Beavercreek ends longtime misery against neighborhood rival Carroll


Beavercreek 26, Carroll 23

Beavercreek (2-0) stunned crosstown rival – and GCL powerhouse – Carroll, 26-23, in a Saturday morning extra-league thriller
(continued from Friday night due to lightning). Some football games are better than others, and the folks that didn’t
bother to return to ‘Creek’s newly renovated Frank Zink Field to see
the conclusion of this one dropped the ball big time.

BEAVERCREEK — Beavercreek (2-0) stunned crosstown rival – GCL powerhouse – Carroll, 26-23, in a Saturday morning extra-league thriller (continued from Friday night due to lightning).

Some football games are better than others, and the folks that didn’t bother to return to ‘Creek’s newly renovated Frank Zink Field to see the conclusion of this one dropped the ball big time.

Savvy fans should have known better, because year in and year out this match up provides some of the more bizarre and entertaining football games played anywhere in the state.

These two schools may be located on the same street, but they are seldom located on the same page. The players, being next door neighbors in many cases, look forward to this contest all year.

Anyway, when the Beavers’ opening 10-play drive stalled at the Patriot six-yard line, Nick Gunkel kicked a 23-yard field goal.

Carroll (0-2) responded by fumbling the ensuing kickoff, which was recovered by the relentlessly opportunistic, Adam Walls.

On the very next play, Beavercreek team captain/quarterback Tim Carroll found Wade Hofstetter standing by himself in the right flat. Twenty yards and a cloud of dust later the score was suddenly 10-0.

The neighborhood rivals exchanged punts until the Patriots’ David McComas – on an off tackle right trap play designed to gain three yards that he broke back to the left against the grain – scored from 37-yards out (7:14, 2nd quarter).

On the first legal play of their next possession, Beavercreek’s Tim Carroll made a bad option pitch that was recovered by the Patriots. Just three plays later (6:15) McComas scored again, this time on a zone-blocked sweep right from the 21-yard line to make the score: Carroll 14-Beavercreek 10.

At 4:55 of the second quarter the officials did what they should have done a long time before: they stopped the game due to lightning.

Who really can say whether the weather was more dangerous in the first quarter (when they played through it) or during the second quarter (when a series of thirty minute delays began)?

One thing is for certain: when this contest resumed on Saturday morning it was a brand new ballgame, played under clear, blue skies—and the players provided their own lightning.

“When they called the game last night (Carroll) had all of the momentum,” Beavercreek head coach Scot Clodfelter laughed. “It was one of those things where we didn’t get down or involved in all of that ‘Beavercreek can’t beat Carroll’ nonsense. Instead we went back to the drawing board to try to fix what was wrong.”

The Beavers got down to business right away, and at 1:45 of one of the longest second quarters in recent memory, Ryan Malone hauled in another 31-yard touchdown strike from Tim Carroll.

Carroll is a lot of fun to watch. The program says he is 5-foot-7, but the program lies like a rug. This little guy stalks the field pointing and shouting and everyone else jumps.

When the Beavers lost longtime quarterback Zach Domicone to the Ohio State Buckeyes, fans wondered exactly, how someone like that could be replaced.

“I would never compare (Carroll) to Zach because he is an entirely different type of quarterback and a different kind of person,” said Clodfelter. “But I like him a lot. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and he is real tired of hearing how little he is. But you know what? Tim’s a real competitor and he’s a good quarterback. I’d take him any year. I wouldn’t trade him for anybody.”

Meanwhile, the home team got the ball back and Gundel hit a 47-yard field goal (with, uh, 15-20 yards to spare) to make the score Beavercreek 20, Carroll 14.

McComas was hurt during a pileup in the third quarter and never returned to the game. He had X-rays after the game and is scheduled for further tests on Monday. His return this season appears unlikely.

At 9:26 of the fourth quarter Carroll’s Joe Arata scored from 61-yards out, but Beavercreek responded immediately with a Greg Caudill 1-yard plunge (the two-point conversion pass attempt failed) to make the score 26-21.

Believe it or not this is when this already entertaining game started to get really interesting.

It is also when it got real confusing.

“We had the ball on the one-foot line, fourth and goal with just thirty seconds left in the game,” Bartlett said. “We ran right and frankly my kids thought that we had scored (actually, they fumbled). Instead it was their ball on the one-foot line.

“We got a safety on the next play to make the score 26-23. Then we returned their free kick some eighty yards or so for the winning touchdown—except that they called it clipping. It was a tough way to lose but I think our kids will learn from it all.”

Replays show that the Patriots really did fumble on the play. They also show that the ball was recovered in the end zone by Walls for what should have been a touchback.

The same officials that didn’t see all of the lightning in the first quarter the night before, placed the ball as close to the end zone as possible and no one is really happy about it.

Except for maybe Clodfelter—and even he has his doubts.

“Well, for starters, there were two independent clipping calls on that return,” the fifth year Beavercreek High School head coach said after the game. “And the ball should have been placed on the twenty instead of the one-yard line. But I know Coach Bartlett and I know he’d be the last guy to complain about something like this.”

And let’s not forget that even with all of this misfortune, the seriously pedigreed Carroll Patriots lined up for a quite makable—for either of these teams—fifty yard field goal attempt that Beavercreek partially blocked to seal the win.

“(Bartlett) is a class guy and they are a classy program,” Clodfelter said. “He’ll use it as the teaching opportunity that it is, and so will I. Meanwhile we are 2-0 and have a game with Sidney to get ready for next week. I have had worse weekends.”

The final score is not a misprint: Beavercreek 26, Carroll 23

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