Second Stringers: Alter poised for another solid season, run at state


Alter Knights

Welcome to the pride of a small town. Welcome to the golden sun, which takes one’s body and mind to limits never seen. Welcome to the brown dirt, where dreams begin and overpowering egos die. Welcome to the tradition, welcome to the greatness, welcome to everything that is Alter football.


Welcome to the pride of a small town. Welcome to the golden sun, which takes one’s body and mind to limits never seen. Welcome to the brown dirt, where dreams begin and overpowering egos die. Welcome to the tradition, welcome to the greatness, welcome to everything that is Alter football.

For the greats of Alter football, like Jeff Graham, Nick Mangold, and so many others, life’s plan was mystery. Sure, they dreamed big, so do so thousands of other kids in these fifty states. The grit and the work that continually pounded them was nothing short of harsh, and that still lasts today. Injuries are common, even at Alter; merely because of the heat and impact “two-a-days” sessions have on ones mentality and psyche.

Sights and sounds are derived, which many never thought could exist. The anger. The passion. The pride. In a way, this Alter squad is trying to live up to the hype that has since passed by. Coaches yelling, telling every player that they don’t have what it takes to win it all.


“We’re still hungry,” stated Justin Hall, a fullback. Continuing with, “We’ve had some great seasons, but we know we haven’t gotten to the point where we all want to be…our motivation is from the past.”

When asked about the impact that the class of 2009 made, offensive lineman, Ryan Cronin said, “We look to those guys for example, for strength, and for unity. Without them, there would be no “senior leadership” for this football team.”

Both Justin Hall and Cronin are looking to make a case this year. As a junior, Justin took it too the barn eight times, before tearing his ACL during the senior night game against Cincinnati McNicholas. While he has since recovered, Hall is motivated to get the job done.

And Cronin, well, he is just looking to follow in his big bro’s footsteps. Along with his aspirations to be like Sean, he also wants to get his personal goals set high and on the right track from the get-go. “I don’t want to just play the game of football, I want to learn something along the way. I want to do the best I can academic wise, then apply them on the gridiron.”

Keep in mind, that the offensive line has to fill quite a few holes. Other than the center position, all the spots are up for grabs. Replacing Evan Johnson, who is Ivy-league bound (Brown University), will be a difficult task. Evan Neff, who will be anchoring the line at center, has been an overlooked key player the past two years.

Senior quarterback, Austin Boucher, who has a few collegiate scholarship offers, has been a great quarterback since he started taking most of the snaps in mid August of last year. Completing 63% of his passes, which counted for well over 1,400 yards and 15 touchdowns, gained some experience and has seemed to bring coach Domsitz around to the passing game more.

We have diversified the offense. Two years ago we obviously were still running the ball.” Stated the coach, who is entering a 34th year of coaching. Later saying “I hope that at season’s end, these senior players who will leave the locker room one last time, will have gained positive life skills and characteristics that results from being an Alter Knight football player.”


Although he self proclaimed AHS “Dirty-D” has evaporated after the two year stand in 2006 and 2007, there is a new breed of hard-hitters waiting in the wings. Led by senior linebacker Collin Boucher, and a “tweaked” coaching staff, the Knights have the abilities to overcome the challenges they will face. Speaking of face, the coaching staff has a new one. That of linebackers coach Bill Drayden.
“This group of linebackers has a great deal of talent,” he said. “Boucher and Borland are natural to the spot.”

Borland, eh? Chris Borland?

Yes, Borland. Chris Borland. While the kid has never played a single down on defense, there are already signs of his abilities. While it would make sense for number four (jersey), to be headed to Wisconsin as a running back, Borland thinks that they will end up using him as a linebacker instead. While he is pumped about getting to go to his ‘dream school’ on a football scholarship, there are many goals he wishes to fulfill while in Madison.
“I want to get a world class education, win a national championship, build friendships that last a lifetime, and become the best football player and person I can be.” Stated Borland.

Along with Borland, several other offensive players will be playing the defensive side too. Among them, Cody Byers and Cody Taulbee seem to be the most impacting. To an effect, the entire defense is full of hard hitters, including Phil Sowar, a captain for 200, and a very overlooked athlete as well. Another pair of high caliber players is found in Tommy Armstrong and Andrew Bonanno. The aforementioned players have talent, and will use every bit of it come each Friday night.

You think you know high school football? Offense: check. Defense: check. Special teams: check this out.


Few players can hit the mark every single time. Even fewer can do it from 50+ yard away. Meet, yet again, Chris Borland, and Danny Jasper. Kickoff specialist and probable PAT kicker for the upcoming season, Jasper has shown his share of talent. From wide receiver to punt returner and various other spots, there is no doubt that the kid has skills. Along with him, comes Borland a talented all around athlete, who can probably play any position on the field; ANY.
If these two stars can keep everything going smoothly, then the need to become Adam Vinateri at the end of a big game wont be be necessary, but if something needs to happen, who you gonna’ call? Chris Borland and Danny Jasper. Not Ghostbusters, they don’t perform well in crunch time, but these two guys do.


Toughest game: Ashland, a D-II state semifinalist last season, will be hosting the Knights in week three. Although the chance of downfall is possible, the Knights are talented enough to pull this one off, and continue to role steadily forward.

Statement game: This may be hard to believe, but it is not Fairmont, or Carroll, or even CJ. The game that will make all the difference is actually Badin. Yes, it is indeed, Badin. Seems crazy, but it’s fairly simple. The Rams are out to get the Knights. Their quarterback is as talented as Boucher, and their coach is the winning-est in Ohio. This game won’t be a 63-14 shootout like last season.

Fairmont W 46-27
Bellbrook W 34-3
Ashland W 29-23
Roger Bacon W 57-7
Hamilton Badin W 35-21
Carroll W 32-24
Purcell Marian W 39-0
McNicholas W 49-6
Fenwick W 41-13
Chaminade Julienne W 27-24 OT


Alter has talent. Alter has skill. Alter has a ton of great players that work together, with each other and with coaches. Lastly, alter has what it takes to get there, to that forever cherished spot. Alter can go there, do that, and they indeed will if they keep an open mind, and take the best opportunities they are provided.

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