Aurora’s Bellamy enjoying state title, trip to Ohio State


Aurora’s Adam Bellamy is an ONN/Ohio High All-Ohio selection and OSU recruit. (Photo by Gary Housteau)

It might be somewhat of an understatement to say that it’s been a pretty good year for Adam Bellamy of Aurora High School. He went from having just one offer back in
February, to getting an Ohio State offer and verbally
committing. Throw in a state title at the end of November and things couldn’t be any better for the 6-4 and 275 pound two-way lineman.

It might be somewhat of an understatement to say that it’s been a pretty good year for Adam Bellamy of Aurora High School.

He went from having just one offer back on national signing day in February, to getting an Ohio State offer on June 9 and verbally committing to the Buckeyes one day later.

Throw in a state title at the end of November and things couldn’t be any better for the 6’4” and 275 pound two-way lineman.

Bellamy, an All-Ohio performer and a member of the ONN/Ohio High All-Ohio team, went on his official visit to Ohio State this past weekend.

“Me and my mom and dad went down around 1 o’clock (Friday) and they got us some lunch right away and then we watched some of practice,” Bellamy said.  “After practice I met with a lady about the business school and, afterwards, they hooked us up with a hotel room at the Blackwell.  That was pretty cool.  All of the recruits got their own hotel room.  That was pretty neat.”
The visit, according to Bellamy, was off to a great start.
“We just hung out at the hotel for a little bit,” he said.  “They had dinner for us, we ate back at the Les Wexner Hall, I think.  And after dinner our parents went to Coach Tressel’s house for dessert and they hung out there while all of the recruits kind of hung out with each other and their hosts.
Zach Domicone was Bellamy’s host.
“(The hosts) ate dinner with us too so we kind of got to know them that way,” Bellamy said.  “It was real cool seeing everyone.  All of us pretty much knew everyone but there was a couple of new faces like Tajh Boyd.  He was a cool kid, I talked to him and his mom for a little bit.  I hung out with him a little, he’s a cool guy and it would be pretty nice to have him around.  We got to get him to commit.”
The recruits all hung out together on Friday evening.
“We kind of all met up at (Jake) Ballard’s house and just figured it out from there,” Bellamy said.  “We hung out there for a little while and then later they took us out and kind of showed us around and we stopped by a couple of the other guys’ places.  But we all kind of stuck together.  It was pretty cool.”
Some of the recruits’ older brothers hung out with the recruits as well.
“Zach Boren’s older brother (Justin) was hanging around with us and Ross Homan, Adam Homan’s brother, was too,”  Bellamy said.  “So some of the older guys were there too.  It was pretty cool.  But we all kind of stuck together and hung out.”
The recruits all had breakfast together in the morning in the press box at Ohio Stadium to start their day.
“They had a highlight tape for us running on the big screen so we could watch that through practice,” Bellamy said.  “Then we ended up going to the basketball game which was pretty cool.  It was kind of close there but it was a lot of fun.  And after the basketball game they had lunch for us back at the players lounge area.”
A tour of the campus followed lunch and then the recruits met with the coaches.
“We met with our position coaches and the academic coaches and after the meetings they gave us a tour of the dorms and everything,” Bellamy said.  “And when that was done we all met up and hung out until dinner.  They took us to the Mongolian BBQ out in Easton.  That was some good food.  That was a lot of fun with all the guys there.  I think the parents went to some other place to eat.”
And then the recruits basically did the same thing on Saturday evening.
“We met up at Ballard’s house and all stuck together,” he said.  “We had a great time.”
And the visit pretty much ended for the recruits early on Sunday.
“Some of the players were finishing up their meetings with Coach Tressel and then they had breakfast for us afterwards,” Bellamy said. “And after breakfast, everybody kind of just took off and went home.”

Camaraderie and chemistry among the recruits that were there was a highlight of the visit for Bellamy.
“I just thought it was great how all of the recruits were already real close and real cool with each other,” he said.  “Everybody was cool with everybody and we all got along.  It just made you think about how good we’re all going to work together as teammates.  It looks like it’s going to be a great group of guys to have fun with and be a part of something great.”
Nothing earth-shattering happened over the weekend but it was a great visit for Bellamy nonetheless.
“I’m not sure exactly what I expected but they took care of us and it was a lot of fun,” Bellamy said.  “Coach said that if you leave this weekend hungry then you did something wrong.  They had a whole bunch of food for us.  But everything went very smoothly and there weren’t any huge surprises or nothing.  It just reaffirmed my decision and my thoughts about the future.  It looks like its going to be a good situation for me personally.  It’s a great place to be.  The coaches care about the players and their education and it’s a great choice for everybody.”

It was a wonderful experience in all for Bellamy who is just thankful for the opportunity to be an Ohio State recruit.
“It’s funny how things work out, I just got real lucky and I’m just really happy now,” he said.  “It’s been a real good year for me personally. (Sunday night) I was talking to my parents and I was telling them how I felt like it was a place where I can definitely see myself having an opportunity to be the best football player and student that I can be.”

And speaking of football, Bellamy is set to begin his career as a Buckeye on the defensive side of the ball.

“I met with Coach Heacock and they want me playing D-Line it looks like,” he said.  “The D-linemen, especially this year, all four guys were kind of interchangeable and it looks like that’s where I’ll be.  I think I’ll be primarily an inside guy.  They were telling me how their big thing is not to sacrifice speed for size.  So I’ll probably end up getting a lot bigger, obviously, but they want to do it in a way where I can keep my speed and everything.”
Offense was never mentioned.
“They haven’t said anything about offense,” Bellamy said.  “Personally I like defense a little better but if they absolutely need me to play offense I’m not going to complain.”
Bellamy spent a lot of time with one of his future defensive tackle-mates on the visit.
“I hung out with Johnny (Simon) the most, kind of just chilling with him at the hotel when we were waiting around, hanging out and passing time,” Bellamy said.  “We didn’t really get into talking about playing together (on the line), we talked about it before but we didn’t really get into that far this time.”
It was a great visit for Bellamy who plans to enroll in June.
“It went smooth and they took care of us, that’s for sure,” he said.
Bellamy, a bruising defenseman on the Aurora Hockey team, has scored a 25 on his ACT and has a GPA around 3.3 or 3.4.

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