After The Whistle: Trotwood debacle proves enlightening


Trotwood football has produced 76 college players since 2003. Coach Maurice Douglass was recently found guilty of recruiting.

I’ve caught a lot of heat this week (and received some support) for a column I wrote about how the Trotwood-Madison football program has had 76 players go to college since 2003. The column was in response to Rams head coach Maurice Douglass being found guilty recently of recruiting by the OHSAA.

That being said, I’m guilty too. Guilty of knowing not everything is black and white.

So a lot of people think I condone recruiting. Think I condone cheating. Think I condone breaking the rules.

Nope. Not even close.

I am guilty however of knowing everything isn’t black and white. Not everyone lives by the same script. I know that there is no absolute other than whether or not you win or lose in life. Forget Friday nights…there are more important things than league titles and names in newspapers. There’s something called everyday and the rest of your life.

Some of you…Welcome to the real world.

We can debate night and day, day and night whether Maurice Douglass should be removed as the head coach of the Trotwood-Madison football program. If the argument is based on ethics, integrity, sportsmanship and what 99-percent of us consider decent (including me), than yes, absolutely. Mo needs to go.

If the argument revolves around real life, then no, absolutely not. Mo should not go.

I grew up in Bellbrook, which is now one of the wealthiest communities in Southwest Ohio. Back then it wasn’t.

But I had a great upbringing. I had two parents. I had great family support. I had whatever I wanted. I was spoiled. I’m sure quite a few of you carry the same credentials. May even still have the silver spoon in your mouth.

At Bellbrook I had a great academic career and was on some outstanding sports teams. I had some good coaches that taught me some great lessons and some inept ones that couldn’t teach you how to tie a shoe.

I also had all the opportunities I needed and was able to fulfill one of my high school dreams by earning a college scholarship. I had no reason to transfer and honestly during high school, mention of it made my blood boil.

Up until five years ago I probably would have wanted Douglass ousted too, but they say you gain wisdom as you grow older and I like to think I’ve matured. I’m no longer naive.

Through experiences in my life I’ve learned that not everyone follows the same path.

And anyone is free to follow whatever route they want.

Had I wanted to transfer to another school when I was in high school I could have, but I didn’t. Didn’t need to. And it’s easy to say NO. A lot of kids have over the years to many overtures.

To think Maurice Douglass is a renegade outlaw is outrageous. People have been arguing about recruiting for years and they will for years to come. People have been doing it for just as long as well and will continue to long after Douglass has come and gone.

But regardless, what exactly is Douglass promising these kids anyway? A free car? No. Cash? No. Bling? No.

Apparently the draw is a college scholarship.

That’s obviously not a hard sell to some. And who am I to judge? Who are you to judge?

I’m definitely not calling Maurice Douglass a saint.

I’m also not condemning him as a sinner.

I root for the good guys and sometimes they don’t win. And sometimes that’s the way it needs to be.

Welcome to the real world.

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