, I can
assure you, Maribeth, that the CJ family will be there for you and you will
have strong arms around you through these tough times.

Not only was yesterday a sad day for the Greenberg family and the CJ community, but it was a sad day for high school sports everywhere.


*          *          *

 * Criminal complaints contain only
allegations of criminal misconduct and a defendant is presumed to be innocent
until proven guilty in a court of law.

** Greensberg goes to court Thursday

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