Northmont’s Barnett earned bragging rights in Under Armour game


C.J. Barnett ended his high school career in the Under Armour All-American Game

After being a member of the winning team in the 2009 Under Armour All-America Game, C.J. Barnett of Clayton Northmont is set to graduate tomorrow and then set his focus on becoming an Ohio State Buckeye. 

As a last minute addition, C.J. Barnett was the only Buckeye commit to play on the White team in the second-annual all-star contest in Orlando.  

“I was about to go to the Offense-Defense game but someone sent me a text at school and I called him back after I got out (of class),” Barnett said.  “And the guy said (a cornerback) got hurt in his game and there was an opening so I took it.” 

And when he arrived for practice at the all-star contest promoted extensively and aired on ESPN, Barnett found out he would be playing out-of-position. 


“They switched me to safety because we only have seven DBs,” said Barnett after practice on the Friday before the game.  “So I’ve been playing strong safety and I’ve been doing pretty good at it.  But I think I’ll play some of both (safety and corner) in the game.”

Barnett defended a pass at the goal line near the start of the game and generally played well in the winning effort.

“It was great coming out here and competing against someone in a real game,” said Barnett who posed for pictures with his future Buckeye teammates on the losing Black team after the contest.  “I got the W so it’s all good.”

And he was happy with his overall effort and performance during the entire week.

“As the week progressed I got better and I did my best in the game,” Barnett said.  “It was fun.  Playing safety is a lot different than corner because you’re in the mix a lot more.  So I liked that.  The whole experience was great.  I’m happy I came.”

And after he graduates at the end of the week, Barnett intends to enroll at Ohio State in time for the spring quarter on March 26.

“I graduate on Friday (Jan. 9) and then after that I’ll be getting ready until I go to Ohio State in March,” Barnett said.  “I’ll be there for spring ball.”

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