CJ’s Greenberg arrested on charges of transfer of obscene images to minors


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Chaminade Julienne head girls basketball coach Marc Greenberg has been arrested on charges of transfer of obscene images to minors. According to CJ athletic director Mike Raiff, the FBI and Dayton
Police were at Chaminade Julienne High School early Monday.

Chaminade Julienne head girls basketball coach Marc Greenberg has been arrested on charges of transfer of obscene images to minors.

According to a press release from the FBI, Greenberg was arrested without incident this morning at his law office in Kettering by FBI agents.

Greenberg has been charged in a federal complaint filed at the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio, Dayton, with 12 counts of violating Title 18, U.S. Code Section 1470 (Obscenity).

The complaint charging Greenberg alleges that during the period February through April of 2009, Greenberg used computers at his home and office to engage in graphic sexual conversations and to transmit obscene images including videos of a male masturbating.  These images were sent to individuals who Greenberg believed were underage females.  Conviction on each count carries a maximum punishment of 10 years imprisonment.

The affidavit in support of the complaint alleges that beginning in late January 2009 a New York law enforcement officer, posing as an underage female, began electronic communication with an individual utilizing the screen names bballguy5555@aol.com and aig2010@aol.com.  These conversations became increasingly sexually explicit and included requests by the subject to the underage female to send sexually explicit images of herself and to meet the subject in New York to engage in sexual acts.  Eventually the subject sent streaming video of himself masturbating.  The affidavit further alleges that the subject, using the same screen names, also engaged in similar conversations with a person who he believed was an underage daughter of a military service member but who was, in fact, a Naval Criminal Investigative Service Investigator. Requests for subscriber information from AOL revealed that the screen names were registered to IP addresses at Greenberg’s office in Kettering.  

The charges against Greenberg do not allege any illegal conduct by him in his role as the Chaminade Julienne Girls Basketball Coach.  FBI investigators and Dayton Police Officers have been in contact with officials at Chaminade Julienne High School and those officials are cooperating in this on-going investigation. CJ’s girls basketball program is among the country’s most respected and competitive. The Eagles have a junior – Samari Walker – who has verbaled to defending national champion UConn.

Greenberg had an Initial Appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Sharon Ovington at 1:30 pm today, but waived his right to a preliminary hearing during this initial appearance. Greenberg will be held without bail until his detention hearing at 11 a.m. Thursday.

According to CJ athletic director Mike Raiff, the FBI and Dayton Police were at Chaminade-Julienne High School early Monday.

“It was amazing,” Raiff said. “I walked in and the FBI and Dayton Police were here. I’m still reeling from it. I don’t understand. I know they don’t make stuff like this up when you’re dealing with the big boys.”

Greenberg is an attorney and associate at Sherrets Law Office in Kettering and is a University of Dayton graduate.

The receptionist at Sherrets Law Office said Greenberg “was not available at the moment” and she “did not know when he’d be back.”

Calls to Greenberg’s cell phone went unanswered.

Greenberg led the CJ girls basketball team to a state championship
in 2005 and has been involved with the program since the 1996-97 season.

“We are shocked by the news,” said Dan Meixner, CJ president. “We are saddened and troubled in knowing that our students and families – and community – are in a position to experience, at the very least, broken trust with an adult who was in a position to mentor students at our school.”

As a precautionary measure, and in the interest of safety of students, the FBI and the Dayton Police department interviewed students involved with the girls basketball program this morning. The students’ parents were notified of the interviews and invited to morning briefing sessions.

At the conclusion of the interviews, the FBI said that there were no indications that anyone from CJ had been victimized; however, the FBI and the Dayton Police Department are keeping communication channels open for additional information in their ongoing investigation.

“At this time, we have no reason to believe that CJ students are victims,” Meixner said. “Administrators and guidance counselors are working with members of the girls team and their families in offering open communication, support, assistance and personal counsel through this difficult situation.”

“Marc’s been here for 13 years,” Raiff said. “He’s positively impacted not only basketball players looking to go to college but also those who just wanted to play. This has been a shock.

“It’s severe.”

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