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Mind of Steel with The Sports Doc

Below is an archive of the JJhuddle.com feature Mind of Steel: Maximizing Your Athletic Potential. The piece is presented by nationally renowned sport psychology expert Dr. Chris Stankovich.

JJhuddle.com is proud to run editorial articles from nationally renowned sport
psychology expert Dr. Chris Stankovich.

Known as “The Sports Doc” across Ohio for his weekly feature on the
Ohio News Network (ONN) and in Columbus Parent magazine, Dr. Stankovich regularly provides a featured column on JJHuddle discussing
various youth sport-related issues, including:

* Performance enhancement techniques
* Performance strategies for student athletes
* Parenting & coaching tips for athletic issues and concerns
* Various athletic topics to help kids, parents, coaches and fans get the most out of interscholastic sports!

The piece is titled Mind of Steel: Maximizing YOUR Athletic Potential.

Dr. Stankovich is regularly seen in USA Today and has co-authored
two books, “The Parents Playbook” and “Positive Transitions for Student

Additionally, he has assisted thousands of professional, Olympic,
collegiate, high school and youth-level athletes in maximizing their
athletic potential. Dr. Stankovich has also taught sport and
performance psychology courses at a number of colleges, including
Kenyon, Capital and Otterbein.

For more information about Dr. Stankovich and his performance-enhancing
videos, audios, and assessment tools – or to contact him directly with
comments and ideas for future columns – please visit www.drstankovich.com.


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